Sunday, October 21, 2012

Life As It Is..

Hey, lama tak sembang kat sini kan. Bersawang dah my happy place ni. Ada lagi tak yang datang menjengah agaknya ya? Semua update kat Instagram aje eh sekarang?

Tup tup kita dah kat hujung 2012 dah kan. Diam tak diam dah nak masuk bulan November. Ni masa yang di tunggu oleh budak2 sekolah dan juga cikgu sekolah, like me! Can't wait for the holidays to start.

Can hardly wait for cuti raya next week too. Long weekend, bestnye, x sabar!

My superheroes pun dah makin besar. My first boy is so much taller than me now. Take a look at their latest pixx.

My first boy, dah anak teruna

My second boy, next year dah morning session. Harap2 dapat sampai sekolah on time, jangan lambat pulak.

My third boy. Suka sangat baca story books and comic.

And my bongsu. Jadi penghibur semua orang. Minat sangat dengan kereta, tiap-tiap minggu beli koleksi kereta.

Dan mana ye Superheroes' Mom?

Ya, saya masih di sini. Love to all who is still reading my much neglected blog. Take care, all!

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Monday, July 30, 2012

What goes around comes around.

Hari ini saya sekali lagi menyaksikan ke'bahlul'an seorang manusia. Tetapi saya percaya, setiap perbuatan jahat itu jika tidak dinilai dan dibalas di dunia, di akhirat nanti terimalah akibatnya. It's just a matter of time.

Meantime, I'll just wait. And SMILE......

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Anak Soleh. Solehkah saya?

Ramai selalu kata mereka sayang pada Ibu Bapa, tapi apakah cara terbaik untuk membalas jasa mereka? Dulu saya selalu fikir, caranya ialah dengan belikan hadiah yang mahal, berikan duit elaun ribu-ribuan saban bulan, belikan kereta, bawa bercuti di hotel mewah.... Ya, jika mampu apa salahnya... tapi sebenarnya yg lebih utama ialah kita harus berusaha menjadi anak yang soleh...

Semenjak kehilangan bapa tercinta pada bulan September tahun lalu, hati selalu sayu, selalu bertanya pada diri, belum cukup membalas jasa Bapa, belum puas mahu menjaga Bapa masa tua, Allah sudah mentakdirkan dia pergi... Bagaimana mahu terus berjasa padanya? Sudah terputuskah hubungan?

Allah maha Pemurah, setelah Dia ambil nyawa Ibu Bapa kita, anak-anak seperti kita masih boleh terus ada hubungan dengan Ibu Bapa, doa anak akan tetap sampai, terutama doa anak lelaki, tiada hijab di antara. Tetapi, haruslah dari anak yang soleh.

Solehkah saya? Sampaikah doa2 saya kepada Allah untuk Bapa? Terlalu lemah diri ini, masih terlalu jahil. Tapi hati dan niat terlalu mahu berjasa pada Bapa. Bukan senang rupanya mahu menjadi anak yang soleh. Bercakap saja, ya, memang boleh, tetapi melaksanakannya, tidak mudah....

Hati terlalu ingin menjadi anak yang soleh untuk Ibu dan Bapa, tapi mampukah diri ini? Berilah petunjuk ya Allah, kuatkanlah iman hambaMu ini yg selalu goyah ya Allah...

I found below, some info for my renungan...... And tindakan.....

Untuk mendidik diri agar menjadi insan yang solehah adalah dengan banyak melakukan amalan yang terpuji, berusaha untuk meninggalkan dosa-dosa yang kecil apakah lagi dosa-dosa besar. Jangan tinggalkan amalan yang wajib, jalinkan siraturrahim dengan sanak keluarga dan hormati kedua ibu bapa, sebab keredhaan Allah itu tergantung kepada keredhaan ibu bapa terhadap kita. Namun yang paling penting tutuplah aurat agar kehidupan mendapat
keberkatan Allah SWT.

Banyakkan membaca Al Quran dan berzikir insya Allah, hati akan menjadi tenang.
Doa-doa untuk mendidik hati dan diri, diantaranya adalah seperti berikut:-

*Doa agar terhindar dari kesesatan (Ali Imran ayat 8).
*Doa agar tetap pendirian (Ali Imran 147).
*Doa agar diberi rahmat (Al A'raf 23).

Berusahalah wahai diri.... Semoga kita sentiasa mendapat keredhaanNya......

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of Commitments & Diversions.

Hiya peeps! Nearly a week into the school holiday, sigh, so fast it goes but I have not managed to mark all my essays yet. Have been back to my workplace though for the Exam Workshop and to conduct extra classes, plus monitoring the students rehearsing for the upcoming play. Seriously, I need to sit down and focus on the essays, I have to finish marking and keying in the marks before going off for a short getaway next week. I have started off well, managing to mark all Paper 1 for all classes, and half of Paper 2. I only have 2 more classes to go before calling it a day. But so much of distraction and thus I lost momentum. Arghhh! 

Started off well, nice rhythm and momentum going. CBTL's Cookies & Cream Ice-blended helped me along the way...... 

 Focus started wavering, had to rope in some Terry's chocolate orange to help me concentrate. 

 Momentum was fast diminishing, even Dr. Cafe's Ice Mocha Caramel did not help much.

 Diversion in the form of the delightful PINK STACK from Whisk.
Ahhhh, heaven...

And now, armed with Cheetos cheddar jalapeƱo, I am convinced that I will be able to finish marking the essays for one class today! I CAN DO IT!



Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Birthday 2 & 4! ;-D

Oh gosh, it has been a superly-duperly busy two weeks! Exams going on at my workplace and my kiddos having exams also, in both Sekolah Kebangsaan and Sekolah Agama. As my maid has yet to arrive, my kids are still put in a 'transit' center which they are not particularly fond of. I told them to take it positively, in life we don't always get to do what we want or like all the time. But seriously though, hope the new maid arrives soon! 

Anyway, amidst the chaos and constant running around and worrying about a million things, we had a small birthday celebration at home for my No 2 and No 4. It was the first day of the week, imagine the madness. After work, went off straight to Citta Mall and bought the cake. Then, to the party shop for balloons and paper plates and whatnot. Went home to chill the cake, tidy up the mess of a house hahaha, and pick the children up from school & transit center. Decided on KFC for the celebration, unanimous vote from the kiddos that was. Once home, the boys showered and change into clean clothes, Mom and Dad too.

Finally, the small party started ;-)
It's the LOLA rainbow cake from Wondermilk. Six layers of buttery goodness!

My harta.... My four superheroes....

No 2 is now 9 years old...

My bongsu is now 4!
But he will forever remain as my Baby Azan ;-p

Happy Birthday boys. I will never forget the first moment I held you in my arms. Every year I am reminded of that beautiful, sweet moment in time and my heart filled with gratitude to Allah with His blessings. Please know that I love both of you very much, and maybe I will embarrass you from time to time (hahahah), do remember that I have you close to my heart, no matter when, no matter where. Be good, boys. My doa with you always.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Hello everyone!

It has been awhile since I have last updated this blog. Do people even blog anymore? I don't know really. I have not blogwalked for sooooo long, I am not even sure whether my favorite blogs are still running. I am just sitting here, thinking of whether or not my students taking the exam in the hall can actually answer the paper (Oh I do hope that they will come up with good essays!), and my thoughts lingered on this long neglected blog of mine. Do I even have readers anymore? I think not, being lackadaisical in my updates, I am sure my regulars have gone, and never to return.

Anyway, I have returned to work, no more a stay-at-home mom. I am still adjusting to the new routine, and my children too are getting used to the change in their lives. The reason for my great life decision to return to the grind? Hmmnnnn...... would you be interested to know? Heheh. More importantly, have I made the right decision? I am still in the midst of finding the answer to that, trust me ;-)

Oh, back to the real topic. How was your Mother's Day weekend. I am sure you have had a fantabulous time, spoiling Mom, or getting spoilt yourself. I had a great time. Syukur Alhamdulillah for what Allah has bestowed upon me. For the rezeki, and for my harta, my family...... Now let's just look at the photos, eh?
Here's the latest photo of Superheroes & Mom! Heheh. Me and my mom and my grandma were treated to a Mother's Day dinner on Saturday, and a Mother's Day tea on Sunday. We were, needless to say, overwhelmed by the attention. We felt like true Queens ;-) 

And......... tra la la....... I received a bouquet of flowers, roses (BIG SMILE) from my superheroes! I was so excited I was literally like Kera Mendapat Bunga, oh no no no, that's not an apt idiom, because that means the flowers are destroyed by the foolish kera right. Hmnnnn.... okay okay, I will not bore you with more idioms.... Suffice to say, I was OVER THE MOON to receive the fabu bouquet from my boys. THANK YOU darlings......

And here...... the QUEEN of my heart, my bonda. No words could ever describe how much I love this lady. My own pillar of strength, my motivator, inspiration and my everything.....

Happy Mother's Day to all mommies out there. You truly are diamonds.

Monday, January 2, 2012


Last Friday, me & my boys accompanied my mom to Nilai 3. Not to buy carpets or fabric to make baju kurung, but my Mom wanted to buy some 'decorative items' for her canteen. She had one particular shop in mind. Last few years, she went there with my late Dad, also while scouting for stuff to decorate her canteen with.

After searching for quite some time, we managed to locate the shop. It was having a clearance sale. The shop will be closed soon! Stuff were selling cheap. Stock clearance. Not many nice stuff left though. Barangan yang dipamer bukan lagi menjadi trend ketika ini. Nevertheless, my Mom did get what she wanted. And at a very low price too.

While she was making purchase, I went around the shop looking at all the curios on sale. Have a look fellow bloggerinas...

What do you think? Pretty interesting, no?

And pssttt, I too went shopping. For tudungs! Pretty cheap. Good enough for everyday wear for me. Happy with my purchase!

So I would say, a worthwhile trip down to Nilai 3 ;-)

Here's wishing all of my dearest readers Happy New Year 2012! To an awesome year ahead! Cheers!

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