Monday, January 2, 2012


Last Friday, me & my boys accompanied my mom to Nilai 3. Not to buy carpets or fabric to make baju kurung, but my Mom wanted to buy some 'decorative items' for her canteen. She had one particular shop in mind. Last few years, she went there with my late Dad, also while scouting for stuff to decorate her canteen with.

After searching for quite some time, we managed to locate the shop. It was having a clearance sale. The shop will be closed soon! Stuff were selling cheap. Stock clearance. Not many nice stuff left though. Barangan yang dipamer bukan lagi menjadi trend ketika ini. Nevertheless, my Mom did get what she wanted. And at a very low price too.

While she was making purchase, I went around the shop looking at all the curios on sale. Have a look fellow bloggerinas...

What do you think? Pretty interesting, no?

And pssttt, I too went shopping. For tudungs! Pretty cheap. Good enough for everyday wear for me. Happy with my purchase!

So I would say, a worthwhile trip down to Nilai 3 ;-)

Here's wishing all of my dearest readers Happy New Year 2012! To an awesome year ahead! Cheers!

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