Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Crafts

Hallo People! Are you in or out this Saturday night? I am currently in, just came back from a series of events today. Will blog about it later. Tomorrow is Halloween. Ok ok, before some of you raise your eyebrows or tut tut your disapproval, let me tell you that it is just a bit of fun. Wearing a witch hat, wearing a costume, and filling a pumpkin bucket with Halloween candies and choccies does not make one forget about one's religion or aspire to be a 'Mat or Minah Salleh'.

Sometimes I am confused, because the same people who make so much noise about these things are the ones who goes seeking divine 'help' from local shaman or spiritual healer. I mean, make up your mind already!

Anyway, my kids and I are working on some Halloween crafts. I came across these pics on Google. They look fairly easy to make and definitely doable. 

Bats Mobile (pun intended)

A Cone Witch

Paper Plate Ghost

Dracula Lollipops (my favourite!)
Ain't they cute?

Will post up pics of our end product (if there is one hehe)
Enjoy Saturday Night Peepos!!

Aksi Tangan Kejang

Whenever the camera is aimed at Superhero 4, he will immediately strike aksi tangan kejang. Nak gelak pecah perut tengok dia!

 Aksi Tangan Kejang 1

 Aksi Tangan Kejang 2

 Aksi Tangan Kejang 3

 Aksi Tangan Kejang 4

 Aksi Tangan Kejang 5

Ok, yang ni aksi belajar dari mana entah.

Happy Saturday All!
What Are Your Plans For Today?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Itu iPhone 4 ada ka?

Tadi around 12-ish, Mr Ako came home. Dia cakap jom sama-sama hantar Superhero 2 ke sekolah, sebab selepas itu nak ke Gardens. Saya tanya kenapa. Dia kata nak ke Maxis Centre. Saya hairan kenapa pulak sampai nak ke Gardens kalau nak bayar bill? Dia kata saja je. I pun malas nak tanya lebih dah orang ajak ke Gardens tu ikut sajalah kan =)

Sampai ke Maxis Center baru dia bagitau yang sebenarnya dia nak belikan wife dia ni iPhone 4. And he has been told that kalau pergi yang kat Gardens InsyaAllah ada stock. Tapiiiiiii..... setelah menunggu nombor kami dipanggil, we found out that stock dah habis! Baru aje the mamat before us tu dapat the last remaining one. Adoiiiiii laaaaa. Jadiknya, kena tunggu stock baru sampai lorhhhhhh.

Hehe, cute je Mr Ako nak surprise kan moi. Alih-alih barangnya tak ada la pulak =) 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More Pics of KLEENEX Bloggers Family Day

Folks, more pics of the event, courtesy of Sawanila.Com. Thank you soooo much for the photos ya! =)
That's me with Superhero 2 & 3, and the one in brown is SumiJelly. I think we were listening to instruction of what to do =) Nak main game ko t masa ni.

 Dr Yong Junina
Consultant Pediatrician

Kiddos about to be ushered to the play area.

 During the finger-painting competition

The winners! 

Can you see me? The shorty-pants kat hujung tu =) 

 Another shot

And yet another one.

Zaid Mohamad. Parenting Coach, author of Smart Parents Brighter Kids, and NST columnist.
Go to

 Rina of Malaysian's Womens Weekly with her daughter

 Can u see Adam kat tepi tu? Hehe

 Group Photo! Yeaaahhhh!

 Bloggers and media people with family. Oh, Pink Mama's sister pun ada. She's in the front row =)

There's ShilaShower, Sawanila.Com, Triplets+One, Submerryn, SuperKids.Net, SumiJelly and more more more..... Hopefully we will meet again ya!

And to my readers, hope you enjoyed the photos...
Bye for now.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kleenex Power Of Play Bloggers Family Day!

Yayyyyy!! Last Saturday, we had the chance to attend the KLEENEX Power of Play Bloggers Family Day! *jiggle jiggle dance dance* When I received the invitation, I knew that there's no way that we were going to miss that! Mr. Ako was away in KK on the date of the event, so I went without him with Superhero 2 & 3. That explains the less than satisfactory photos that I have in my memory card, as my 'photographer' was not around!

It was tremendous FUN! Held at KizSports 1U, we get to engage in exciting wholesome PLAY activities and games by Creative Arts Therapist and drama teacher Abigail Barragry. Plus, Consultant Pediatrician Dr Yong Junina Fadzil presented on how to encourage kids to keep a clean routine.

And of course, there was the FOOD spread! Lots and lots of fooooood. And the kids get to PLAY to their hearts' content at the play area. Also, meeting many mommy bloggers and columnists as well =) I was highly excited, as it was my first ever Bloggers event (I was not able to attend the Friso event last year, what a waste eh).

We arrived at IU about 1 pm and yessssss, I spent thirty minutes finding a parking space, thank God I managed to get one, and even then it was at the very end nearing the loading bay area. Fuhhhh! Really big thanks to the parking attendant who showed us to a 'hidden' area. Parked the car and zasssssss we went to KizSports, and well, we were the early ones there *wipes sweat with a big grin*

Hahahahah, look at me, snapped photo of the dining area first and foremost! The kids were already excited seeing the arrangement and the balloons and the charged atmosphere, and can't wait for the event to start!

These are the lovely ladies who did our registration. Well done, we got our name stickers and tags right away. Being a first timer to a bloggers event, I was grinning when they saw me and acknowledged me as a 'media' rep. Wow, bloggers DO have a place in this world =)

We went in the hall, and the kids were on their best behavior (thank God!). They were looking around the place and checking out the people who were there with us. We waited quite a fair bit for the event to start and I was happy just soaking in the atmosphere =) I should have gone around making new friends, but I was a silly shy-shy cat. Duhh.

Too shy even to ask someone to take a photo of  us, so I self snapped this shot of myself with Superhero 3. Oh, now u know my middle name.

At 2.30 pm, Abigail Baragry of BluBricks Ampang started the ball rolling with an energetic song and dance workout. It got all of us singing and dancing too. 

I love you, you love me,
We can PLAY so happily,
And we CLAP and we JUMP,
and we SHAKE each others' hands,
KLEENEX keep us clean and GRAND!

Then. Mr Nathan Kandapper, MD of Kimberly-Clark Malaysia/Singapore highlighted, "At Kleenex, we would like to believe we play a small part in advocating for our kids to play freely, in everyday situations. AT least, we are committed to providing the best in personal hygiene care for the family so that parents have the peace of mind while their children participate in imaginative, spontaneous play."

Later, these TRIO above, entertained us with more games and play activities that we wholeheartedly enjoyed. I was so happy being able to take part in these programs with my children! First, each family competed to recreate the most imaginative FROZEN photo scene depicting the thrill and freedom of being in the great outdoors. Me and my boys enjoyed this one very much! And our frozen moment was captured by the event photographer and the organizers printed it out and gave it to us after the event! Nak tengok tak? Tunggguuuuuuuuu.....

After that, we played more games. Everybody took part and from this activity we get to mingle around with all the guests in a FUN way. 

How much FUN? Well, you can see form the above photo! Hahahaha, my sons got carried away with excitement and don't worry, they were not fighting with one another. It was just a friendly brotherly jostling, very usual when they PLAY.

And yes, the next activity was thoroughly enjoyable. It was a finger-painting session where each family raced to complete their most creative finger-painted drawing (following the theme given) within the shortest time possible. The first 10 families to complete the task in hand following the theme specified was announced as winners. We were one of them! Yayyyy! We got prizes too. Yippee! That was our 'artwork'. Four Superheroes flying kites in the field. Tee hee.

Next was chow time! Makan! Sausages, Nuggets, Fries, Tuna & Cheese sandwiches, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Fruits, Pizza, Ice-cream, mini cocktails snacks..... KENYANG!



We love this event! 

What we got from the event =)

For the kids.

The brand new product from KLEENEX. Hand Sanitizing Moist Wipes that effectively kills 99.9% germs which include H1N1 flu viruses and is also dermatologist-tested to be naturally nourishing and moisturizing (enriched with shea butter, natural aloe vera and vitamin E) on the skin and safe for use on babies and children. I'm telling you these wipes are cottony soft and sooooooo easy to use. After all the activities and games we played, especially the finger-painting session, we used these wipes and it cleansed gently but thoroughly. And you can just use it anywhere, in the car, in the classroom, at the field, anywhere in the outdoors.

As Consultant Pediatrician, Dr Yong Junina said at the event, "We need to argue for children being given more freedom to play and explore and not use the fear of germs as an excuse to get them cooped up inside watching television and playing sedentary computer games for hours on end. Real life experiences help children develop a thirst for knowledge and enhance their learning activity and creativity." So, these wipes are perfect to prevent the spread of germs when there is no access to soap and water. Yeah, easy for us parents kan?

The Kleenex goodies that I get to take home
*big grin*

And OH! I promised you the frozen photo scene yah?

Ta Daaaaaaaaaaaa

We had soooo much fun, thank you KLEENEX!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

How Important Is PLAY?

Obviously the role of PLAY in a child's development is vital for his overall growth.
Just how important?

We found out last Saturday when we attended the event below...

and we had a GREAT time!
More stories and photos in the next post.
Stay Tuned!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Ujian dariNya

Sebenarnya jiwa ini kacau. Cuba ceriakan hati dengan telatah anak-anak dan juga cerita kawan-kawan blogger semua. Adik saya dah 5 hari dalam hospital. Ya sedih. Sebab adik saya selalu ceria. Dia penghibur hati kami. Tambah sedih sebab dia sangat kecik dan bila di atas katil hospital, tampak dia sangat sangat kecil. Dan pucat. Dan muram.

2 tahun lepas dia ada buat pembedahan, as ada infection pada tempat organ vital. Dua minggu lepas, abdomen sakit kronik, lalu harus buat pemeriksaan. Di beri ubat dan rehat di rumah seminggu. Tak baik juga maka masuklah ke ward. For the past 5 days all kinds of tests were done on her. At first lega bila pihak hospital kata hanya tender colon. Tapi after tests seterusnya, ada hal lain sebenarnya rentetan dari the surgery she had dulu tu.

Adik saya yang TIDAK PERNAH MENANGIS, cried like a child. Menanggung kesakitan, merasai kesedihan yang very raw dan anxious for procedure seterusnya. 

Solat hajat, doa dan zikir penenang hati. Semoga diberi kekuatan untuk terus menempuhi cabaran. Akur menerima ujian dariNya.

Always Be My Baby

Some people dari gomuks can be kurushhhh
Like my darling Superhero Bongsu

Moi and Baby AZAN at 4+ months

My niece Twinkle and Azan @ 2+ years
Beza sangat yeah?



Thursday, October 21, 2010


My home state Selangor Darul Ehsan (being the most densely populated and urban state) kicked off with NO PLASTIC BAG DAY for every Saturdays since January 2010. It is without a doubt a very commendable effort and I am proud to be a Selangorian, as we are the first state in the country to have implemented the campaign. This campaign's main objective is to advocate against the indiscriminate use of plastic bags.

When first finding out about this, my initial response was 'Huh, boleh ke orang Malaysia ni?"
But I was ALL FOR IT. If we want to be a truly progressive nation and all that, we should pay attention to issues such as this, and do our bit for the environment and preserve precious landfill life.

Are you doing your share? I must say it has become a habit for me and hubs to bring with us reusable bags when we do our grocery  shopping whether to Tesco XTra or Giant during the weekends. For the past week, I have started bringing my reusable bag to my neighbourhood MyMydin also. But of course, some days I terlupa, and some days when beli barang banyak sangat, sampai tak cukup bags yang dibawa, kena guna plastic bags juga =) But, plastic bags tu di-recycle jadi plastic sampah. So, it's not just for single use lah.

So peps, make sure u bring reusable bags with ya or leave some in your car ya =)

Eco-warrior wannabe ;p

Create Awareness For The Environment
Start With Self!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Exam Fever..... ooOOOoooOOOOooo

Superhero 1 will be done with his final exams today, right after his ART paper this morning. Superhero 2 only started his yesterday, and will be done with it next week. Yahoo! Meaning, mommy pun merdeka la next week, and very lega! HUb's events for this year will also be done by next week. Double yahoo!!! Can't wait for after that, maybe we will go on a little holiday yeahhhh.... 

Superhero 2 buat revision (konon nya lahhh)
hahaha, Primary 1 je baruuuuu =)

Oh okay, must dash, sending Superhero 3 to kindy.
Chowwwww for now luvvies!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

All Together Now!

Anak2 Mama and Anak2 Mima
Not in pic: Lon and Dadan

With my closest cousins at Cousin Ashar's Wedding

Photo shamelessly stolen from Cousin Leen's FB

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Baby Come Back

Aduh. Pukul 1.30 pagi tadi Mr Ako balik rumah dari Sabah. Sempat jumpa dia sekejap, and then pukul 4.30 pagi dia off lagi ke airport untuk ke Jakarta pulak. Tuesday, Wednesday depan he will be here, and Thursday will go back to Sabah.

Cepatlah events habis bulan October ni, nak ngadap muka hubby and nak bergurau and bermanja and merepek merapu bersama..... Goshhhhhhhhhh..... Angau ke apa ni? Hahahahahahahahhhh.

Miss you babe.
And love you lots.

PS: Kids are well, don't worry.

Eh eh? Hahhaa, tak pasal-pasal gambar Kate Winslet & Leo DiCaprio yang di paparkan ye =) Cerita ni keluar tahun 1997. Tahun cinta sangat sangat hangat okay *wink*


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