Tuesday, June 24, 2008

5 Days More!

5 days more till the end of my confinement. I am so looking forward to Monday. I know it's supposed to be 44 days but I shall stick with 40 days lah. My very modern and sporting Mom told me "Alahhhhh, 30 days pun cukuplah". But I have my grandma with me and as not to make her 'blood go upstairs' I shall wait till the end of the week. See, I am such a 'budak baik' - good girl I am. But one thing I will not compromise with is... the ahem-ahem shall have to wait till the 100th day!

Gosh, u don't know how I miss going out - by this I don't mean I miss MALLING (maybe a little), or watching movies at cineleisure, or lepakking at some uber trendy cafes & such. What I miss is the freedom that I have to take command of this household again. Where I can take charge so it doesn't run out of toilet bloo,fabric softener, flour and god forbid, cream crackers! My eldest son Azfar insits on a never-ending supply of that particular biscuit, what to do-lah.

And to be able to ferry the kids around again, no need for hubby or my dad or my mom or my bro or my sis (yes, lucky aren't I) to have to run out from the office to help with this task. Oh there's a million other things I can do when my pantang ends.

There's that reunion with my college friends! Yippee. And Azfar's swimming gala! And that trip to my hairdresser's! Just to name a few.

You know what I miss most? Can u guess?

Okay, I will tell you.

I miss going to the market. Yes u heard me. Pasar Tani, Pasar Malam, Pasaraya, Pasar Borong, u name it. It's sheer frustration when the larder and the refrigerator is not filled with the things I choose. No offence to Mr. AKO who has been filling in the role as Home Minister, he'd done a great job no doubt (eh bodek lebih). Oh to be able to go to the market again! Tak sabar... ha ha ha hah ah a haha ....

Nak beli apa kat pasar? Hmmnn, maybe these?

See the nice things which could be found at my local market? Kan?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Thursday, June 19, 2008

30 Days Old

Baby Azan ia a month old today! Hurrah!

Latest pic of Baby Azan, tido lagi... heh heh
Oh, he has definitely grown as he wears size S nappy now instead of NB.
Don't know his weight yet as his next appointment is on the 26th of June.

Hmmnn, Mr. AKO is off to the south. Sigh. But he will be back tomorrow, yay!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ammar's Gifts

My second son, Ammar Najmuddin presented me with a card and a stalk of flower in a pot last Mother's Day. I know cerita ni dah lama, but tak basi lagi kan? He made the gifts in school and told me the whole process of it IN DETAIL at home. Ha ha. My Ammar the chatterbox.

The stalk of flower has glitters glued on in the shape of a heart, I love it! And look, he drew mother. He got the hair part right, he he. One arm is longer than the other, thats so cute lah.

Here, is the inside of the card, where he pasted some tiny flowers.


Not forgetting the Daddy, last Friday be brought home a Father's Day card with a photo frame with colored pebbles glued to the border.

The card is supposedly in a shape of a trophy, an award to daddy for being 'Da Man'.

The inside of the card has wordings, and hearts splattered all over. There are also the stick figures, that's all of us in the family. He also drew 3 cars, daddy's cars he said.

Ammar's gifts now takes pride of place in my glass showcase cabinet. And I can't help smiling everytime I glanced upon them.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Chickadee has grown, check it out...

Babies are so cute, don't u think? And they smell so gooood!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Report Card Day

Errr ouuffff... of all the macho talk abt being a responsible momma etc last night, only Mr. AKO went to Azfar's school. At this very moment, he is queing for his turn to have a chat with Azfar's homeroom(class) teacher. That will take some time. I'm sure after that he will be so inclined to meet up with the subject teachers. It will be about 2 solid hours for him there at the school's MPH (multi-purpose hall). Hope he will be allright lah, u know la how daddies will be a little lost without the mommies at events such as this.

So, why am I home blogging instead of executing my duty at the MPH today?

My little intan payung buah kedondong Azan was awake half the night, fussing. And I, or rather my mammary glands being the ultimate source of comfort for him, had to 'berjegang mata' also lah. I only get to sleep at around 7 in the morning, and only woke up at 9.30am. How la? By the time I take a shower, bersiap, give nenen to Azan, bath Azan, get him ready, nenen him again - it will be sooooo late. Mr. AKO to the rescue again. Sorrylah boss, next RCD my turn to go pulak, u r welcome to tag along... tsk tsk.

How did my Azfar do in his exams la? I will find out when Mr. AKO brings back the file of exam papers later.I'M SO BLOODY ANXIOUS , watch this space allrite?

p.s:- I can hear my bro saying 'Dia baru Darjah 1' and my younger sis saying 'WTF' while rolling her eyes la. Eleh. hee hee.


Okay folks,
Azfar did well in all his papers and course work. Alhamdulillah.

Just a little concern. He is said to be quite hyper nowadays in class, this is more apparent after the school holidays.

I will have to chat with his music therapist this Friday after his session with her. And I have to make that appointment with his language therapist soon after my confinement, we have a lot to discuss.

Oh Azfar, please don't regress, esp after all the good work you have done so far.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Buku Muka

I'm sure all of you reading this is more familiar with FACEBOOK than I am. Anyhow, at long last, after all the hype had died down or at least tapered off, I got on facebook last night. Being socially inept.... cough cough... I was bewildered and admittedly a little intimidated by it all. Firstly, I don't have that many friends. Secondly, I am and always has been - a bit of a recluse since my high school days eg;(when gal pals go bf hunting at Piccadilly Tea-Dance, I go to bookshops and devour books bought in the safety of my room). Thirdly, I'm not known to be good at keeping in touch with friends though I am much much better at it now. Yessiirreee I treasure my friends like gold now (not to say that I didn't b4, u get what I mean?). So, that facebook thing seemed a little complicated to me last night and although I'm beginning to see how it works clearer at this juncture, it will still take a little getting used to.

Oh but la di da. Last night on the facebook I managed to chat with a few friends whom I haven't spoken to for more than 10 years. That's really something , isn't it? Well, to me it definitely is.

So, tak apalah. Slow & Steady kan?

On another note, tomorrow I will be committing another crime in Dunia Berpantang. I will Keluar Rumah. I'm going to my eldest son's school as it's Report Card day. No way I'm going to miss that (I'm a responsible momma and resposible mommas go for RC day faithfully). Now, I just have to figure out a strategy so that my little Azan will not disturb me for nenen sessions while I'm talking to Azfar's teachers... Hmmnn... ideas anyone?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

3 Weeks Old

I Like To Sleep
I Like To Nenen
I Like To Sing (cry la tu)
I Like to Poo-Poo

I'm 3 Weeks Old, YeeHaaaa!

and I think my Mommy is the Coolest!
(nyeaa haha)

This is Summer


Month of leaves,
Month of roses;
Gardens full
Of dainty posies;

Skies of blue,
Hedgerows gay,
Meadows sweet
With the new-mown hay.

Flowery banks,
Adrone with bees,
Dreaming cattle
Under trees;

Song-birds pipe
A merry tune -
This is Summer,
This is June.

Irene F. Pawsey

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

p/s:- Is it the same as yours?

Rainbow Marble Pudding [blackmore]

2 bungkus serbuk agar2 (sebungkus = 13g)
1350 ml air
450 gm gula pasir
130 gm mentega
8 biji telur bersaiz sederhana
1 tin susu cair Carnation
2 sudu makan tepong custard
2 sudu makan serbuk koko
1 sudu teh vanilla
pewarna merah dan kuning secukupnya

1. Masak agar2, air dan gula hingga mendidih dan ketepikan dulu.
2. Pukul telur sebentar menggunakan whisker....kemudian masukkan susu dan tepong custard dan kacau hingga adunan ini rata, kemudian ditapis.
3. Setelah ditapis, satukan adunan telur dan agar2 dan kacau lagi hingga rata, serta masak semula sehingga adunan mendidih....kemudian, masukkan mentega dan vanilla dan kacau hingga rata.
4. Bahagikan adunan ke dalam 3 buah mangkuk...bubuhkan koko ( yang sudah dicampurkan sedikit air) ke dalam salah satu adunan di dalam mangkuk dan kacau hingga rata....adunan yang dalam 2 mangkuk lagi masing2 diwarnakan dengan kuning dan merah...
5. Gunakan loyang berbentuk 4 persegi berukuran 9x9x3 atau loyang bentuk jantung seperti yang dalam gambar kat atas tu...
Merengkan loyang sedikit dengan menyangga salah satu hujungnya dengan buku atau lain2 benda yang keras...tuangkan satu senduk makan adunan warna merah ke dalam loyang disusuli pula ngan sadu senduk makan adunan warna kuning dan satu senduk adunan warna coklat..ulang cara begini sehingga adunan selesai digunakan.
6. Letakkan loyang kembali kepada kedudukan asalnya dan masukkan adunan ke dalam peti sejuk dan biarkan adunan keras sebelum dipotong dan dihidangkan...

Monday, June 9, 2008

All Quiet On The Western Front

Today is the first day of school after the 2 weeks school holiday. After the typical chaos of getting the eldest two ready for school and eat their breakfast, all was quiet in the household as the youngest two were still sleeping.

How I enjoyed the stolen moments of solitude! I felt my shoulders relax, my limbs growing heavy as I laid spread-angled on the bed, on the fluffy soft mattress with the cool air blowing from the ceiling fan. My eyes closed, my face took on a serene expression. Wahhhh, if only somebody from the spa could give me a sea-salt body scrub, it would just about make my day. I could have sworn I heard the faint balinese music playing in the background, it could just be from the back of my mind lah, but no matter. I was well and truly resting.

Too bad it was short-lived.

My little Azan stirred, frowned, fussed and signaled by turning his head and opening his mouth wide. Looking for my mammary glands no doubt.

Thus I have to flip up my shirt again. Sigh!
No rest for the weary eh? Sob Sob.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mr. Absolute Knockout Okay!

Oh, my Mister A.K.O is back from Hong Kong. I'm soooooo happy!!!
Smile Smile.

6,666 urats

I am in my 3rd week of confinement already and I have survived.... thus far.. heh heh. Seriously, I do pantang but not too strict if u get my drift. I did my berurut and bertungku and berbengkung and mandi air daun-daun for three days on the 6th day after I have given birth. But, I did not 'berparam' or 'pakai pilis', I chose not to as I felt immensely uncomfortable and I could not endure the smell of the 'param' on my skin the whole day and couldn't stand the 'pilis' pasted on my forehead especially when it dries and gets cakey.. So my mak bidan tried her hardest to conceal her horror when I gave her a flat NO when she asked, 'Betul ke awak taknak berparam berpilis ni Dikwi?' As for slathering on 'air limau purut' and 'kapur' on my tummy? I only meekly followed that ritual during berpantang for my first and second time. So, if my tummy tak kempis after my confinement period is over then u know why huh?

As for makan jamu, ubat periuk and all that, the doctor advised not to consume them as I am breastfeeding and as she said, 'Kita pun tak tau abt the safety of the products, the origin and the ingrediants they used'. Don't get me wrong, I do consume some sort of ubat2an and jamu2an for err.. 'kesihatan dalaman' but I believe that the multivites, calcium tablets and vit c tabs are enough for me at this point of time. But, I do drink air rebusan red dates, dried longan plus buah kundur as it warms and revitalizes the body. Oh, and let's not forget my favourite Pati Ikan Haruan Polleney.

As for food, I just make sure I am eating a balanced diet with plenty of protein, calcium also lots of veggies and fruits. I dont't take anything oily or spicy. Ice is a major NO NO. No gassy stuff either. I drink loadsa warm water, as I get seriously thirsty after breastfeeding. I eliminate stuff like biscuits, chocolates, cakes etc.

But there is one thing. My grandma said that 6,666 urats (urat-urat)bengkak during the process of giving birth. And some of the urats terputus also (ouch ouch), more urats putus when u deliver boys mind you and I have delivered 4 boys (MAJOR ouch). And it is of utmost importance not to strain these poor urats, that's why we have to take it easy during the confinement period. Yes, I can undersatnd the point of that. Tempoh berpantang mesti banyak berehat. Even our URAT MATA... What the keropok lekor???!!, u might say. Yes, kalau nak diikutkan, don't strain your eyes too much jugak, things like reading (HAHHH??)whatmore BLOGGING... should dijauhi or at least dikurangkan.... as I am addicted to bloghopping and the internet, I have committed the ultimate crime to my urat2 mata. Dah la I have lost my spectacles. And as a result of that, my left eye merah for over a week already. Itulah BALASAN.

And I shamefully admit, I do not have the willpower to keep my laptop in the cupboard (as my dear friend had suggested) for the remainder of my pantang. Eventho I have weak and sensitive and 'overworked' urat mata.

What to do la, Apa Nak Buat....kan? *wink*

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Apa Ada Dengan Tuam

As promised, I will explain and show u in brief what a tuam session entails and whats in the 'bunjut'.

Tuam is basically a traditional Malay practice of warming up the body or parts of the body using a compress, usually to eliminate 'wind'. As for the tuam session for male babies, the compress is also used to warm up the scrotum as it is believed to prevent them from getting 'hernia' or 'angin pasang'.

From my personal observation after having all my four boys being subject to this ritual , i can attest that they enjoy this tuam session very much. Who wouldn't? It is indeed very much like a pampering session.

The tuam session takes place after the baby had taken a bath. The white compress (bunjut) is warmed then gently pressed to the body.

This is the compress/bunjut used. Are you wondering whats inside?

A mix of fenugreek (halba), black pepper (lada hitam), brown mustard seed (biji sawi) and dried ginger (halia kering). All known to eliminate 'wind' and are warming agents.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dah Tanggal!!

Hello All! I'm 15 days old today. And mom made a big deal abt my navel.

Ladies & Gentlemen! Azan is 15 days old today and FINALLY, he 'tanggal pusat' today. It happened after I bathed him this morning, he was in a 'crawling' position as his great grandmother was giving his back a 'tuam', when I flipped him over to lie on his back on the big fluffy towel, I saw the dried up black stump, the little bit of shrivelled umbilical cord which had at last detached itself from his belly button. Wheeeeee! Azan dah 'tanggal pusat'! 15 days it took.

Are you wondering what 'tuam' means?
Yes? No?

I will show it to you in my next post. Promise.

In the meantime, more pics of my little chickadee.

2 days old

3 days old

4 days old

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

2 Weeks Old

Heya Peps! WooHoo, darling AZaN is 2 weeks old today. That means I am also in my 14th day of confinement. Baby Azan and I understand one another better now and is comfortably settled as a team. As breast is definitely BEST, Azan is exclusively being breastfed. I am a firm believer in feeding on demand,and luckily for me my smart little tyke has a pretty set feeding pattern which is once in every 4 hours.

As a result of feeding on demand, I do not have any breast engorgement problems as the milk ducts supply just the right amount of the wonder-juice (ngee hee)whenever the bairn needs it. There is no need of mixing formulas, washing and sterilizing bottles and such and the milk is always at the right temperature. Moreover, when one breastfeed, the body produces endorphines the feel-good hormones so u feel oh-so-good and u will be singing 'I Feel Good' over and over again (ha ha ha, that is taking it a little bit too far lah)....

For more info, tips, guide and help on breastfeeding, visit SusuIbu.Com

The correct way to feed your babe, click to enlarge photo.

That's all for now, see u again soon :-)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Welcome to the world, my little Azan.

The auspicious 21st of May 2008 was celebrated with tears of joy and gratefulness to the AlMighty. So perfect is the gift from Allah bestowed upon us. Our fourth son Azan Nazruddin was borned at 7.29 in the morning weighing 2.97 kg. The minute Daddy cut the cord, there ended his link with the placenta which was his home for the past 9 months.

For a being so tiny, his voice rang loud and true the moment he entered the world. Syukran Syukran!

It was the first time ever that hubby and myself spent the night in the labour ward. We were there from about 11 pm. It was also the first time I went for an induced labour as I had 'hypertension' at the end of my pregnancy, thus I was advised to deliver on the 38th week. All in all, it went on fine.

A thousand thanks to my other half, for once again being with me through it all. I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks for all your love and patience and support and understanding. Love you with all my heart.

To my darling precious BabyAzan, mummy loves you... Semoga menjadi anak yang soleh... Amiin

Here are some pics taken in the first hour of Azan's birth, enjoy...

Azan in Daddy's arms, Mummy looking exhausted in the background. Puffy eyes, generally swollen looking as he had just travelled thru the birth canal successfully! Clever Azan! The white greasy substance covering him is called 'vernix', a natural protective barrier against minor skin infections. However, it is cleaned off once they are sent to the hospital nursery.

Half an hour after being borned, look at Azan - he opened his eyes for Mummy! Very young babies don't shed tears, do u know? It usually takes abt 4 -5 months for a baby to produce them.

Hmmnnn... listening to Mummy's familiar heartbeat. The bumpy swollen shape of the head and the puffy eyes are just the result of the natural pressure during birth. It goes down after a couple of days.

Okay Peps, Till Next Time! See Ya'


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