Friday, October 31, 2008


To all my blogger friends...

Please UPDATE.
I have NOTHING to read.
Help a mummy out won't you?

Bored To My Bones Dikwi

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Diner Dash

Uhhh... I have been badly bitten by the Nintendo DS bug. Right now I am engrossed with a game named Diner Dash. Daaaayyymm my lil sis for introducing me to DS. Now I'm hooked!

Ini amatlah tidak baik untuk ibu kepada 4 orang anak kecil yang tiada bibik. Dah la kerja rumah banyak, anak2 lagi. Otak asyik nak main DS...

Diner Dash.... wait okay, ni nak tidurkan anak ni. After this ok Flo :)

p/s: Sorry, what to do... DS best-lah

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sexy (not!) Back.


I'm back from JB.
And still TIRED.

Highlights of JB trip:

  • Get to be near my Si Jantung Hati (although he was super busy with m2k and rarely were we even within a 2 meter radius of one another)
  • Don't have to do any house chores, leave it to Housekeeping ;)
  • More time to twiddle with my DS Lite
  • Get to meet Eddie's sweetheart (cute je)
Now I'm back in Home Sweet Home and going to spend quality time with my boys and my darling. Let's Lepak boys! And let the games begin!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Where U Go, I Will Be

Me and my boys will be off to the south tomorrow. Wish me luck ppl! U think I will manage allright with the 3 superheroes plus babyazan? 

Can't wait to see my best friend, u think he is just as excited to see me? Hmmnnn... tak tau lah kan...


Gotta go to sleep. Long day 2moro. Am dead tired anyway.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Little Pinky Missy

Kotak apa ni? Alah, tak payah berteka-teki sebab sudah jelas tertera gambar dan nama bende yang dimaksudkan. he he he.

Nintendo DS Lite saya yang berwarna merah jambu. he he he.
Di bawah ini, 'pouch' khas untuk Little Pinky Missy saya. he he he. Adik saya yang menghadiahkan pada saya. Pouch itu je, DS nye tidak. DS itu si jantung hati saya yang hadiahkan. 
Apabila pouch dibuka, ta daaaa..... itulah dia penghibur hati saya. Sangat comel, cantik dan amat menyeronokkan. he he he.
Dan ini pula bila saya dah 'on'kan dia. Saya sangat suka main game 'Cooking Mama'. he he he.
Jika anda ingin mengetahui perihal Nintendo DS Lite ini, silalah ke sini. Mana tau, anda pula akan menjadi pemilik si cilik hebat ini. he he he.

Maaf, banyak sangat he he he dalam tulisan saya kali ini. Saya sangat excited. Itulah sebabnya.

ps: sungguhpun saya tidak mempunyai kelapangan masa yang banyak untuk bermain dengan Little Pinky Missy saya kerana kesibukan menguruskan tugasan harian, peruntukan sejam yang saya ada selepas kesemua anak2 saya tidur saya gunakan dengan sepenuhnya untuk bermesra bersama Missy. Sudah cukup memadai untuk membuat saya tersenyum sebelum enak dibuai mimpi.


Mr. AKO is off to JB, coordinating the final preparations for M2K. He went on the 8.30 am flight this morning. He will be there the WHOLE week. Sigh.......

Azfar is having his final exams this week. From today till Thursday. I just hope he will do his level best. 

Ammar is already at his Kindy. Mostly, they are busy rehearsing for their annual concert. 

Adam is still sleeping.

Azan is already awake and no doubt looking for me.

So I have to go now.

Later ppl...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

In The Name Of Law

What's with me and cheesy titles eh? He he..

Seronok ni as my In Laws are here. Ma and Bak came last night. They brought homegrown jackfruit and papaya. Also a big big plastic bag filled with 'kerpok keping'. Now that I am married to a Terengganu guy, I am very aware of the different qualities of the fish crackers. The tasty ones only come from Terengganu and nowhere else, I swear. I really detest the ones that make the insides of the mouth 'gatal' (itchy). Have u ever been unfortunate enough to experience that? Well, let's hope u will never okay. Buy the crackers from Terengganu, u will be safe then. 

Oh, and... Bak bought us durians today. Azfar and Ammar and Adam crowded around Bak when he  was busy opening up the King of Fruits. They were verbally trying to outdo one another as to who can eat the most durians. 

"Aki, saya nak durian. Saya boleh makan banyak tau Aki. Kat sekolah hari tu pun saya ada makan durian. Teacher saya bawak." ~Ammar~

"Tak la Aki, Ammar tak makan banyak durian. SAYA yang boleh. Saya nak banyak banyak sgt durian Aki sebab saya dah 8 years old dah besar boleh makan banyak." ~Azfar Q~

"Oh oh oh Mummy... I want 'du ree yen'. Oh oh oh, it's so tajam Mummy, oh it's scary!" ~Adam~

And this went on and on for a bit , right until Bak had completed taking out all the isi durian. He then put 3 ulas durian on 3 plastic plates and gave it to the boys. Sapa juara?

Azfar and Ammar only managed seulas seorang and Adam, none at all. Hehhh, cakap je banyak.

Friday, October 17, 2008

All I Do Is Dream....

Today's menu is chicken. I will only post the pic of the chicken lah, the vege dish is only steamed broccoli so you don't have to look at that kan. Hmmnnn.... I don't know what to call this chicken dish to be honest so I will just come up with one name. 

Why ayam masak berangan? I guess it's due to the fact that I just main campak-campak aje ingredients dia, all the while I was daydreaming about things. Hence the name. Appropriate kan. 

Jom makan!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Talc Story

Something unexpected happened today, just 10 minutes ago in fact. As I was tidying up the kitchen I went to check on Adam, as it was unusual for him to be so quiet. I found him in the guest room, happily pouring talcum powder all over himself and the guest bed, also the floor. 

"Mummy, look at me. Saya sangat wangg-gee."

Aduh la. But that was not what I meant by the unexpected. After changing Adam's clothes, Baby Azan fussed wanting to be fed. While I was feeding him, Azfar came in the room with a broom in his right hand and the dust-pan in his left.

"Mummy, look at this mess Adam made. So naughty. Habis dah rumah kita sepah." 
Sweep Sweep Sweep.

"Mummy kan tengah nenen Baby Azan and kita kan dah takde bibik kan."
Sweep Sweep Sweep.

And he swept the mess and continued to sweep near the front door too; as apparently there ada a bit of the bedak tumpah jugak. After he was satisfied with his work, he went to the waste basket and poured what was in the dust-pan in the basket. He then went to put the broom and the dust-pan at the proper place. 

I was amazed.
I was overwhelmed.
I thank God for all the little things in life that make me happy.

I then went to Azfar and gave him a great big hug for being so thoughtful when I least expected.

My hero of the day

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Parang Oh Parang

Let's look at today's menu

Mr. AKO bought Ikan Parang yesterday. My Malaccan born and bred friend CikYah once mentioned that the best fish for assam pedas is Ikan Parang. Here's a pic of my Assam Pedas Ikan Parang for your viewing pleasure. The pic was taken when it's still on the stove.

Vege dish for today, Baby Sawi with Fishball and Mushroom. I like carrots to be cut that way as I prefer eating big chunks of it rather than teeny bitsy pieces but I have to cut it up for Adam's consumption.

And of course... fried fish. The boys could never have enough of them. That's all for today. Ta Ta.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Food Post

For today, I prepared Ayam Masak Lemak Cili Api with Potatoes and Cherry Tomatoes. Have not cooked masak lemak for so long, not since my maid ran away. For the previous Ramadhan month, all makanan beli aje. But today, I resolved I will not be too stringent on the housekeeping as to have time to enable my boys to have real home-cooked meals again - not just all the instant ready to cook variety which is high in salt and preservatives. 

Next is very simple, just Ikan Goreng but this is the boys' favourite, but the fish must be piping hot, straight from the wok to their plates. Haaa... you will then see they will tambah nasi. As my husband is from Terengganu, we eat a lot of fish. When we go back to his hometown, I love to go to the morning market as there are various scrumptious seafood inc fish, fresh from the sea.  Oh so fresh and succulent! Here in the Klang Valley, its is not the same but... bolehlah!

Hmmnnnn, let's not forget the vege dish of the day. It's just baby spinach. Though it does not look appetizing in the pic, it is good to eat. Everybody knows that spinach is brain food, very high vitamin content. That's why Popeye loves it!


Brought babyAzan for his  vaccination earlier today and he now weighs 9kg! His height is 68cm. His head circumference, 43cm. Everything seems to be good, I'm happy. Alhamdulillah.

He is still exclusively breastfed and has not been introduced to solids as yet. He is a happy and contented baby most of the time and is happiest being surrounded by his older brothers. He loves to chat and his best 'sembang' buddy is his great grandmother!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Bila la maid baru saya nak sampai ni?


Friday, October 10, 2008

Beta Gering

Dear Readers,

Am not well.
Have not been well for 3 days.
Feeling sad and blue :(

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Leisurely Sunday?

Let me tell you... bringing The Fantastic Four out for a nice meal and a little shopping requires thorough planning and a whole lotta PATIENCE. Last Sunday we had a little 'expedition' to Sunway Pyramid and had lunch at Tony Roma's. Thank God my mom came along, or else the only thing I could get to eat is the complimentary bread and a sip of Coca-Cola.

Budak2 lelaki ni mmg tak gheti dok diam eh?

Adam was adamant that I layan him and not Baby Azan, tiba2 jealous datang.

Adam with his Potato Soup In A Cup, he gobbled it in a jiffy but only ate half of his Kiddies Cheesey Pizza. Went off roaming around the restaurant and charmed the staff with his antics, so he scored a fridge magnet and some Mentos.

Adam and his Abg Long. It's rare to capture this two together, whatmore with Abg Long's arm around him, he looked right pleased dont u think?

Nana and her bodyguards, look at the various poses. Kelakarlah dorang ni.

Azfar discovered that the chocolate milkshake there is really good. The high sugar content therefore sent him to hyperactive mode. He sang and talked at the top of his voice, much to his Mommy's chagrin. After he finished his Fish and Fries, he was out of his seat and simply couldn't wait to be off... Daddy was not amused as his Steak had just arrived.

Ammar ordered the Kiddies Pasta, only to eat half of it and exclaimed that semua orang lain punya order sedap xcept for his. So he had a taste of all our orders, including Mommy's Shrimp Scampi Pasta and Nana's Grilled Prawn Kebab. Verdict? Oh, his pasta is really quite nicelah.

And my little keledek rebus baby Azan was so angelic , happily cooing and gurgling away, smiling and acting cutesy except the time when mommy's meal arrived, masa tulah dia nak nanges and nak dukung... haihhhhh

What about Daddy?
Answer: PENING

Monday, October 6, 2008

6th Raya Blues

Errgghhh... My whole body is aching... My poor bones are so tired. Funny coz it's only today that I feel tired after a whole week of being in the Raya Mode. I guess it has been hibernating the whole of last week and finally caught up with me today. Or maybe it's just because I'm not as young and energetic as before...? Yeah probably....

God, my head hurts too.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Menu Tiga Raya

Mom's Nasi Lemak Sambal Sotong

With kangkong, eggs & anchovies

Eaten with teh tarik 'kaww'

That's the menu at my parents' place come third Raya every year. The third day of Raya is usually the time when we get sick and tired of the ketupat lemang rendang kuah kacang medley.

If I were at my in-laws, my MIL would be serving Nasi Bukhari. Mmmmm...just as Yummy.

Right about now, there are joyous sounds coming from my Happy Belly :)

To all my dear readers, enjoy the rest of the Raya hols ya! And c'mon, the kueh raya is not just for show, bedal-lah.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Crab, The Cow & The Bird

Ketupat Ketam

Ketupat Lembu

Ketupat Burung

All done my by my clever Grandma @ Mak.
I have yet to learn these, but I dah pandai anyam Ketupat Biasa (Pasar)... yeehaa!

Satu Hari Di Hari Raya!

Babes suka sangat beraya

Eh? Apsal ni?

Nenda, Daku & Q

Berbagai Juadah Sedia Ada

Azan berbaju melayu

Raya dgn PS2?

Raya dgn YouTube?


Cannot Sit Still laaaa...

Biskut Rayeeee!!

Going off 2 the Mosque

Ultraman Raya

Wassup Ammar?

The Boys and I

Dad in action

Me, Mom & Azan

Ketupat lemang rendang overload

Babes & I

Bro, Me & Babes


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