Friday, April 23, 2010

Of Tea and Hitam Si Tampuk Manggis

Hiya Folks. I know, I know, I have not been updating my blog. So sorry darls. I really have been busy this week. And I have been meaning to write but time was limited. I didn't want to leave you lot with a rubbish post, as I have felt a little different after reading Budu and Belacan's post about bloggers nowadays being so preoccupied with wanting lots of hits (thus higher Nuffie earnings), so therefore keeping on updating blogs every so often but the entries are 'sampah' ones. Gullpppp! Firstly, I am not one to post entries just for the sake of Nuffie earnings, I enjoy writing for your entertainment. And ok, of course I don't regard my posts as mere 'rubbish' but the entry by B&B made me reassess the whole situation and I am now just raring to come up with better entries for my dear readers.

But because I am still in busy busy mode, I can only come up with this post. About tea and hitam legam. Eh?? Apa?? About food folks, my passion lies in food related topics :) My boys two favourite food lately to be exact. My bihun goreng and chicken rice. So, this week I made these two again.. to entertain the boys' request. SHM's Bihun Goreng & SHM Nasi Ayam.

Would love to have tea with you!

My roast chicken hitam si tampuk manggis lah :) But not hangus, just because the Kicap Pekat Jalen seriously hitam legam

With this, I have to leave you babes.... for now ya. Will update again soonest that I can. Take care now! Cheers!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Agaetis Byrjun - A New Beginning

Have you ever heard of the band Sigur Ros from Iceland? They make really beautiful music. Although I don't understand their language, that does not hamper me from appreciating their artful music. And appreciating their video. I really feel I should share a song by them titled Agaetis Byrjun with all of you. It's just so soothing and mesmerizing. I hope you will enjoy it.

Do you like it? I love it....

By the way, many major European airports are still closed due to the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland which result in volcanic ash, which is why many people are stranded. Hopefully everything will regain balance soon. The climate is changing, the world is changing. Wonder what else's in store for us in the future.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Change Eating Habits and GLOW!

Good Sunday Morning to all my beautiful readers! A glorious morning it is indeed! I am enjoying my morning as early as 6am. I just sat on my garden bench and enjoyed the fresh cool and crisp morning air with my lappy on. What are you having for breakfast? My hubster is not around, so I guess I will take my boys out myself for Sunday Breakfast.

My loyal readers would know that I have been on a 28 structured diet program. It was successful! After 28 days, I shed 4.2 kg! Which was a healthy amount to lose in a month. When I mention DIET, many would automatically think of limited amount of food taken, hunger pangs, near starvation, suffering and the likes. Well, let me clear this once and for all, I did not suffer from hunger pangs and near starvation at all during my 28 days! U know why? Because I have not been depriving myself from eating, I DO EAT! 3 meals a day! With snacks in between!

How was this possible? Dearies, it's not really a matter of how much you are eating, more to the question of WHAT you are eating! It should really be the little changes that you should make. Little changes that will result in a LOT!

First Step: Change Whitebread to Wholemeal or Multigrain ones. There are many many varieties out there in the market. There are Wholemeal Pitta Breads, Wholemeal Tortilla Wraps, Multiseed Rolls, Low G.I Bread... owhhh many many more that u could choose from! And when eating eggs, discard the yellow yolks! Take only the whites. I usually have egg whites from 2 or 3 eggs, oh yes verrrrryyy filling indeed! I love making 'roti coteq' (refer above pic). Just eggwhites and wholemeal breads with a little olive oil. Yummss!

Second Step: Eat more Fruits & Vegetables!! I snack on fruits whenever I feel like nibbling something! And drink loads of H20. Drink fruit juices on a daily basis. Fresh squeezed/blended ones are better. But store-bought ones are also good, just choose the ones with less sugar and preservatives yea. Waaayyyyy better than drinking cordial drinks, teh tariks or that sweet sweet tea. And I substitute milk with SOYA MILK. Unsweetened ones are better. Good for skin also, soya ;-) That means any soy-based food are great for us. I love tauhu/tofu, and have them in my vegetable soup all the time. Great source of protein and high in calcium.

Third Step: Owh I know we ladies can't resist chocolates! Even the ones not so fond of chocolates will crave for some nearing menstruation period. Right? I eat loads of chocolate. Seriously! But only Dark Chocolates! Hey, don't judge or dismiss them yet. They are yummy. Sooooo many varieties in the market now. Lindt, Cadbury, Bournville, Beryl etc etc.... Soooooooo Gooooood!! And who says you can't have strawberries dipped in chocolate? U can still, but use dark chocs yea :) I eat dark chocs nearly every day, as they are a powerful source of antioxidant.

Fourth Step: Up your fibre intake with Oatmeal! Yummy with fruits, and you can also put bits of chicken, fish (ikan bilis also can!) if u prefer a savoury taste to your oats. A dash of salt and pepper is good too! Oatmeal is good for your heart, u love your heart right?

Fifth Step: Avoid red meat (beef, lamb, veal, mutton), or eat them sparingly. Eat once or twice a month only. Do you know meat takes 2 WEEKS to fully digest in your tummy? Eat FISH instead! And be mindful of the way you cook it yea! Grilling, Steaming should be the way. Or pan-fry with a little olive oil. Salmon, Tilapia and the humble Catfish are all high in Omega 3 and GLA. Good for brains, good for skin. And see those tomatoes? Very very good for that rosy glow in your cheeks, so eat lots of them yea. Cherry Tomatoes are my favourite! In that little bowls are blueberries and raspberries..yums.

That's me on my 26th day of the 28 Days Program. My skin was brighter and clearer. My clothes fit better too. I was free from migraine for the whole duration of the 28 days! Alhamdulillah! Usually, I would always get headaches but now, nope :)

And below, a pic of me after day 28. Who can mistake that rosy glow from my cheeks? (this is not bragging ya, just to show you what u can get if u eat right. IF u think I am posting this entry to brag or show off or 'riak' etc, it's up to you. I can never get along with people who have NEGATIVE vibes anyway). I was NOT wearing any foundation, or any powders of any kind in both pics ya. And I had cake too that day, to celebrate my success in the 28 days :) I have had a whole lot of support form my hubby and also my friends, and also from you, dear readers of this blog. For that, THANK YOU. If I could do it, SO CAN YOU.

So you see, it's just the matter of changing your EATING HABIT. Choose what you eat, and how u eat it. Cooking method should mostly be grill, roast, boil, steam or pan-fry not DEEP FRY yea. You can do it, change your eating habit. WE can do it, for a healthier US. And you will see it will have such a positive impact on your life.

I am still on my journey to reach my ideal weight, InsyaAllah. But, am happy that by changing my eating habits, I not only look better and feel better but I am indirectly influencing my kids and hubby to eat healthier too. And for that, my friends, I feel STRONG!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

BabySitting Twinkle!

Yesterday I babysat my cutie niece Twinkle for 5 hours heehee. We had quite a good time kan Twinkle? She is three and a half months already. Wow, so fast kan. Macam baruuuuu je I jenguk dia kat hospital. Masa tu kecik je, now dah chubby wubby dah. Alhamdulillah. My heroes memang sayang sangat dengan baby Twinkle ni, tapi my youngest tu ada sikit 'jealous' kalau I carry baby Twinkle. Dia siap menangis-nangis. Adoiiiii! Abang2 yang lain pulak no mercy gelak-gelakkan si Azan menangis. Ishhhh.... geleng kepala I tau dengan dorang ni.

Baby Twinkle is a smiley baby, and she loves to look at our face and 'chat' =) The only times she cried yesterday was when she wanted milk and also when sleepy. Dia sleep dalam buai, rumah I takde buai so after I burped her after feeding tu I baring next to her, satu tangan pegang her hand lagi satu tangan tepuk2 peha dia. Alhamdulillah dia sleep, tapi sekejap2 aje lah. But at least tidur juga lah.

Haaa, ni dia baby Twinkle tu! :)

This was after I bathed her, she loves water!

Babies are sooooooo cute kan? I love them babies, they smell reallyyyyyy goooood too. and I have this thing tau, I tak boleh tengok baby lama-lama. Sebab nanti I rasa geram geram geram kan, I rasa macam nak gigit-gigit dorang tau! Hahahah, bahaya I ni kan?

But no no no, no more babies for me ya. My quota 4 aje, and Mr Ako agrees with me on this. Cukuplah 4 superheroes tu. Alhamdulillah ke atas nikmat yang diberi :)

And speaking of babies, akan ada penambahan bilangan keluarga belah family Mr. Ako tahun ni InsyaAllah. Dapat 2 cucu lagi my parents in law nanti :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

When Bored, Float and Bounce!

No prizes for guessing who's the bored Mommy here! Me lah, sapa lagi. Mr Ako xde, ke sinun atas urusan kerja.... maka malam di hujung2 minggu ni agak kebosanan tahap megadewadewi gitu lah. Bukan bosan sebab nak merayao keluar ke mana-mana. Sebab takde teman kan. Nak ajak layan dvd xde orang. Nak ajak layan minum kopi ngan makan donat tengah malam xde orang. Nak bermain ehhhhhh... nak menyembang xde orang nak layan. Kan kan kan. Huh, the heroes all tidoq dah dari 9pm tadi. So I melayan perasaan sorang2 ni, tak tau la nak buat apa. Belum rasa nak sleep.

At times like this, I wish to float!

Root Beer Float! Sooooooo gooooood!

At a time like this , I want to Bounce!

Jangan pikir tak tentu ;P I wish boleh main bouncy castle!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mati didera bapa tiri

OMG! You all semua suka tak baca suratkhabar lately? I memang tak suka especially kalau baca Kosmo, Metro semua tu. Bukan pasal I perlekehkan paper tu tapi sebab banyak sangat artikel yang membuatkan I jadi tak keruan! Buang bayi kat tong sampah, pam dalam tandas, campak kat sungai..... Eeeeeee, memang tak berhati perut! Tapi ada jugak yang kes aniaya kan, bapa/datuk yang rogol anak/cucu sendiri, jadi budak tu tak tau nak buat macamana lepas melahirkan anak tu. Ish ish, macam macam yang buat I seriau sungguh!

Ha, lagi satu pasal penderaan kanak-kanak! Pukul, tendang terajang budak sampai pengsan sampai mati! Apa jenis manusia tu? Memang tak ada otak! Bayangkan anak kita yang umur 2 - 3 tahun tu ditendang bak bola, dihentam sekuat hati? Mahu tak bergenang mata kita mengenangkan keadaan ni. Memang kejam! Hari ni ada satu kes lagi kanak2 mati didera bapak tiri. Aduhaiiiiiii :(

You all kalau la dengar anak2 jiran selalu selalu sangat menangis hingga menimbulkan syak bahawa kanak2 itu didera, adakah you all akan siasat dan laporkan? Berani tak?

Klik link di bawah untuk artikel 'Mati Didera Bapa Tiri' sepenuhnya;

Ngeri betul dengan keadaan semasa kan? Mintak dijauhkan anak-anak kita dari segala yang membinasakan.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Resipi SHM: Sup Tulang Mamma Mia!


1 kg tulang lembu
3-4 batang serai diketuk
1 inci lengkuas diketuk
1 inci halia diketuk
2 paket rencah Sup Tulang Adabi
1 sudu besar lada hitam (dikisar kering, tak kisar pun pun boleh)
1 sudu teh serbuk lada sulah
7-8 ulas bawang putih diketuk
garam kasar secukup rasa (anggaran 1 1/2 sudu besar)
secubit gula
serbuk perisa jika suka

Bahan-bahan untuk ditumis

5-6 ulas bawang merah dikisar
4 ulas bawang putih dikisar
1 inci halia dikisar
2 kuntum bunga lawang
2 batang kayu manis saiz kecil
5 biji buah pelaga

Bahan-bahan Ekstra

2 biji kentang dikupas kulit dan dipotong 4
Sebatang carrot dibuang kulit dan dipotong
2 biji tomato dipotong 2
Daun Sup
Daun Bawang
Bawang Goreng

Cara Penyediaan:

Panaskan minyak, tumiskan bahan tumis sehingga naik bau dan wangi

Masukkan air dan tulang. Rebuskan selama 1 jam. Ini penting untuk melembutkan daging dan supaya rasa manis tulang keluar.

Setelah sejam, masukkan serai, lengkuas, carrot, kentang, bunjut sup tulang, lada hitam, serbuk lada putih, garam, gula dan serbuk perisa. Rebus lagi selama 1 jam.

Selepas sejam yang kedua, masukkan daun sup, daun bawang, bawang goreng dan tomato. Tutup api dan biarkan sup merenih.

Setelah dibiar merenih seketika, Sup Tulang anda sedia untuk dihidangkan. Mmmmmm, sedapnya. Untuk lebih 'kick', makan bersama sambal kicap ala SHM . Wahh, meletopsss gitu! InsyaAllah. Cubalah ya :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Multicolored Inner Shawl - How Do You Rock Yours?

Latest Craze in the Klang Valley and across Malaysia too I should think. Inner shawls which comes in a multitude of colors and shades. Plain ones, patterned ones, layered ones. Just take your pick. Available in cotton , lycra and a mix of both. From RM5 to RM15 per piece, buy one buy all if you so please and if your budget permits. Worn with patterned shawls, plain shawls, square scarves or Al-Amira type hijabs (the instant pullover ones), entirely up to you, whichever style you prefer, whichever way suits you best.

Haaa, I know you have at least one of these babies. Am I right or am I right? I love them! Better known as Anak Tudung Syria, I find them comfortable and so easy to wear. I usually wear them with my Anggerik Avenue hijabs. I find the combi very convenient and easy to put on, just pull them over and you're good to go! A boon to busy mommies like ourselves!

You agree with me? You love 'em too? So, how do you rock yours? Below are pics of me and how I wear them to suit my lifestyle. Thousand apologies for the not so excellent photos, it's self-snapped using my Iphone... ehheh... and done very quickly too.

Cotton lycra plain pink inner shawl worn with black paisley print hijab

Cotton plain black inner shawl with printed purple and white hijab

Chartreuse lycra inner shawl and black with butterfly motif hijab

Cotton plain black inner shawl with patterned hijab (mesh material)

Cotton plain black inner shawl with patterned blue and red hijab (soft mesh material)

I also wear them with long scarves but rarely, as that can only be worn in times that I do not need to carry Azan (he would pull on my tudung and all will be 'senget-benget'). I know working mommies will have an even more extensive collection of hijabs and in more varieties and styles :) For me, a SAHM, these ones will do just fine lah.

And psssttt..... abaikan model yang comot and tumbuh jerawats di pipi tu yek hahaha.... make-up artist I tak sampai2, jenuh I tunggu hahahahahhhh. Tu lah, kot ye pun, tempek la dulu foundation dan concealar kan hahahahah.... ish ish :D Tapi takpe kan kan kan, you all kan terima I seadanya. Kan? hehehe

That's all folks!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ammar's Sukaneka!

Last Friday was Ammar's Sukaneka kat school dia. It was held just for the pre-schoolers and pupils from Primary 1 to Primary 3. The bigger kids had theirs on Sunday. I think terpaksa bahagi dua as the student enrollment kat school ni sangat tinggi. Ramai sangat students kan. Good thing also lah divided into 2 segments kan. Jadiknya the event went on fast and smooth. It was a good day juga, tak hujan. Sang mentari mmg bersinar2 sungguh lah masa tu. Alhamdulillah. I nampak the kiddies and teachers enjoyed themselves. Parents pun sama la heheh. Dengan camera memasing kan, dari kamera kecik hinggalah ke kamera besar gedabak. Juga perakam video. Bagus sangat parents datang bagi support kat anak2, so anak2 pun gembira sangat tengok Mommy Daddy datang, bersemangatlah diorang nak bersukaneka :)

Ammar belongs to Red House. Dalam temasya Sukaneka tahun ini, dia masuk acara yang cecikgu namakan Badai Trek.

Sangat teratur murid2 ni beratur sebelum acara dimulakan.

There he is!!

There he goes! Kena imbang shuttlecock atas racket sambil berjalan laju. Halfway kena letak shuttlecock and racket dalam hula hoop. Ambil pula 'bunjut' berisi kacang hijau di atas kepala dan berjalan sambil mengimbang supaya 'bunjut' tidak jatuh. Patah balik ke hula-hoop, letak semula 'bunjut', ambil semula racket dan shuttlecock dan cepat2 tuju ke garisan penamat suntuk 'pass' tugas ke rakan sepasukan yang lain.

Ketawa I bila tengok nama2 game yang tersedia hari tu. Selain dari Badai Trek, ada Sponge Bob Menangis Tak Berlagu, Olympic In Beijing, Kepit Bola, Sudu Hikmat, Topi Keledar Mini dan F1 Turbo.

For Primary 2 pulak, ada Rambulan Kesiangan, Rendang Tak Berbuah, Rambu-ramba, Bola-bola Api, Dirantai Digelangi Gelung dan Itik Gembo-gembo.

And for Primary 3, semua menggunakan perumpamaan melayu. Bagai Menatang Minyak Yang Penuh, Umpama Pungguk Rindukan Bulan, Bagai Kacang Lupakan Kulit, Bagai Bulan Jatuh Ke Riba, Umpama Ular Menyusur Akar dan Bagai Pucuk Dicita, Ulam Mendatang.

Cute,kan? hehe.

Ta Daa, Ammar dengan Medalnya :)
Jangan tak caya, altho dia chubby, tapi dia kuat lari!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Resipi SHM: Nasi Ayam dengan Ayam Panggang Madu

Hello darlings! Remember the entry on my Nasi Ayam previously? I have received requests from readers about the recipe. Jadi di sini I tempek resipi Nasi Ayam SHM, InsyaAllah jadi dan sedap serta harum bau nasinya :) Cuba ya. Ayam di paparan dipanggang dalam ketuhar, as a healthier alternative to frying. Walau bagaimanapun, boleh juga digoreng jika selera tekak mengesyorkan begitu :) Resipi asal dari Resipi Diana. SHM telah mengolahnya serba sedikit mengikut selera tekak :)

Bahan untuk Nasi
1 kilo beras 1/2 cawan halia dikisar 1/2 cawan bawang putih dikisar 2-3 helai daun pandan disimpul 1/2 sudu makan garam serbuk perasa (optional) air secukupnya untuk beras minyak untuk menumis

Bahan untuk Sos 10-15 batang lada merah 5 ulas bawang putih 1 ibu jari halia 10 biji limau kasturi, ambil jusnya 3/4 cawan air masak 1 sudu teh garam 2 sudu besar gula

Bahan untuk Ayam Panggang Madu 1 ekor ayam 3-4 sudu besar madu 3-4 sudu besar sos tiram 3 sudu besar kicap cap kipas udang (other brands also boleh) 1 sudu besar minyak bijan air untuk rebus secukupnya minyak untuk menumis

Untuk dikisar 1 ibu jari halia 1 bawang besar 2-3 ulas bawang putih


Cara untuk membuat Nasi Ayam
Panaskan minyak dalam periuk nasi. Kemudian masukkan daun pandan, halia dan bawang putih yang telah dikisar. Tumis sehingga naik bau, masukkan garam, serbuk perasa dan air (sukat air mengikut paras beras) dan gaul rata. Masukkan beras dan gaul rata. Tutup periuk nasi dan biarkan nasi masak.
*Boleh juga menggunakan air rebusan ayam untuk memasak nasi

Cara untuk membuat Sos
Kisar bawang putih, halia dan lada merah bersama jus limau kasturi, garam dan gula. Kemudian masukkan air masak. Kisar lagi. Rasa sekiranya ada kurang tambah garam, gula mengikut citarasa masing-masing dan boleh dihidangkan bersama nasi ayam.
*Boleh juga memasak sos di atas api bagi mereka yang suka sos dimasak terlebih dahulu

SUP (untuk Nasi Ayam)

Gunakan air rebusan ayam. Tambah garam dan serbuk perasa secukup rasa. Taburkan daun sup dan bawang goreng. Boleh direbus bersama kaki ayam atau leher ayam :) Itu sahaja bahan sup, very the yummy.

Cara untuk Ayam Panggang Madu
Bersihkan ayam dan jangan dipotong biarkan ia seekor. Panaskan minyak dalam periuk dan tumis bahan yang telah dikisar sehingga naik bau. Kemudian tuangkan air, dan biarkan ia mendidih. Kemudian masukkan ayam dan direbus hingga ia masak. Kalau nak tahu ayam sudah masak atau belum cucuk pehanya dan sekiranya tidak ada darah angkat ayam dan toskan airnya. Campurkan madu, sos tiram, kicap dan minyak bijan. Sapukan rata pada ayam yang telah direbus itu. Perap untuk 1 - 2 jam. Setelah diperap secukupnya, masukkan ayam di dalam ketuhar yang telah dipanaskan terlebih dahulu. 200 celsius selama 20-25 minit sahaja. Cukup untuk ayam kelihatan keperang-perangan dan kelihatan 'garing'. Tidak perlu memanggang terlalu lama kerana ayam telah direbus terlebih dahulu dan telah empuk dagingnya. Itulah rahsia ayam yang isinya lembut didalam dan mendapat kulit yang garing.
*Alternatif: Ayam juga boleh digoreng setelah direbus secukupnya
*Bahan perapan selebihnya boleh dijadikan sos kicap, tambah kicap mengikut citarasa. Tidak perlu menambah juga tidak apa kerana bahan perapan sudah sedap :)

Breakfast with Mee Goreng Udang SHM

Selamat berseronok di hari Sabtu!

Breakfast di dapur SHM pagi Sabtu ini

Nanti kita bersiaran lagi

Friday, April 9, 2010

About the HERO in you

Hiya Folks!! How are you? Wah, another weekend approaching ya. How will you spend yours? If you haven't taken your kiddos to the movie How To Train Your Dragon, then it should be tops in your list of priorities peps! Although just an animation, but it is truly inspirational. It's about believing in yourself, and to keep pursuing in what you are passionate about, even when all odds are against you. About realizing your true potential, and that being different from others does not make you a bad person. And a reminder that each of us have our own unique way of contributing to the society :)

Through the net, I found out that the movie is actually based on a book series. Of course changes were made from books to screen but the movie stayed true to the heart of the series. Read more here

Before going in the theatre. Had to wait for abt 25 minutes, so they were getting kinda restless :)

Ahhh, happy to be seated. Happy with the Twisties, Popcorn and air teh bunga

This chap couldn't stop talking about the dragon movie all through lunch at McD's

And this fella here was made to pose under the signage to remind the mommy where she parked the car

Have A Great Weekend Loveys

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Menu Sihat Amalan Kita

Antara menu minggu ini. I am making it a habit to prepare more healthy and nutritious meals for the family. Alang2 mommy ni jaga pemakanan kan, apa kata kita sediakan santapan yang lebih sihat, berkhasiat tetapi maintain sedap untuk orang2 tersayang.

Nasi Ayam Dikwi with Roasted Honey Chicken (without skin)

Bihun Sup with Shredded Chicken Breast and Vegetables

French Beans and Carrot with Chopped Gizzard fried with Olive Oil

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hilarious, dang funny bwahahahaha! Oh but sweet too

Cerita basi kah if I story-mory to u girls about my Saturday Night Movie Date? Yes? No? Yes, but what the heck woman, get on with your story-telling already? Ehheh. Ok ok, here's a glimpse of my very regimented Saturday morning, which consist of me driving my Ammar for his Taekwondo training, aaaaaaall the way from BJ to AD. Wait for him to finish his session, which is an hour and a half. While waiting, I would have my Lone Ranger style breakfast while reading the daily. After that, bring Ammar for his roti telur breakfast at mamak. Home sweet home next. It would already be 11.30 am by then. Then it's masak2 time for me lah.

Then, my very regimented Saturday afternoon goes like this. The 3 heroes excluding Azan would then wait for their Ustaz to come, where he would teach them Mengaji, Fardhu Ain, Hafazan etc and would solat Zohor with them also. The session is for 3 hours. Yep, from 1pm - 4pm. My kids don't attend sekolah agama, I decided to just let the Ustaz come once a week, and teach all three 'sekali harung'.

After that, the boys would want to indulge in some recreational activities. So bapak dia bawak la gi main bola ke etc. And finally, after Maghrib baru la Mommy Daddy boleh pegi dating2 kan. Last saturday punya dating2, we went to watch It's Complicated @ Sunway Pyramid. Like Like Like cerita ni. Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin kelakar sangat2 hokeyyyyy. Memang gelak tak hengat punya dalam panggung tu! Loved it!!

U all dah tengok belum?
Wanna know more, click here

I suka sangat kitchen dia, so cosy
I tak berapa suka kitchen yang modern2 design sangat

and suka tengok the strong bond between a mommy and her children
so heartwarming :) and lagi satu yang best tengok all the cakes and pastries shown in this movie!!
nampak sangat2 yummeh
nanti u all tengok citer ni kay?
best :-)

err, outfit pegi dating, patut pakai tudung yg ada kaler sket lah

ok, nanti kita cerita2 lagi

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just Today....

Hiya Folks! Fuhh fuhh, today dapat brisk-walking for 45 minutes around my neighbourhood. Niat di hati nak brisk-walking every petang lah kan, but mmg sokmo tak dapat. Last week langsung tak dapat because time petang lepas ambil Ammar from school hujan lebat. Usually dapatlah around 3 times a week. Kira baguslah tu kan, daripada tak ada langsung :) This week I aim buat 4 or 5 times lah InsyaAllah kalau cuaca dan keadaan mengizinkan. Best keluar peluh ni. I mmg not the kind yang akan run or jog, I will only walk in a fast pace. I have been told that this is actually better than jogging itself. Betul ke? Please enlighten me ya readers.

Anyways, how are u girls doing? Today I made Nasi Lemak Sambal Bilis and Ayam Goreng Ketumbar. Itupun I only started cooking about 2pm. The whole morning I was in Pusat Bandar Shah Alam settling 3 -4 pending matters that needed immediate attention. Habis selesai semua, sempat singgah Giant Stadium sekejap to basahkan tekak and then it was time to fetch Adam from kindy, bawak balik rumah. And then siap-siapkan Ammar for school and then hantar Ammar pulak. After that to 99 Speedmart pulak, baru teringat kena beli diapers and susu Azan. Haihhhhh, balik2, barulah start masak. Fikir masa dalam kereta, masak Nasi Lemak ajelah, senang cerita kan. Sebab semua suka makan Nasi Lemak, so buat ni senang tak payah buat lain2 dish nak cater tekak each one kan :)

Habis masak, rest kejap and then start tengok2 kerja sekolah Azfar and Adam. Lepas diorang buat homework/workbook, pegi belek bunga kat taman. Now banyak bunga keluar for my Jasmine plant and the other one yang flower dia wangi macam daun pandan. Best, I kutip bunga2 ni, letak dalam mangkuk isi air sikit. Then, I put in my bedroom. After a few hours, bau harum semerbak bilik I. Sukeeeeee.

Then, it's time to take Ammar from school. Hantar balik, I tukar pakai trackie bottoms and t'shirt pastu I pun pegi brisk-walking. Cun2 je habis bersenam sampai rumah, azan Maghrib bergema. Tengokkan dinner budak2 and solat, lepas tu Mr Ako ajak pegi Cold Storage Subang Parade pulak sebab dia tengok stok salmon I dah habis.. Hahaha... So, off we went to SP. Beli apa2 yang patut pastu balik rumah semula. Pastu rest2 kejap, I pun ngadap lah lappy I ni. Dah tu, terjadilah karangan ini.

Lama dah tak menceceh pok pek pok pek macam ni kat blog. Selalu I buat keje express, upload gambar2 pastu cerita sikit2 pasal gambar kan?

Haaaaa, kali ni no gambar2, just me SHM membebel panjang2 pasal trivial matters hehehehe. Terima kasih kerana masih setia bersama saya sehingga ke nokhtah terakhir. Sekian.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Bihun Jangan Dipandang Remeh

Selamat Isnin semua! Hari ini kita bersiaran dengan sang mentari begitu hebat menyinari alam ya. Alhamdulillah. Tetapi sang mentari pada hari semalam begitu terik dan kulit mukaku terasa begitu ketat sebaik melangkah keluar rumah untuk berjimba2 di hujung minggu heheh

Anyways, last week ada beberapa bloggers yang saya selalu baca blog mereka menyatakan mengenai Bihun atau juga dikenali sebagai Mee Hoon. Para bloggers ini memang pandai memasak, tetapi kalau masak bihun tu still tak capai tahap kelulusan SIRIM. Kata merekalah.

Saya juga mengakulah saya juga agak kurang pakar menggoreng bihun yang malatops. Tetapi oleh dek kerana perasaan membuak2 ingin berjaya menghasilkan Bihun goreng yang boleh PASS, maka saya telah mencuba pada awal pagi Ahad, tatkala ramai insan2 masih diulit mimpi nan indah. Atau ngeri. That depends ehheh.

Dan buat pertama kali, saya BERJAYA! Menghasilkan Bihun yang sedap. Ngeeeeee. Itu menurut kata anak2 dan suami saya. Mereka telah memakan dengan lahapnya. Saya merasa sedikit. Ohhh, boleh tahan juga ya :)

Sebelum ini, hasilan bihun saya terkadang termasin, terkadang terkeras, terkadang terlembik. Itu yang saya bosan tu. Tetapi, hasilan penggorengan pagi semalam membuahkan hasil yang baik. Mungkin tak sebaik Bihun Mak Long Senah, tetapi ...... PASS lah gred B mungkin, belum A. Hahahahhhh

Bihun Goreng Simple Mimple SHM

Ini pula Baked Mac & Cheese
sebelum masuk oven
tak mencabar sgt masakan Omputeh ni kan

Dan apa pula motif gambar ini?
nak tunjuk kedegilan jerawat di pipi kananku
yang tak hilang selama seminggu
masa minggu besday dan anni laaahhhh dia nak maiiii kannnn
Notty tul

Nanti update yang lain2 ye
Have a Good Morning :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

My 35th Birthday Celebration!!

A bit late in posting my 35th birthday pics up, sorry folks! But as they say, better late than never. It was held at my home sweet home, nothing fancy really. We had a customary cake cutting 'ceremony', blowing of candles and chit-chat + tea + camwhoring. And the kids had a grand time playing amongst themselves together with my Dad and Bro. The only grouse was that my mom couldn't make it, sobs. And I miss my niece Twinkle and my nephew Iman. Also my other sister and sis in law. But never mind, ni kan celebration birthday org yang dah 35 tahun hahahahaha.... More of making the kiddos happy. Ecececehhhh, padahal Birthday Girl sangat teruja dapat pakai TIARA hokeyyyyy. Nak tengok?

Daku. 35. Yeahhhhh!!
My 35th Birthday Cake. Thanks :D

My helper shares the same birth date with me :)
Dia memang banyaaaakkkkk menolong daku selama ini.
Semoga diberi umur yang panjang dan dimurahkan rezeki. Amin.

Muka2 teruja ada 2 biji kek di depan mata hehe
Kiddos pakai pyjamas je, that's the beauty of celebrating @ home kehkehkeh

Pose DIVA!
Tiara brought especially by my sis :)
Feeling2 DUCHESS gitu

Bersama DUKE kesayangan
Bukan Duke Highway ye hehehe

Mesti ada si bongsu kami

My Bro, Sis and Yours Truly

Duchess and Princess drink tea, with the Pinky out ladies!

My darling firstborn

My youngest sis
who is my living, breathing and kick-ass BARBIE DOLL!

Babes with her Boss ;P

and below
the men playing foosball
with the littlest man
frowning in concentration!
That's all Folks,
hope u enjoyed the picchas ;)


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