Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Rose.

Did I tell you about The Rose in the family? She's everyones favourite. Recently, she turned two. So we bought a big cake for her in her favourite cartoon character.

Here she is with her birthday cake.

She was happy to have Spongebob with her on her birthday, but we had to rescue it from her to prevent Spongebob from being mashed to mush by a pair of cute but dangerous hands.

Because you see, although being the only Princess, she is not the girly princessy type. She's spirited, brave and prefers cars to dolls. But, alas, as you are the only girl sweetie, you have to adhere being dolled.

And so she was 'forced' to be a wee fairy, and she had to surrender to it, but very reluctantly so ;-)

But we had our fun, and she received a dollhouse nevertheless, chosen by the brothers for her (sorry hon, your brothers want you to be a proper princess). Hehe! Spongebob settled in our tum-tums nicely and The Rose looked so pretty in her Polka Dot dress. To her Mama & Papa, thank you ever so much for bringing her into this world. The Rose really made our world pretty and wangi!

HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY to my niece TWINKLE! We love you so much. Though your beloved Atuk is no more with us in this world, be sure that he is watching over you always, for he really loves you too....

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A little revelation...

2011 has proven to be a year full of ups and downs. Of joy, of sorrow, of pain, of hope. It started out pretty normal and then it started to spiral downwards. My Dad was sick, hospitalized, diagnosed as having end-stage lung cancer and fought with all his might and strength before he succumbed to it only 50 days after knowing. How it had affected us? In a million heartbreaking ways that you couldn't possibly imagine. It hurts to even put it down in words, the heart still pains from the memory of the heartwrenching 50 days. Three months have passed, and I still have tears in my eyes whenever I thought of my beloved Dad. The pain is still so raw. The heart bleeds, bleeds, bleeds.

Namun, akur dan pasrah dengan ketentuanNya. Semuanya sudah tersurat di Luh Mahfuz. Ini takdir Allah. Jika Dia mengkehendaki sesuatu, maka jadilah. Kun Faya Kun. Hanya doa yang dapat dikirim, moga Allah memberi rahmah dan kasih sayangNya. Sesungguhnya, Dia lebih tahu.

I love you for always, Dad. You have never, ever let me down. So lucky for the 36 years that Allah had given me you.

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Makes People Happy ;-)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Scots Clan Meet Up

Once we lived in a place wreathed in magic and mystery. A place of reality and fantasy. A place of castles, dungeons, lochs and firths. A place of medieval streets of The Royal Mile co-existing with the neo-classical and Georgian architecture of the New Town. It is a perfect setting where fairy-tales are made, mythical, inspiring and absolutely stunning.

So special and magical and mysterious Edinburgh is that it had inspired JK Rowling's Harry Potter, Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes and Robert Louis Stevenson's Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

And it was at this place that we were fortunate enough to spend a few years of our lives, at an institute which is located right smack on The Royal Mile, next to the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood and The Holyrood Castle. We were bathed in history and culture! Even now, after 12 years we have left Edinburgh, our hearts yearn to be there again. To revel in it's beauty, mystery and magic.

And so with thoughts of Princes Street, Edinburgh Castle and Scottish Highlands in mind, we met again, six friends who will forever have a wee bit of Scottish spirit in our hearts and minds.

Checkered theme to commemorate our Scots Clan meet up. Next best thing to wearing an actual Scottish kilt, we agreed. Talks of Haggis, Fish & Chips, Scottish harsh winter & Ceilidh were included. Hehehe!

There were food, plenty of food.

And there were smiles, laughter, playful banter, happiness, tears, joy, sadness and lots and lots of love.

Until we meet again: Beannacht leat go bhfeicfidh mé aris thú.

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

dr. Cafe Coffee @ Citta Mall

Where do you usually go for your 'designer' coffee fix eh? Mostly Starbucks lah ek for the frappucino, caramel macchiato and the likes. I am not really a cofffee person, I prefer tea, but once in a while, adalah rasa teringin untuk mengopi.

And so, after just passing by this one shop called dr. Cafe Coffee kat Citta Mall ni, I decided to check the place out. Bukannya apa, kalau ke Citta Mall tu, I usually go to Wondermilk (my kiddos suka) or Chawan (I suka) or Baci (family favorite). Entah kenapa tak pernah nak masuk dr. Cafe Coffee tu. Tapi at long last, masuk juga.

Hey, not bad, the place is real comfy and cozy. Perfect if u want a quiet time with a good book to read, sit at the corner with the armchair it's nice.

The place offers all kinds of fancy coffee and also an assortment of hearty sandwiches and pastries. The staff are friendly and helpful.

My Ammar really liked the Club Sandwich, he has two plates, or it might just be because he was ravenously hungry after Taekwondo training.

See? Tersenyum kegirangan sambil memegang the sacred sandwich.

But alas! None of us had any coffee! I decided on the Hazelnut Hot Chocolate instead. Hard to resist lah. It was good!

Owhhh sedaaaaaaap! Nampak sedap tak? Best woo!

dr. Cafe Coffee, will visit you again. I was told the first outlet in Malaysia is in Hartamas kalau tak silap. Dr. Cafe Coffee ni is actually a franchise from Saudi Arabia. Hmm apa lagi kawan-kawan, let's dr. Cafe! ;-)

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