Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Celebrate with the Dinosaurs!

Goshhhhh! How could I forget to post up an entry about Ammar & Azan's Birthday? I am really blurrific now that I am approaching the late thirties. Sigh. Not only my metabolism rate at an all-time low, sagging skin and is now collagen deprived, birthday anak punya post pun boleh tunda-tunda dan langsung terlupa! Ish ish. But but but, I have been so busy lately (standard excuse).

Ammar and Azan share the same birth date. 5 years apart of course, but yep, on the exact same date. The story is, as I was carrying Azan, I had mild hypertension (mild ke?) and so I went for an induction on my 36th week, and it was near to Ammar's birth date, so I chose the exact same day for Azan to come out and greet the world. Some peeps asked me 'Kenapa pilih date sama, nanti diorang kena share cake, share party'. Inwardly I thought, 'That is what's so nice about it, no?' I mean, I woud love to share my birth date with any of my siblings, I think it's lovely. Thankfully, my boys share my sentiments. Ammar and Azan suka aje kongsi-kongsi birthday. Good thing, eh. If not, I would be forever guilty of choosing that date! ;-p

Well, anyway, that nice and pleasant Saturday, when some people believed was the date the world would be obliterated, the clan set out to Bukit Kiara to Pusat Sains Negara for the Dinos Alive exhibition. Let me tell you, little boys LOVE dinosaurs. They could go on and on about them. No joke, I tell ya.

So, let's continue our journey to the land of dinosaurs ya......

Yay, so here we are at the ticket booth of the Dinos Alive Exhibition. RM5 for kids and RM10 for adults. It's reeeaaaaaalllyyyy affordable. Now no excuse not to bring the kiddos there moms and dads! It's still going on right till the end of this school hols. If you have been, why not go again? Teehee.

Hmmnn, you can actually head straight to the Dinos Alive show, but why don't we take a look what else is in store at the National Science Centre. You will be led to this tunnel, which is a short version of the one in Aquaria.

Here's Azan, gobsmacked by the many fishy fishy fish in the tank. The types of fish are there on the display board for the kiddos and adults alike to learn of the species in the tank.

Big brother reading out and explaining to the younger ones.

There are many cool science stuff that the kids could experiment there.
All very kid friendly. After all, the centre is about to show the coolness of Science to the kids.

They could try all the displays. Here, wee Azan is turning th turbine to achieve a bigger swirl of water.

You might want to explain to you kids what it's all about, IF you have the time that is!
I, on the other hand, was too busy catching up with the four!
We made a tag team, each of the elder one taking care of one of the younger ones.
But still....... 

He was so fascinated with this one.

They love the air harp.

Just make sweeping gesture with your hand at the invisible harp strings to produce music.

Hmmnn, I forgot what this was about.

Ooooo, eldest looks a little scared there.

They enjoyed this one!

Airflow, from high to low pressure.

Anything which involves balls, they will love.

Adam and me in the mirror room.
'Ohhh, there's so any of us Mommy!'

The Digestive System.
They were spellbound by the process, into the mouth and out you go from the rectum meeheehee ;-p

Turn the turbine as hard as you can, so that Azfar's hand will burn. Hehe.
No lah, just a little bit of heat, that's all.

Kipas pun boleh jadi menarik.

How can the balls float in mid-air?

Not a pogo stick.
Use the weight of your body to spin around.
I tried that, I was spinning like a maniac, my sons were afraid I would fall and faint.

Monster Machine.

What can u see, what can u see o tall one?

Oh my my my.
All these science stuff.

Where are the DINOSAURS already?

Oh ok ok....

Here, Ta Daaaaaaa..

Long Neck!

Superheoes & Mom with T-Rex.
Errrr, it is a T-Rex right?
Can't see really...

Ah, yes yes... There's the face.

Here, here, SEE?

Eeeeppsss! It snarls and roars, and turns it's head from side to side.
Ready to eat ya!

Escape to the play centre.

And let's get groovy with the interactive board.

Or cycle with a skeleton!!!

Goodness me, this is a really long post, and I'm only halfway done. I gotta take a breather peepos.
We will resume our journey to seek out more dinosaurs in the next post.
Stay Tuned!

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Monday, May 30, 2011

School Holiday Is Here!

Weehoo! Cuti sekolah sudah bermula! Busy times busy times! So far what have we done?

Breakfast @ Wondermilk, Damansara Utama :-)

Super Beef & Fries :)

Mushroom Melt Sandwich :)

Hot Diggity Dog :)

Sloppy Burger :)

Yesterday, we went to watch Kung Fu Panda @ Cathay Cineleisure. Oh there's a food court down there that serves nice Fried Rice & Kway Teow. Pretty big servings too. Sorry no photos, too busy chomping down food as the youngest hero was zing-zanging around the eatery, so I gotta juggle between eating, dinking and zing-zanging after him ;-)

Here's my very own Kung Fu Pandas! Jyeah!
Sorry again, not many photos, yup, busy with littlest hero again. I forgot how difficult it is to handle a 3 year old boy in a shopping mall! Hehe. Now I am reminded, totally =D

And this morning, there's a bakery project going on at our house...... Take a look!

Azfar's Blueberry Mini Cakes.

Ammar's Monster Cookies.

Adam's Lemon Bites Cookies.

Wonder what else is in store sepanjang cuti dua minggu ni ye :-D
Wait & See!

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wantan Mee, Popiah, Chappatti Keema, Nasi Ambeng!

Have you ever been to Restoran Subang Ria in Kelana Jaya? The one near Padang FAM? Well, my family have been familiar with this place for many many years. But lately, jarang dah frequent the place. Last Hari Wesak, I suddenly teringat the soft chappattis and keema sold at the resto, and urged my hubs to head there. Furthermore, the resto consists of stalls offering different variety of food, so it's easy to cater for different tastes.

Apart from the chappati, they sell delicious selection of noodles like curry mee, prawn mee, wantan mee, mushroom & chicken feet mee. There's also nasi ayam, nasi goreng, mee goreng, maggi goreng. You name it lah. You will be spoilt for choice.

Chappatti & Lamb Curry. Sangat sedap! Best in town bebeh! I like to eat it with keema.

Ahhh, the popiah. Syiok!

The wantan mee.

As we were too busy eating, I did not snap pics of the fried prawn wantan, nasi ayam and maggi goreng that we had. Next time lah ok. Oh, and the air asam boi sangat sedap ;-)

Another happy news, at least for me, is that nasi ambeng is available in my neighborhood! Yes, Kopi Kaw sells quite decent nasi ambeng. Not as nice as MakCik Ju's (who is my mom's neighbor), but good enough for me. I'm happy ;-)

Come, let's take a peek inside...

Ta daaaaaa!!!!! Not bad, eh?

Yes, now it seems I seldom post up pics of my own cooking eh? Thing is, after doing all the house chores and being cooped up in the house for days on end, my only relief is when I get to taste other people's cooking ;-) See, I'm easy, just bawak me keluar makan-makan, I'm happy already. No need for LV, Dior or Ferragamo. Hahahaha :D [but I like iPad, MacBook and such *wink wink*]

Anyways, my sons are all down with sore throat, coughing and the likes. So, for last night's dinner I made chicken soup with carrots and tatoes. Chicken soup for the soul, no? Heheh.

And for breakfast they wanted nasi goreng taknak cili, taknak sayur.

Looks unappetizing kan? But the boys bilang sedap! Thank you sweethearts! :)

Now, it's time to go. Till next time, bye bye!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's Your Birthday, Sis! :)

Heya all!! How was your Wesak public holiday today? Oh my, it was reaaaaaalll splendid to have Tuesday off, why can't we have Tuesdays off every week? Haha. That's pushing it a wee bit too far, eh. Anyways, I know that u have been enjoying today, and some clever clogs even took Monday off, so that amounted to FOUR days off altogether including last weekend ya. Jenjalan jauh ke korang eh? Hehe. 

Oh yes yes, supposed to update about birthday lah, apa daa melalut pasal cuti pulak ni..

Ok, getting back on track. My SIL's birthday was last week, so we had a cozy little celebration over at my mommy's place. It was really a small celebration, but we had fun nevertheless. Moreover, the girls had on real party outfits hehehe. Wanna see?

Tadaaaa.... here's my SIL. She's a Glitter Glam party girl. And the cutie is her daughter, she's a Polka Bow party girl.

Here is when Polka Bow shows her irritation when she found out the Chocolate Banana cake was actually for Glitter Glam. 

Here's Glitter Glam, Mem Besar (my mom) and Tutu Fruttu party girl (my sis).
Suka hati je I nak bagi nama kan?

Some of the delectable food prepared by Mem Besar.
I made tea (Spiced Chai & Jasmine Phoenix) and we enjoyed sipping that and munching Kuih Bangkit Santan at the verandah near the garden. It was raining that evening, so it was cool and nice. To enhance the delight factor, I berpayung to my mom's pokok frangipani to pluck the frangipani blooms. Put them in a bowl of water. Only thing I do not have any ylang-ylang aromatheraphy scented candles. If not, can emulate the Balinese feel. 

Mem Besar's hybrid frangipani flowers.

Oh here's Glitter Glam, Polka Bow & Tuttu Fruttu.
Where's the blog author?


Here I am! I'm Polka Patch!

And here's my boys.... semua selebet je pakai baju duduk rumah!
They didn't wanna join in the Party Girls playing dress up!



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