Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beriyani Kambing Juara for my CHAMPION!!

Before Beriyani Kambing Juara, nak mengadu I sakit tekak. Tapi sikit2 aje, nak banyakkan minum air suam dan juga nak buat air honey lemon. Untuk melayan selera orang sakit tekak ni senang aje. Buat porridge. Nak layan tekak sendiri sakit tekak ni I buat porridge berlaukkan sayur2 kegemaran dan ikan masin :-)

Tapi idak le makan ikan masin sampai sekor ;-P

Baiklah, Friday and Saturday ni Mr Ako akan bersaing dengan sengit di kejuaraan Inline Hockey. Sebelum apa2, walau macam mana pun keputusan nanti, dia tetap CHAMPION di hati dan mata I.... hikkksssss.... ngada nya..nanti ada yang nak sekeh I kang! haha. So, hari ni I masak special sikit lah untuk orang yang masuk TV hari tu :) Ni semua kegemaran dia...

Kari Kambing

Nasi Beriyani

Achar Nenas

Wallah!! For the champion of my heart :-)

O'Brien's Sunway with ma Chicas!

Completely forgot to post an entry on my outing with my uni mates last Friday! Great fun meeting them but it was quite a short one though...only about THREE hours. Hahaha... Three hours seriously short when meeting dear friends kan. I seperti biasa when meeting friends akan meninggalkan handbag2 I yang empat tu di rumah. Because I am 24/7 with them right so my ME time is when I meet friends and also out dating with hubby. Or dates with my mom and sister :D

That's us! I'm holding my friend's baby. We will probably gather again in mid-March, hopefully more can join in the fun! There's nothing more enjoyable than a meeting with your gal pals kan? Masing2 GEDIK aje.. hahaha!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Must be the best segment coz my Hubba Bubba was in it!!

Alhamdulillah Praise to Allah, I managed to stay awake for the live telecast of ScoreBoard on TV3 last night! I was very nearly falling asleep but thank God FB and MSN kept me busy. The kids were asleep. Did not have the heart to wake them up to watch Daddy on telly but my bestie ASNIZA HAMZAH recorded it for me. Bless her! And love her for it. She also watched the show with me and we FB-ied throughout the airing!

He actually did sound good on TV! Heheh. Masuk Bakul Angkat Sendiri? I mean really, he was really cool and all. And err, I thought he looked good too! Ok, sila muntah hijau sekarang :D

On the left is the team's keeper and Mr Ako there on the right. The helmet and hockey stick belonged to the keeper. They were both very calm despite being a first timer and it was a LIVE TELECAST too.

I noticed that he used his infamous hand gestures throughout whenever it was his turn to speak, haha. his hands were going left, right, sweeping upwards downwards, circling whenever emphasizing what was being said.

O'Stars Keeper (Boy) and Striker (Mr Ako)

I thought the tv commentator in white shirt is rather cute. Sorry can't say much for the one in black jacket though... hehe...sowwy!!

So that was Mr Ako's 15 minutes of celebrity stardom on National TV! He enjoyed himself tremendously and is all fired up for the tournament this weekend. Hey, jom la kawan-kawan bawak your kids to watch the tournament. Something new and exciting for them kan? Heh heh.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mr Ako Live On TV3 Scoreboard Tonight!

Heya Folks! For those of you who have been reading my blog for quite sometime will know that Mr AKO plays street hockey/inline hockey. He started playing when he was studying in the US and continued to do so once he came back to Malaysia. Lucky for him, many of his friends who played back in the US are his team mates now for their team O'Stars Malaysia. Yes, they train consistently especially prior to the 2nd Malaysian Inline Hockey Tournament 2010 which will be held this Friday the 26th and Saturday the 27th at Sports Plaza Section 13, PJ. There will be teams coming from Singapore, Phillippines, Macau, Shanghai and Hong Kong. There will be 3 teams from Malaysia itself. For more info go here and here

So, Mr Ako is one of the five hockey players who will be on TV3 Scoreboard tonight!! At 12.30 midnight. Oh ho ho, I will have to stay up for that! :-D

Don't know whether he will be saying something on air or just tayang muka... heh heh... But nevertheless, it would be a fun and memorable experience for him :)

Official MIHT 2010 poster

O'Stars at the 1st MIHT 2009, where they won 3rd place. 1st and 2nd were teams from Singapore.

They have been training consistently, but not as intensively as the other Malaysian teams though. Let's make DOA for their health and excellent performence for MIHT 2010 yeah??? InsyaAllah, doakan ye kawan2 :)

Oppsss, harap2 saya tak tertidur depan TV tunggu Scoreboard on air malam ini ..hehe

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Health Thru Eating

Hallo! I am actually feeling melancholy right now with so many sad things happening around me recently. This week had been SICK WEEK, with the boys falling sick one after another with one type of infection, allergy and whatnots. Fever, flu, diarrhea, conjunctivities...imagine having four children and all of them sick lepas satu satu... it was a tiring and emotional week for me. Having to handle all, as Mr. AKO was away to Jakarta for work. Just as I thought all's better, my first son had a cycling accident where he hit his forehead against my neighbour's tembok batu. Bengkak dia besar telur ayam, can u imagine? I thought that was the icing on the cake lah kan with the series of unfortunate events happening but NO. I received another bad news that is perhaps what made me feel so unhappy now. I just couldn't take it lah :(((

Sorry peps, to write in this style which is so unlike me but I really do not have the strength or even the desire to be chirpy happy. Not even PRETENDING to be chirpy happy.

But anyway... I can't let you readers down with a post so miserable. Here are some piccies of FOOD that I prepared recently. I was trying to eat healthy and make the familia eat healthy too so I kept it simple and done with cooking methods deemed as health-ier.

Turmeric Pepper Pan Fried Fish with Cherry Tomatoes and Spinach

Roasted Chicken and Vegetables with Mushroom gravy (gravy a little runny tho)


Chicken Feet Soup with Lobak Putih

Friday, February 19, 2010

More of Baby Twinkle!!

Tak puas mengerjakan niece yang sorang ni. These two photos my sis yang snap pagi tadi. Ha ha ha, baru puas hati kitorang dapat jugak baby girl dalam family ni. Mesti brother I pening tengok kitorang gomol anak dia macam baby doll :D

ala tomei tomei dia

minnie mouse..hehe
love u Twinkle!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Twinkly Fun! Awwwww...Too Cute!

My nearly 2 months old niece Baby Twinkle is just soooooooooo adorable! Geram nengok dia. My sis and I suka gomol dia pastu tak sabar tunggu dia besar sikit boleh bawak dia pegi shopping :) Tadi kitorang main dengan dia buat dia macam anak patung.... heeeeeeeeeee

With Pink Polka Dotted Bow

With the awesome Bib Necklace which is so in fashion now
She seemed to enjoy it!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CNY + Valentine's Barbecue

Yesterday as Mr Ako and I were driving up to the hypermarket, around 11-ish, I suddenly had the brilliant idea of having a barbie (amboi, brilliant sgt le tu..hehe). Mr Ako was not convinced at first, but I persisted saying that there was the legitimate excuse of celebrating CNY (as he's a quarter chinese lol), and also to celebrate V day with our boys. In the end he agreed of course, as he is very fond of barbecues really. So we bought all the stuff needed and informed my parents and siblings to join in at 4pm. Got back home from Tesco Xtra at around 1pm and got going on the preps immediately. By 4pm, true enough everything were 'more or less' ready and my dad and bro+family came first. My sis came later and my mom came bringing 2 groups of relatives! Whoaaaa!! Unexpected but we were glad they came :) Semua habis licin alhamdulillah!

2nd son was Mr Ako's assistant at the grille

tukang bakar professional.. haha

i made tagliatelle carbonara, mashed potatoes w chives & salad

hot hot hot!

my cheesy and oh so creamy carbonara

mashed potatoes w chives

ice-lemon tea

swiss mushroom and capsicum salad with balsamic vinegar

my darling niece came too :)

relatives from Ipoh

we had a round of badminton and basketball too

and more relatives came! seronok :D

Chef2 yang keletihan!
It was an enjoyable CNY + VDay bbq!
Thanks to all who came :)

Flowers and Chocs for the ladies

These are the heart shaped choccies in a beautiful long box with a stalk of red rose that I got for the special ladies in my life...... For my mommy and sis :)

Love you ladies

Sunday, February 14, 2010

With My Luvvies

It's a one of a kind season eh? CNY + Luuurve season...hehe.... Heady combination if u ask me. Anyway, was taking advantage of the smooth-flowing roads and near empty malls yesterday to have a little cozy outing with my lovely boys :)

Q getting sweets from the God of Prosperity

We had a box of JPops

So much easier to finish off the whole box as it's bite-sized kan?
Plus u get to taste more flavours too

Threy threw in FREE glazed ones. Wheeeee!

My big mug of Caffe Latte with brown sugar
Ahhhh, syok melepak with my boys

Friday, February 12, 2010

Here and feeling all fuzzy :)

Am at the cineplex with my hot date ;)

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Love is.......

When he makes his signature fried rice when I am in no mood to cook ;)

When he appreciates my cooking even on the days that I cook simple dishes due to laziness ;)

When he buys NM as soon as the lanun version is out in the market! :)

Love is all around folks!!! Oh Amour.... Amour....


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Thursday, February 11, 2010

All Star Cast - I Wanna Watch

I hope someone will take me to watch this movie. Not because I celebrate Valentine Day's much. It's because it has an all star cast. Semua yang fofular. And so many of them too. Wonder how much was paid in total to all of them :)

Ada Taylor Lautner lah... Woohoo!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One Superhero Down!!

Owhhh, yesterday was not a good day. My eldest Q was down with fever with a 39 degree celsius temperature. He was feeling really lethargic and had no appetite, not even for drinking water! That is soooooo unlike him. In normal situation, he would never sleep or nap during the day. Yesterday when he reached home from school around half past three, he slumped down on the mat with a cushion for his head and closed his eyes. His body ran hot, and he refused to take a shower (which NEVER happened before). When finally he agreed to jump into the shower, he wanted warm water (which NEVER happened also). I was worried sick because when he is unwell, normally he would still have the energy and some appetite for food.

Brought him to Klinik Menara pronto. I was afraid of Dengue. I had to monitor his temperature and was to sponge him from time to time back home to keep the temperature down. Paracetamol every 4 hours too. Gave him 100+ and also boiled barley water. Poor him when nighttime, he had frequent trips to the toilet. Upset tummy and purging. Gave him some meds for that and also massaged some 'minyak cap kapak' on his tummy. As for today, his temperature has gone down but he still had to go to the toilet several times still. Good thing that he did have some food today, that kind of eased a bit of my worries.

I don't think he will be going to school tomorrow. Let him rest at home for another day. Hopefully, he will recover fully by then.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Long Scarves Make Pretty Awesome Hijabs :)

Really love the scarves collection from the high-street labels like Promod, Dorothy Perkins, Forever 21 etc. My favourite are the long scarves in organic cotton, jersey lycra material. So comfy and easy to put on. Nanti nak jenguk2 lagi kedai2 ni and tambah koleksi. And yang penting... nak basuh pun senang ;)

Colourful scarf from Promod
I'm luvin' it!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Banana Fritters @ Noon

Fancy some freshly made banana fritters? These just came out from the wok... Enjoy your lunch yea..... I makan goreng pisang jer :)

Crispy goodness

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Morning After, aillavitttt!!

Heya Folks!!! How are you people doing today? I just got back from Subang Parade. After sending Ammar to school, I drove off to SP alone. Reason being I wanted to get the car washed... ehhehehe... ok la ok la.. another reason being I wanted to buy some new tops.... 'some' ended up as being SIX new tops...opppsss.. But but but yang tiga tu 50% so it's justified ;) kan kan?

Ok babes, this is the LAST entry on the previous PD trip. I have to show you some photos, so you guys can have an idea of what's available when you guys go there..... wanna tengok lagi?? Here we go...........

The Water Homes... rather nice don't you think?

Another shot of the homes, see the pools there?

I suddenly had a flashback of my trip to Venice in 2005....uwaaaa...teringin nak pg Venice lagi...

The common pool which was tremendously enjoyed by the kiddos

There is a playground for your kids too, if they get tired of swimming..

The Villa with the chinese lanterns is the Spa

Enjoying a stroll around the area..
U can even opt to hire a fishing rod and while away the time waiting for the fish to take your bait :)

Adam in the Playroom

The Playroom is right next to the pool area

BabyAzan trying out the educational learning material available

While the kiddos play, Mr Ako and I lepakked at the Pool Cafe

and we ordered some chilled beverages which gives immediate relief to our parched throats..
aaaahhhhhh... legaaaaa

and this is BabyAzan saying he enjoyed The Legend International Water Homes
and can't wait to return!!!!

Finito :)


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