Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Amaran Tsunami!

30 Sept 2009

Gempa bumi berskala 7.7 Richter berlaku di selatan Sumatera, Indonesia pada jam 6.16 petang menyebabkan gegaran dirasai di beberapa kawasan di pantai barat Semenanjung Malaysia, menurut Jabatan Meteorologi Malaysia.

Pusat gempa bumi itu berlaku kira-kira 60km barat daya bandar Padang di Sumatera dan 452km barat daya Melaka.

Jabatan Meteorologi sedang memantau keadaan dengan rapi, lapor Bernama.

Di sekitar Lembah Klang, orang ramai kelihatan bergegas keluar daripada pejabat dan bangunan tinggi ekoran gegaran itu.

Agensi berita Reuters melaporkan gempa bumi itu berukuran 7.9 skala Richter dan amaran tsunami telah dikeluarkan oleh Pusat Tsunami Pasifik.


The Earth Moved!!!

Peeps, did u feel the earth moved at around 6.15 pm tadi? Many felt the tremor from Batu Pahat to Cyberjaya to Shah Alam & etc etc

A friend was reading the newspaper and suddenly the chair he was sitting on became a rocker and the table lamp danced a samba.

Another friend was on the bed surfing the net when her whole room swayed for about 20 seconds.

And many others felt scared shit when their office building bergegar.

I was going down the stairs in my house and I felt my badan menggigil. I thought I hypo sebab dah 2 hari tak makan nasik.

And my husband? He was sleeping on the King Sized Bed, snoring a little, dead to the world.

U felt it?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cute Things That I Bought and Want ;p

He he.... the cute thing that I bought tu actually the gift that comes with the purchase of Azan's formula milk lah. Look look, so cute kan. Nice! Jadinya I bought 2 lah, so Baby Azan can play with Set 1 and Set 2.

As for the thing that I want to, is this. KitchenAid processor. Of course I want the one in PINK!! Mr. Ako suka yang charcoal black tu... eeeeeeeekkk tak cantik kan. Tapi expensive lah this kitchen gadget. Over 2k.... egad!!! I frequent MatGebu's cooking blog, and I know he has one ;p But kalau MatGebu beli berbaloi la kan, with the amount of cooking/baking that he does daily. For me, berbaloikah??? Hmmnnnn... but but but, it's so pretty

Monday, September 28, 2009

Bulan Yang Baru

Cepat sikit boleh tak?
Cannot sabar dah ni nak tengok....

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Time flies by so fast, our cuti raya is nearing the end. Tomorrow school shall commence and it's back to work and back to reality for most of us. For me, even if I don't go to 'work', my kind of work is also very real. Chauffering kids to and fro for their varying activities, cooking, tutoring, and ensuring everyone is happy and that everything is running smoothly. When all is well with kids and home, the man who brings the meat to the dining table will be at peace at work. You think this is the old world order? Think again.

After coming back from Terengganu last Wednesday, much of our activities fall back into the old familiar pattern lah.

ONE: I have to make sure the dapur berasap (sometimes he he), so to speak ;)

TWO: Eating out is something urbanites do on a regular basis. Tak terkecuali la kami sekeluarga. As for me, I had my fix of latte and brownies yesterday while the kids makan fish & chips.

THREE: Urbanites are mall rats. So berkeliaran di shopping centres is the norm. Ni semalam kat Ikea. Camera at the ready is also another of our peculiar habits kan.

FOUR: If not malling, go 'rounding' jalan merata. Xde keje? Inilah keje ;)

FIVE: Family meals jangan suruh mak masak, dia pun nak dine out jugak kan. So, sebulan Ramadhan tak pekena banana leaf rice kan.... so puluuunnnnnn... yum yum yummy

SIX: Next hobby is to collect all kinds of merchandise from fast food joints. Latest is Coca Cola glass when you buy the Coke Countour Glass Meal. I got mine in PINK oready... yeaayyy... ha ha ha ha
WEIRD? Yeah maybe. But aren't we all?

Oklah, enough f0r now. Nak pegi Sg. Buloh beli pokok.. Byeeeee

Friday, September 25, 2009

Till Death Do Us Part

Love you guys to death. You are my everything.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Raya By The Beach

Tak bermakna lah Raya di Terengganu jika tidak bermandi-manda di pantai kan?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Raya 2009 ;))

Mr Ako and I, my dad and mom

Us with our eldest, Q

With my sis Babes and my third, Adam

Superheroes, SuperBaby, my Supermom and Bibik Adah

Superheroes & Mom

The Super Clan ;))

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Esok Raya, Hari Ni Turbo Charge

Where will u guys be spending your first raya? I will be going back to my parents' later today, kira balik kampung la jugak even though it's only 5 minutes away! heh heh... Tomorrow, maybe a bit later in the evening we will depart for hubby's hometown in Terengganu ;)

Now taking a wee break from packing stuff for our balik kampung trip. I am telling you packing for 4 kids is not a task which is easily done. My maid siang2 dulu dah surrender, her eyes berpinar2 don't know what to bring and what to bring... ha ha ha... as usual every time travelling with the family, this task will fall on my shoulders. And believe you me, setiap kali habis packing barang2 diorang ni, I will feel like nak muntah! Serious!

Oh oh, ada request from the boys for me to post up pics of their shoes kat dalam blog... ok lah, boleh lah... Excited nak pakai kasut raya...

Azfar Q

Wanna see THE suitcase??? Ta Daaaaa.....

Here It Is!!
Sumbat macam2 barang2 the 4 superheroes...
Haaa, ni belum inclusive of selection of toys they would bring, all the susu botol susu sterilizer segala mak nenek.... and belum lagi barang2 MommyDaddy!!! ADA BERANI?????

As for my stuff and Mr Ako's stuff, he will always pack 'em, so I takyah pening kat situ... Thanks Mr Ako, awak mmg pandai pack barang saya... nanti saya masak laksam untuk awak ye... ha ha hah

Oh yes,

Last night was so nice as all of us slept on new bed linen...he he he... rasa Raya betullah..
Oh oh oh gotta go la guys... nak isi kuih dalam balang pulak....
Later yaaa!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Dad's Al Rawsha Birthday Dinner

Celebrated Dad's birthday dinner at the middle eastern cuisine Al Rawsha Restaurant @ Jalan Damai KL. Departed from Bukit Jelutong @ 6pm and reached the restaurant @ 7.55pm. Nearly 2 hours folks... God, it was raining and the roads were jammed up like totally! Thank god the kids behaved themselves throughout this ordeal.

The selllooowwww crawwllll...urgghhh

muka tahan lapar

muka tahan sabar

muka tak tahan ngantuk terus ZZZzzzzzZZZZ

tak snap birthday pics pun, sampai2 je terus serang buffet table as it was nearly cleared up! he he he... anyways, satisfied my craving for hoummous and thin n crispy lebanese bread plus arabic style mint tea ;) the lamb pun lembut aje and sedap
ramadhan buffet at al rawsha @ 40 adult and 15 kids

On another note, my handsome prince yang sulung recently received an award from his teachers in school
proud of you darling...muahhsss

err.. nama bapak and anak salah sket tapi xpe ;)
cikgu tak sabo nak raya, silap tulih...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Saya Benci Kamu, Tapi Takut Kamu Tiada

What What What....
Saya benci APA??


Since pakai this device, I admit that we have a lil bit (a helluva lot) more fun *cough cough COUGH*



the first month of wearing it , I terkena the dreaded vaginal yeast infection. An experience which was both extremely horrible and embarrassing. I cuma grateful, I did not have my menses at the same time. Can u imagine having both???? The horror the horror...

the first 3 months wearing it, my menses tak giler....errr....or was it bcoz I was 100% breastfeeding masa tu??? hmmnnn BUT NOW....sekarang ni..... my menses datang every 2 weeks ok... and lasts for 10 - 14 dayssss... benci benci benci!! and I sempat puasa for the first 16 days sahaja... saya tak sempat Khatam Quran ramadhan ni... saya kena ganti puasa yang banyak gila selepas ini..... dan saya tengah benci sebab saya tengah berlengas sekarang ni.... menyampahhhhh!!!

kenapa perempuan aje kena pakai semua ni, yang untuk lelaki takde ke???

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Brothers' Shopping Raya

Yesterday Mr Ako and I brought three Superheroes out to shop for their baju raya. Not baju melayu though as they will be wearing the same baju melayu they wore for my brother's wedding last July. Only worn once before so that is considered very new and more than good enough to be worn on the first day of raya. Yesterday was shopping for casual clothes lah to be exact. And also shoes for Q. Ammar and Adam's shoes sudah beli last month in August when Skechers was having a sale. Q's shoes we bought at Adidas but sayang no discountlah. So dapatlah baju jalan 3 pasang sorang and also new baju tido. Baby Azan's baju raya dah beli last week, dia punya lebih sikit lah sebab dia kecik selalu kena tukar baju kan ;)

Excited dapat ponteng sekolah sebab nak shopping raya. tsk tsk

First to One Utama

Then to Sunway Pyramid

Phewww, lega dah settle!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ready For Raya?

Kalau tak nanti, naya je ;)

Malam 7 Likur dah start, rumah dah pasang pelita ke belum?

Stok Bunga Api & Mercun dah ready ke belum?

Baju Raya untuk melaram dah ready ke belum?

Aksesories nak matching dengan baju raya, dah ready ke belum?

Hiasan rumah, dah siap nak pasang ke belum?

Baju Raya anak-anak, dah ready ke belum?

Pinggan mangkuk nak jamu orang datang, dah ready ke belum?

Kuih Raya, dah ready ke belum?

Haaaaa...yang nak balik kampung tu...kereta dah service ke belum???
Masa zaman dulu, seronok nya nak raya... all the headaches bukan kita yang kena fikir... mak abah yang dok pening.... now that we are the MAK ABAH..... hah.... amek .......... fenin fenin!!! But seronok yo!!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Buka Posa Gang Mpik-UK 99 @ Sari Ratu 130909

He he he he he he..... keh keh keh keh.... Bukak posa with my uni mates tadi!!! That explains the giggly mood I'm in now la kan.. Apa taknya, asyik ketawa aje.... Gelak tak habis-habis... We were a riot back there in Sari Ratu, SP. The last ones to leave, naturally.... Already planning for the next gathering, hopefully with MORE people joining in.

Me and Tini..
Ok, I want to demand an explanation as to why NOBODY informed me that my face looks shiny enough to be mistaken as the surface of a newly polished marbe table-top? Sheeeeesshhhh....

Group photo...opppsss, where's Shah and Intan H?
Hey no fair I was placed opposite Yatt who is soooo tiny she could be my daughter! Being opposite Yatt makes me look HUMONGOUS for belacans' sake! Happy to know that a number of my mates will be pursuing their PhD soon, and 2 or 3 of them HAVE already started with their journey towards a doctorate. Two of them wil be leaving for Australia soon. We shall miss you Ena & Sam but before u go, there's that gathering @ ur place first kan? Looking forward to that.

So sad that I had to turn down the offer to do Masters. Kalau tak I dah start early Sept lepas. Sedih as I had already gone to the interview and got a place already. Last minute I had to decline. But I believe the reason behind it is perfectly justified. And once a decision is made, there's no use dwelling on it further. So there.

Ah well... I do still want to pursue for a higher education. I hope it will not be too long in the future though. Sigh.

Oh oh oh , back on the gathering tadi, I had a TERRIFIC time girls. Thank you so much for turning up and making it such a fun night for all ;)


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