Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kiddies want...

Ah, been up since 5 am doing house chores etcetera. Jodoh with bibik only one month long what to do. With her health condition (diabetic), it's not wise to keep her. Also, she wants to try 'ubat kampung' regarding the worsening of the pain and swelling of her left hand. Hope she will recover soon. So here I am bibikless again, will try my very best to handle things. InsyaAllah, Ameen. What did the kids want today? Fried Mee! ;-)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Gardens and Games

Santai Saturday berlangsung di Sunway Pyramid. After Maghrib baru gerak. Sampai sana terus gi dinner. Mommy yang pilih nak pergi ke Gardens Cafe. Saja nak suasana yang 'pretty' heheheh. The boys tak menolak. Sebab tempat cantik kan so diorang suka lah.

Baca menu macam study buku Sejarah hehehe.

Si kecik ni pulak sibuk tengok view Sunway Lagoon. Eeee malam-malam gelap nampak seram la pulak Lagoon tu.

Lepas dinner, the boys ajak pegi menabur duit main merry-go-round lah, ferris wheel lah. Takpe juga sebab Mommy pun suka naik rides hahaha =)

Dorang ni kan masa naik ferris-wheel tu semua nak duduk dengan Mommy. Patutnya pecah group lah naik 2 carriages kan. Ni tak, bersesak lah 4 orang dok dalam satu carriage yang macam cage tu. Aduhai! Kelakar betul. Daddy tak naik ride ni sebab dia teman Azan tidur dalam stroller.

Tengok la ni, bam-bam dua orang bersempit2 dengan bam-bam yang lagi 2 orang tadi.

Ni masa dah habis naik ferris-wheel tu. Kitorang pusing 4 kali.

Bukan main seronok naik choo-choo train Beryl ni. Nasib baik tak minta beli chocolates.

Tak minyak beli chocolates sebab dah mintak belikan burung-burung marah ni! :-)

Sekian laporan Santai Saturday...

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Xtra Bawang & Cili Padi

Oh what better way to start off Sunday morning than your favorite bowl of laksa.....

with loads of red onions and bird's eye chillies.... Don't forget the mint leaves. Dig in!

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Friday Chow

My makan-makan weekend started early this week. That is since Friday morning.

Had this scrumptious breakfast meal with Ammar.

Then tapau-ed Bihun Sup Power from Hot 13 Soup. Sluuurrppp, with extra extra daging. Pergh!

Then dinner at Ikea, dah lama tak makan kat sini.

I baik terlebih, order salmon konon healthy eating. Pastu balun dessert beia-ia. Healthy la sangat -_-

Well, syukur ke atas rezeki kan? :-)

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wee Azan and his Wee Cuppy

So cute! Azan and friends made teeny tiny cupcakes with cheese frosting at school on Friday. With teacher's supervision of course. The cuppies are really cute, and the teacher said they really enjoyed the activity. Mesti messy the kiddies buat sepah the canteen with their 'expertise' kan?

Here's wee Azan with his wee cuppy. He was so stoked with his 'creation' that he kept looking at it and repeatedly said, "Oh my!" Kelakar betul!

After holding on to it for nearly half an hour, he at last decided to give it to Ammar to eat! After dah 'lunyai', baru nak offer orang kan?

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Ayam Rempah Crispy SHM

Don't know whether it's the age factor or what, but I am not so fond of Ayam Goreng KFC anymore.. It was my very favorite when I was a kid, there's even a picture of me wearing a KFC t'shirt, proudly at that! It remained a firm favorite right up to college years. It was sad years when I lived abroad once upon a time ago, as KFC was not Halal certified in Scotland at that time. Lalu kat tepi kedai KFC, sedihhhh aje.... Those were the days lah..

But for the past couple of years, okaylah I admit since I termasuk dalam golongan mid-thirties ni, rasa tekak muak pulak with KFC. Rasa macam too salty, too lemak, too macam-macamlah. Jadinya, I pun buatlah resipi sendiri...

Here, my Ayam Goreng Rempah Crispy. Barulah tekak 'tua' ni lalu nak makan ayam goreng salut tepung.

Bawang merah, bawang putih, halia, jintan putih, ketumbar, kunyit diblend ya puan-puan. Add serbuk kari sikit and salt and pepper. Perap ayam dengan mixture ini for about 20 minutes.

Panaskan minyak. Salut ayam dengan tepung gandum, then roll kan ayam dalam telur yang telah dipukul. Gorengkan ayam hingga crispy ye! Jangan lupa masukkan daun kari untuk extra oommpphh.

Makan panas-panas. Pergh!

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lontong oh Lontong

Lontong ni biasa disediakan oleh orang Selangor dan Johor. Memang sebab-musababnya kerana kedua negeri ini ada ramai orang Melayu berketurunan Jawa. This dish is usually enjoyed during breakfast and/or during the festive seasons of Hari Raya.

Being a pure Selangorian although not from keturunan Jawa, I love lontong too, especially with sambal sotong, and with kuah kacang pun boleh. Tapi tempe and sengkuang mesti ada ok! And kuah tu mesti ada awasnya dicampur udang kering. If not kurang orgasm masa makan [lol!]

Anyway, I had lontong this morning for brekkie, At kedai lontong di TTDI Jaya. Well, taste wise tak sesedap Lontong Klang yang kat Seksyen 7 SA tu, or my favorite one at SS 14 PJ, but boleh lah buat lepas gian hehe.

Here's my bowl of Lontong.

Here's another shot, buat puas hati.

Muka bersyukur, Alhamdulillah.... Hehe..

Nak pegi SS 14 PJ pepagi lah, bilaaaa la boleh tu?

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mee Siam @ Kluang Station, Tesco Extra

Midweek today, and today most people would be feeling the stress at work or at home. Betul tak? Well peepos, all I can say is.....hang in there ya!

To make it more bearable, perhaps you could have an extra yummilicious lunch today? Go on, indulge in a big juicy steak or ribs maybe, or that sinful creamy pasta... =)

As for me, lunchtime selalu just home-cooked meals lah. Nothing fancy, I will only have lunch around 3 pm..

But, for breakfast since I have a helper now, is a cozy affair lah because I get to have it outside with my darling.

This morning, since I have some stuff to buy at Tesco, after grocery shopping, we had brekkie at Tesco Extra's food court. Again, nothing fancy of course. It was the company that made it enjoyable! :-)

I had Mee Siam from Kluang Station which re-opened recently at the food-court. Good lah, cos I like the Cham there, and Hainanese Chicken Chop.

Hopefully, it will be a good day for all of us ya. Ta ta!!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Surprise Birthday Karaoke @ Red Box, The Curve!

Heya folks! Let me tell you about my fantabulous Saturday. It started off with a promise of a good day when my mom came over to 'kidnap' my kids. That leaves me with extra time to lay about in bed, on a Satuday morning, which I have not the privilege to enjoy for soooooo long. After a nice extra bed time [lol], I had a luxurious leisurely shower where I scrubbed and exfoliated my skin till raw. A very fresh and very very clean me came out from the shower, and received a phone call from mom. She asked to join them for brunch. Yay.

She brought us to this Kelantanese/Siamese Restoren Jaring at Sunway Mentari area. By that time, about 11-ish, the place was already jam-packed. Apa yang sedap kat situ? I must say, the soup! They have this big periuk of soup which was phwoahh power sehhh. Gear box dia power sungguh. But I ordered a bowl of Kway Teow Soup aje, which was so delicious ok. Ada perut, daging etc dalam soup tu. Memang sedap. My sons makan nasi with ayam kampung goreng. Really, I wanted to try the ayam percik putih kelantan style but since I kenyang makan kway teow tu I decided nantilah lain kali pulak lah. But I sempat merasa dessert dia yang sangat nyaman. It's pink and have little bits of colourful jelly-like bits with sengkuang. Don't know how to explain it clearly lah, forgot to take any photos. Drat! Anyway, thanks Mom for the nice brunch ;)

After that, my hubs casually suggested we scrap off Saturday swim, and bawak the kids jalan-jalan instead. I was like, wah wah wah, syoknya! I immediately agreed to his invitation. Went home to change the kiddos' clothes and to bring extra clothes and milk for the youngest. Then we went off at about half past two. Hubs brought us to The Curve. Okaylah, I did not suspect anything, UNTIL he menonong-nonong bawak us to Red Box. And he jalan sooooo cepat, and my short legs were no match for his long strides. He was pushing Azan's stroller right in front and my other boys berlari-lari anak to keep pace with him. That left midget me terkedek-kedek about 10 metres behind them, totally bewildered by their ungentlemanly behaviour! But I followed them, out of breath, right inside Red Box to the room right at the end to the right side. I saw them going into the room, and I was even more befuddled! When I reached the door, I opened it cautiously, and was greeted by a very very loud "SURPRISE"!! My sis was in there too, and was smiling so broadly, obviously pleased with the surprise yang memang menjadi!! Woohooo!!! I was speechless, I did not expect it at all!! I was ecstatic!!

I was even more giddy with excitement when my cousin Ernie came with her other half, Sol! And was later even more seronok when my cousin Leen and hubby Zhaf, and kids Qistina, Qaisara and wee Ian came!! And so I was told that they have been conspiring together for two weeks for this event, via Facebook! I was clueless! They have succeeded to surprise me big time okay! And needless to say, we had a gorgeous time just messing about in the VIP room, singing our hearts out, dancing when we felt too excited to sit [haha], eating the fried rice and fried mee served together with iced lemon tea, lemonade and apple juice. We were there from 3 pm till 8 pm, Red Box extended 2 hours for us, thank you Red Box. It was a hilarious time, us plus all the kids, who were 'mesmerized' by our 'beautiful' voices and monkeying around. Fantastic family time, we sempat reminisce about our highly exciting and fun-filled teenage years where we mostly hung out together as our mommies were sisters yang sangat rapat with one another. If only our arwah mama (my beloved aunt) masih ada, mesti dia seronok tengok kami masih sangat mesra together.... Of course, a few people are missing from the original group, but now ada ramai anggota baru hehe ;p
I have a few photos here to share of the memorable Saturday....

Our VIP room. Cheh, perasan celebrity ke? Muahaha.
My boys, sis and myself.
Moi and my bongsu.
My bongsu trying out the microphone, ABC song! :)
Group photo 1.
Group photo 2.


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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kopi Kaw @ BJ

There is one really nice place to hang out at BJ for breakfast or tea or supper if u like supper la kan. The place is called Kopi Kaw at the D'Bayu commercial centre, where Domino's and Tutti Frutti and Ayers Rock are. In fact, it is right next to Tutti Frutti where there is even a connecting door inside Kopi Kaw to Tutti Frutti. I am guessing both tuck place belongs to the same person lah. I tak lah kerap sangat dating with Mr Ako kat sini, only sometimes but really, it is a nice place to lepak because of it's location. It is a corner shop which is directly facing the famous big park/field in BJ. So, it is very breezy, and you get to see green (green is good for the eyes, my grandma told me that) and there's plenty of action going on at the field. Especially when young, lean n muscular lads comes to play footie there. Ahem! Not that I was looking at them lah kan, come on, I'm a mother of four, HELLO! Hahaha!

For breakfast, I like their Nasi Lemak Sotong. The rice is fragrant with the right lemak taste. The sambal is sedap tho if it more pedas it would be more appealing to my tastebuds (I suka pedas tak sedar diri), but if you are like Mr Ako who likes mild sambal, then this would be perfect for you. And the sambal sotong I like, the sotong is cooked well, you know la sometimes some people masak sotong ni terlalu keras and sometimes jadi terlalu lembik, but here is the right texture.

And of course, the coffee is sedap. As usual Mr Ako kalau breakfast mesti with half boiled eggs, better if it's 'village egg' (telur kampung). Hehe.

Ah here you can see the big park right outside ya. Aiyo sorry picture quality quite poor here, but can you see the huge field there? It is seriously breezy here. Best woo!

And can you see the big lady yang tak sadar diri eating Nasi Lemak when she should be having just toast (eww) in the above pic? Muahaha. Pagi Jumaat you, 'cas' baik dan ayu pakai baju kurung berbunga kecik kaler pastel. But can you see the nice ambience at Kopi Kaw? Ok, I must say the items are priced a little higher here than your average kedai kopi (that's why I said earlier I don't always come here), but sometimes I do, because really, it's a nice place to hang out. Jom Kopi Kaw?

Lepas makan Nasi Lemak Sotong Kopi Kaw test tengok muat lagi tak pakai seat belt dalam kereta?

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Friday, April 8, 2011

The Pelikat Boys & Mom

Proud to present our band

The Pelikat Boys & Mom!

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Memang nak kena ROTAN!

Peeps, I am doing an injustice to my already 'bountiful' body lah. Gawd! Apalah nak jadi. I know that I am not 'a little' overweight anymore but 'over the top' kinda overweight now, but am I doing anything to rectify this monstrous fact? Hell no. Lagi makan ada lah! Waaaaa!
I know I should cut down on the carbs (my frenemy sigh!), and get moving! Once a week brisk walking is not enough la to bakar all the lemak tepu-tepu that's residing luxuriously in my bod. My hubs, tired of me complaining, suggested that I should join in some sports activity, or an aerobics or yoga class. He even kindly suggested that we both register ourselves at Fitness First or Celebrity Fitness together. And what did I answer to that? Firstly, I took offence 'Oh, so you really think I'm fat' and the standard excuse for lazy ass me 'But how can I fit that with all the mommy-ing and chauffering and tutoring and cooking?'. I am an impossible wife huh. *Malu* Cakap camni salah, cakap camtu salah. Ampun Mr Ako, luv ya long long time teehee.
And now, since the new maid arrived, instead of brisk walking in the morning, I ajak Mr Ako pegi breakfast out everyday. And makan Nasi Lemak, Mee Goreng, Roti Canai! How la like this? I need somebody I listen to, to give me a hard slap across all my jiggly bits and tell it to my face that I am big, fat, ugly and in danger of developing fat-related diseases. My grandma! I need her to make me see sense!
I am fat.
I am ugly.
Do something about that SHM!
Mana rotan??

Hukhuk :(

RasaMas comes to BJ

Sesekali mobile kiosk RasaMas akan berhenti di kawasan perumahan kami. Petang tadi, selesai Adam dari mengaji, we made our way to D'Pangkin and hey presto! Ada RasaMas lah!

This is the mobile kiosk. There you can see Mr Ako buying some chicken haha!

Adam got his favourite cheese sausages.

And he's very happy about it.

Mr Ako got a whole percik chick. What do I like? The sauce! :-)

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lapang aje..

Ladies.... happy to say kan, my youngest now dah pandai tidur asing from me and hubby. He joins his brothers now, semua 4 heroes tidur dalam satu bilik. Yup, my boys kan, diorang semua sleep together in one room. And all of them tidur atas mattress tak nak guna katil! Haha! You all tak percaya ke? Memang betul. But they want their own mattress. So dalam bilik diorang ada 4 mattress single beratur je sebelah menyebelah! Ikut susunan pulak tu the order of the mattresses tu. Ikut susunan umur. Hehehe. Now since the youngest dah join in, memang 4 sederet lah. At night, when I turned out the lights after tucking them in, I will stand at their door and stare at the sight, with a silly grin on my face. Entahlah, I rasa comel je dorang tidur macam tu.

And also.... since the past month ni, makanya kami berdua akhirnya get our room to ourselves lah. Imagine, after nearly 11 years after we got our first baby, baru sekarang get the chance to really stretch out on the bed. Hahaha. Baru la rasa, wahhhhh, selesa jugak katil ni ek? Sedap aje tidur, lapang rasanya. LOL!

Hmmnnn, maybe now is the time to make the room's ambience more..... errrr..... seductive? Ngehhhhhh....

Nearly 3

Azan at 2.10 yo.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

With Zebra, it's so easy!

I love cooking using my Zebra pots and pans. It's bottom is thick and so the heat is even and cooks better retaining the taste of produce. Also, it's easy to clean and no Teflon layer, not easily scratched kan. Anyway, it's price is affordable too. Great for daily cooking. In short, it's good enough for me lah :-)

Made Soy & Spice Chicken today.

And Pomfret Assam Pedas with loadsa Veggies.
All using my range of Zebra cooking ware.

Luv ya Zebra :-p

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And so greasy in the morning

What are you having for brekkie? I am at a resto with Darling having my first greasy meal of the day. Haha!

Mee Goreng, Telur Mata Kerbau with sambal power. At Ulam Desa. Kita makan & minum duluuuuu....

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Best Birthday Cake

Oh gosh, tengah panas-panas cuaca ni, teringat kat my birthday cake hari tu. Memang I suka sangat, not only because of the colour and bunga-bunga (I memang suka floral) but also because of the cake's flavour. Lapisan bawah chocolate cake, and lapisan atas butter pecan ice-cream! Oh sooooo sedaaaap ok.

Sekejap aje dah lesap tau cake ni.

Haaaaaa........ See? Yummers!!

Sayaaaang kat mereka dalam photo bawah ni for the cake :-)

Hehe, tak habis-habis pasal birthday hari tu! Ok ok this is the last post regarding my birthday. But psssttt, dengar kata ada celebration lagi lepas ni? Woohoo, ye ke? Tungguuuuuu......

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Sup Ketam in the pot!

Thinking of what to make of the Mr Ketams that we bought at Pasar Tani last Sunday. At first wanted to make masak lemak but changed my mind.

Decided on sup ketam instead. And glad I did!

So easy to prepare. Basuh ketam, buang cangkerang keras dan belah dua. Set aside.
Tumis crushed garlic, thinly sliced shallots and a little ginger. Add water and carrots. When boiling, add crabs. Simmer awhile, then add in sliced celery and quartered tomatoes. Salt and pepper to taste.
That's it! 10 minutes dah siap :-)

If not using celery, use daun sup n daun bawang. Ok, tata for now folks!

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Pasta in it's Simplicity

Always remember, pasta is to the Italians what nasi is to us. We do all kinds of style with our rice right, so do they with their pasta. So don't limit ourselves with just bolognaise, carbonara, pomodoro, primavera and the Mac & Cheese. We can do all kinds with pasta! I made a pasta dish earlier today.

This is basically fettucinne with olive oil, garlic, lemon, black pepper, basil, diced tomatoes and olives. Salt to taste of course. Want to try? It's satisfying.

You can also have it with salmon. Healthy and delicious.

I wash it down with Vico! Hehehe. Don't try this if x brani hahahah!
What's your favorite pasta recipe? Really, we can come up with so many pasta recipes, just like with rice kan?

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