Sunday, November 29, 2009

BEN 10 Power Of The Omnitrix Part 1

Brought Azfar Q, Ammar & Adam for the much anticipated BEN 10 Live On Stage @ Plenary Hall KLCC last Saturday the 28th Nov. There was a sudden influx of little Ben Tennysons around Level 3 that day! The atmosphere was truly charged, was it caused by the power of the many Omnitrix donned by the little Bens? hehe

It was a special day for my boys, having the chance to watch their favourite heroes come to live, and indeed it was a spectacular show! To see Cartoon Network's famous alien-morphing boy hero on stage was indeed a treat to BEN 10 fans, hey it was a treat to the moms and dads as well! I enjoyed it much. The cool skateboarding stunts, awesome BMX bike challenge, thrilling acrobatics were fabulous and it was jam-packed with what boys love most - ACTION!

Before going into the hall, the boys had a grand time posing with the characters. Not the real ones though... heh heh

Adam with Alien Squidstrictor

Adam & Ammar with Heatblast

Adam & Alien Rocks

Q, Ammar & Adam with their fans which spelt out "It's Hero Time!", "Power of The Omnitrix" and "Going Hero" in neon green light. Pretty cool this one.


Adam Tennyson! hehe

Ammar with a secret box with the Omnitrix symbol

Okay folks, end of Part One. Will continue with actual pictures inside the hall in the next post. Stay tuned ok :)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

My New Moon Part 2

Told ya once is not enough for me kan. Jadiknya Alkisahnya membeli ticket untuk menonton New Moon buat kali yang kedua. This time we go Platinum babeyhh! Woohoo! Two Platinum tixx for my sis and I for our sisters' day out. It was awesome!!! We really really enjoyed it to the fullest lah. Duduk atas reclining seat besar gedebak and empuk ya' amat. Order earl gray and darjeeling and platinum plate. Nonton pula vampire dan werewolf kesayangan. Oh indahnya dunia ;)
Our Tixx!

Babes @ Senjyu Sushi

Twitter Twitter, pastu makan Oyster. Aphrodisiac tu dik oiii!! lol

yeahh, got best shot of the year. babes shucking oyster!

yeahh, I memang amik gambar babes jek. ni masa dia try recline seat gedabak tu. We really did have tremendous fun. We gasped, ooohheddd and aaahhed throughout the movie. And we HEART New Moon banyak2! Next year Eclipse kita book the whole theatre to ourselves kay? hehe... Dengar cerita, Babes akan pegi tengok NW again, this time with Justine and Alma... so HAVE FUN girlsss!

nak tengok satu lagi benda?

going ga-ga buying pink baby stuff now!!! no no no no, bukan for me lah, for my NIECE yang bakal lahir.....

The RED RAYA Story

Oh syoknya raya! This year me and my family tak menyembelih korban, tapi semoga kami akan kuat melaksanakan pengorbanan dalam pelbagai bentuk yang lain beserta dengan takwa kepada Allah swt, Amiin.

Oh Hari Raya Aidil Adha tahun ini, kami bertemakan warna merah! Red Red Ruby Red. Masa Kong Hee Fatt Choy nanti pakai sekali lagi okay ;))) Jom layan gambar.....

Ammar berhemah, Adam ber'kung fu' towwww

My boys, love 'em with all my heart...muah muah

Red Melayu Cowboy with his rocking horse

Azfar Q and Ammar going off for sembahyang raya with Daddy

Adam atas bebulu

Adam and me going off on our magic carpet bebulu... hehheh

my sis Babes and my preggy adik ipar Nad, bestnye nak dapat NIECE!!! yayyyy, pink galore :)

me and Nad

yummy cakes!

yummy food prepared with love by my mom, okay yang lemang tu beli dari Lemang Bonda, Kg. Melayu Subang he he he

ber tweet tweet twittering tak kira masa adik aku nih...ish ish
my dad serious layan briyani kambing!

pajeri nenas terbaekkk!!

kuah kacang terbaekk!!

ayam rendang berkuah terbaekk!!

kambing briyani terbaekk!!

nasi briyani terbaekk!!

lepas makan briyani kambing, jangan lupa nutritionals USANA ye Pa ;) hehe

lepas makan, layan Wii, check out Baby Azan mengintai.... hehehe

me and my anak bongsu kesayangan ;)

us three!

gigih nak main rockband!!

show me the love shadesss!! lol

layan cerita Upin Ipin

Pastu jalan2 to Ikea & The Curve
Beli cermin lah, beli grill pan lah
lepak SR kehausan because panas gila kan, it must have been about 40 degrees kan masa tu?

my sis dengan fesyen rambut Milkmaid! I cakap macam Princess Leia pun ada...hik hik

Then we went home but before that singgah Cathay Cineleisure dulu beli tiket!!!! Tiket apa ye????

My New Moon Part 1

Ok so I am one of the millions of Twilight Saga ardent followers. You can say well hell yeah I'm proud of it. Because in a way it's like a global sisterhood bonding phenomena. And yes, I read all the books. Each more than once. Why I suka sangat? Well, being an English Language graduate who have studied in depth the works of Shakespeare, Sassoon, Dickinson and Wordsworth (amboi, nak berlagak ke? tak jangan prasangka k ^-^), I can tell you in technical detail why the works of Meyer appeals to me. But I'm not gonna. I'm just gonna say this - "It rocks my socks." "It rocks my boat." yeaaahhhhhhh!!

So Mr Ako bought me tixx to the first show on the 26th Nov. I enjoyed it immensely (needless to say). Of course the screenplay ada sikit perubahan dari original text tapi tak banyak, so tak nak comment banyak takut saya spoil it for readers yang belum tengok lagi. All I can say is... Edward won't disappoint, and Jacob is a spellbinder ;)))) hehe

Muka excited tapi nak control.. haha

Lepas New Moon, serbu Tokyo G. Masih di awang2 an sebenarnya masa ni hasil penangan New Moon lah

My hero Jepun...kihkih

Complimentary pudding

unagi roll... cun!

muka maintain sebab dalam otak nak tengok New Moon lagi boleh?? hah hah

dragon roll...waaahhhh

Lepas tu bergegas balik sebab nak prepare, the next day to Raya hoi hoi hoi! tee hee ;)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lok Lok Fun & Edward My Love

Had scrumptious Lok Lok Fun with my honey @ Sunway Pyramid. U like Lok Lok? Yes??? Me too!! hehe

There's even a how-to note for people not in the know of how to have Lok Lok Fun.Alah, orang Malaysia semua mesti biasa dah ala2 steamboat style kan. U can choose the clear soup broth or tom yam broth. The clear one much better me thinks ;)

Silakan makan, soup dah menggelegak dah tu, boleh kecilkan api dan dump all the skewered stuff in the pot.... Yeahhhh!!

Ni baru first round

5 sauces available. Sweet, Special, Thai Chilli, Chilli and Satay sauce. My favourite is of course sweet sauce campur ngan chilli sauce. Dah kenyang suka hati. Lepas tu Mr Ako ajak saya pegi TGV. Eh nak tengok wayangkah? Cerita apa? 2012 ke? Oh bukan....

Dia belikan ticket NEW MOON lah. Dah tau wife dia kemaruk Twilight Saga, beli the first show for tomorrow, pukul 10.45 pagi. hehehehhehe..... Thanks! I love you Mr Ako .................but I love Edward Cullen too ;) Can't wait for tomorrow yeeehaaawwwwww!!

Saya mengaku bahawasanya saya tidak hanya akan menonton cerita ini hanya sekali di cinema. Saya dapat rasakan saya akan menontonnya buat kali yang kedua..... dan ketiga???? Errkkk. God save Superheroes' Mom ^-^


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