Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm Glazed All Over and U Know U Love Me

Have been waiting for Krispy Kreme to hit our Malaysian shoreline since 2006. Finally, it's here. Been opened in Berjaya Times Square for THREE days already and I belum pegi lagi!!!! AAArrrgghhhhh....... Will drag that lucky someone to teman me. Ha ha ha ha... lucky indeed. NO way am I gonna go to KK and makan sesorang. Tak best lah camtu..... Heard another outlet will open in MidValley Megamall end of May/early June. Good Good, that's closer to home.

Krispy Kreme, the mother of all donuts!!! Hail the King of donuts!! Ta Ta J.Co and Big Apple : my true love is here so adios amigos :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rm299 slashed from Rm 359

Yesterday I bought the Avent Electric Steam Sterilizer at Babyland SS2 PJ at RM299 (ori price RM359). Babyland is having a sale until May 11th. Had to buy a new sterilizer as the old one (Pigeon) dah kaput after 4 years of service. This Avent one is the third sterilizer I'm using in 8 years of 'beranak kecik'. Ha ha ha. Wahhh, Pink Mama senyum2 ye maklumlah dia tak payah fikir pasal sterilizer semua ni lagi :)

So any of u guys out there who is looking for a sterilizer, do take advantage of the discounted price. The Avent Electric Steam Sterilizer comes with 2 free Avent feeding bottles.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Mama's Back!

Oh yeay, my mom has returned from her week long trip to Jakarta with her friends. She's back she's back :) I'm sure my dad and sis Baby are the happiest people on the face of the earth today. Ha ha, if not I tengok cam kelam kabut je dorang tu without the 'Mother Ship' on board. As my great grandmama used to comment , "Memang susah semua orang kalau INDUK nya tak ada." INDUK = MOTHER.

That's how substantial a mother is in the formulation of a family institution. We should never neglect  or just 'forget' what we owe our mothers. Our hutang to our mothers is magnified due to the difficult nature of pregnancy itself, not to  mention the love, care and nurturing our mothers showered us in our infancy and beyond. As our beloved Prophet Muhammad saw said, "God has forbidden for you to be undutiful to your mothers." And to whom should we show the most kindness? Prophet said, "Your mother, next your mother, next your mother, and then your father."

Everyday with them is an oppurtunity to grow as a person. Everyday away is a missed opportunity. Appreciating them brings us closer to Allah.

To me, nobody else has more immunity to 'tegur, marah,nasihat' us than our mothers. As a mother always wants  whats best for their children, naturally anything kita buat yang salah, tak menentu, jahat, menjengkelkan will make our mothers upset and angry. If we are responsible, we should heed their advice. Problems will arise when we 'suka  melawan' and 'tak nak dengar cakap' mostly. I find that this type of people will eventually get themselves into more trouble and their lives will never be peaceful or fruitful as they have defied their mothers. As long as they think ill of their mothers and continue with their disrespectful ways, selagi itulah tak berkat hidupnya. As said by our Prophet, "Paradise is at our mothers feet." Sudah terang lagi bersuluh, kan?

Mother's Day is coming soon. Let us all remember the person who carried us in their womb for nine months. With that, an unbreakable bond binds us to them. Salute to..... our Mothers.

p/s: Fathers play pivotal role too, don't get me wrong ;)
         tapi tu tunggu Father's Day ok

Friday, April 24, 2009

80% off

Really want to update on the Mj Warehouse Sale that I went to this morning, but I am dead beat lah now. Sangat-sangat letih. Went out for the whole day (not whole day shopping ok), had to attend to a host of things lah. Dah la so so panas Malaysia ni sekarang kan. 

I really really gotta go rest now, Alhamdulillah the kids are asleep already, only Mr. AKO is still out, he had to attend some dinner function something or other lah.

Ok ok, update sikit. All the things I bought at the sale were 70 - 80% off! I am so happy. I went mainly to target on the household and cosmetics & fragrances section. I was not dissappointed. All bedlinen sets for all in the family for Hari Raya 2009 dah settle! Good quality ones at only 20% of its original price. Smart shopper I am. Yeaaahhhh!!!

The cosmetics, it being the third day of the sale - yang bagus2 banyak dah out of stock (Stila, YSL, Guerlain etc) But I did get a good Guerlain compact powder at 70% off :) Yang melambak2 still all the brands like Loreal, dan yang sewaktu dengannya. A lot of choices. From RM5 onwards u can get a lot of stuff.

Okay, if u r wanting to buy parfum pour homme or pour femme, want to replenish your stock or simply want to get some new wangian, go to the sale because the PRICE is unbelievable, pls head there 2moro. Cheap! All brands Burberry, SJP, Marc Jacobs, Kenzo, Davidoff, Issey Miyake, Lacoste, bla bla bla bla and banyak banyak banyak lagi. All at super low prices. I am talking about more than 50% here folks. Those yang nak bertunang ke nak kawin ke thinking of hantarans, do check it out. When I was there tadi, masih ada banyak. Esok atau lusa (last 2 days) I tak tau la kan. But do try your luck. Head there early. Takyah bawak handbag. Just bring your cash or credit card or like me just my debit card. 

As for the clothes section, I cannot comment. I think there was a better selection the first two days la kot. I did not pay attention to the clothes section as my purpose was the two previously mentioned sections aje.

Oklah folks, Nite2. Gotta go, nak rebah dah.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fancy some Premium German Sausages?

Head over to German Deli iMBiSS, Dataran Ara Damansara, Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya. Serious sedap yang amat, and sungguh berpatutan harganya. I myself couldn't believe my luck having a German delicatessan in my neighbourhood. And what's more, it's HALAL folks. Yeappp, the owner is a German yang dah masuk Islam. The sausages are of premium quality. What are you waiting for? It's not easy and almost impossible to get halal german sausages in Malaysia. Thank goodness then for iMBiSS.

German Deli iMBiSS

Adam had a hard time choosing, all of them looked yummilicious!

So many to choose from and all at super hard-to-beat prices.

The deli's vibrant and very clean interior.

Adam's cheese sausage with mashed potato, corn and barbecue mushroom sauce. With fresh bun.

Mr. AKO's Lamb Bosna with all the works. Look at the slather of mustard, gherkin and sliced lamb sausage. Heaven....

Mmmmmm.... Look at my crispy beef pastrami with homemade sauerkraut......Oh yum yum yum. Lip smacking goodness :D

Bouncing Back!

My little potato pie dah baik dari demam selsema :) Alhamdulillah. He lost a little bit of weight though. Kesian dia. Otherwise he is back to his cheery self! And clinging to Mummy like a little kangaroo as much as ever. Now dia tak boleh kalau kelibat Mommy hilang, sebok dia terjerit-jerit. 

Do you know what he calls me? N.E.N.E.N or NEN for short. When he wants to feed he goes, NENEN! NAK! NEN NEN! Because he is such a little genius, sometimes he assimilates the two words and calls me NEK! Ha ha ha ha ha h ahha ... He calls his father DaDa and sometimes DiDi.

Now he gets up real early, at 5.45 in the morning. So he acts like a little alarm clock waking us all up. But he does not wake us up with crying. Usually he will slap my face (yeahhh, that's how much he loves me!) and place a wet kiss on my face. Then he laughs. 

He can pull himself in a standing position now but he needs to hold on to something for support. He is now 11 months old. Next month he will turn ONE! 

Little as he is, he really knows how to manipulate his 'privilege' as the youngest one. He will right out bully his brothers and the bullied brothers very graciously give in! Ha, except for his Abang Long of course. Not taking any nonsense from nobody - but he loves the little munchkin all the same. BabyAzan is the brothers' favourite source of affection. And all of them refer to him as "MY BABY". 

Ammar: Mommy, thank you for giving me 'my baby'!
Adam: Mommy Mommy! 'My baby' so hungry. Why you tak give him nenen?
AbgLong: Bukan! Azan is 'my baby'. Saya punya lah Mommy.

I Rest My Case.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sale Sale Sale!

Ooooooo... I like this one, I sooooo wanna go!
Jom kita pergi ;)

This one dah start today, maybe I will have a peek tomorrow morning. I'm sure the crowd will be huge, more so during weekends.

The Root Goes Deep

Who could resist A&W Root Beer? SEdaaappp... esp the Root Beer Float. Although we know it's all wrong for us, it's mostly sugar and we know too much sugar is a big NO NO! I like the new (or is it not so new?) A&W packaging. Hmmnnn... I love 'em coneys :D
Ahhhhhh... the dessert station.... Yummmm... heavenly A&W waffles and sundaes... The banana split was and still is a favourite. So nostalgic, my parents brought us here quite often during my childhood years, the drive-in was so popular back then. After the A&W meal, we would head to a park with a lake nearby. Seriously, this particular A&W should be declared a historical site! 
And now me and Mr. AKO bring our children here for our A&W fix. Somehow if at other outlets, we don't get that 'kick'. I'm sure my siblings agree with me. U know which A&W outlet this is kan?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gigi T-Rex = Ngeri

Errrr... saya taknak mimpi awak lah Encik T-Rex.....Yikesss!!!

Last weekend there was an exhibition of Backyard Monsters and Dinosaurs which was held at Hall 3 Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. The tickets were priced at Rm12 (adult), Rm8 (children) and free for kids under 4 years of age. The boys saw the advert in the newspaper a week ago and have been reminding me and Mr. AKO everyday about it. They even cut the advert out and pasted it on the refrigerator so that there is no way that we would forget. Boys will be boys, bugs, creepy crawlies, monsters, raksaksa, dinosaurs are their subject of interest! Mommy ikut aje :)
Here we are outside the main entrance to the exhibition. Punyalah susah depa ni nak dok diam-diam posing kejap nak tangkap gambar. Haihhh.... Ni lah ghopa hasilnya, Adam pandang tempat lain, Ammar buat hidung kembang, Azfar senyum plastik. Haiyohh. Mommy jer maintain muka 'ketat'. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Wahhhhh..... Ammar 'hunting' mechanical dinosaurs.

Masing2 melopong ;D
Pic a tad blurry, sorry folks

EEEwwwww, the tarantula is seriously hairy!
But it was fun discovering about bugs, beetles and of course dinosaurs. Hopefully the show will be back next year, with more exhibits and hands-on activities for visitors. 

Friday, April 17, 2009

Snakeskin yang menggoda

TOD's Phyton Hobo.... in PURPLE
It's breathtaking.... urrgghhhh
Tak Tahan!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Memang Paling SEDAP

Orang kata, Char Kway Teow paling sedap ada kat Penang. Tapi disebabkan saya tinggal di Pj dan hanya setahun dua kali sahaja akan menjejakkan kaki ke Penang, maka saya ada favourite haunt untuk melampiaskan kegianan terhadap CKT. Memang terbukti untuk kesekian lama bahawa CKT di KJ adalah yang tersohor di Pj. Ada 2 pilihan untuk CKT power di KJ. Yang menduduki tangga teratas ialah CKT Aunty Fatty di restoren berhadapan dengan Padang FAM. Perrrghhh, powernya CKT dia, menjadi pujian dan bualan ramai. Next in line is CKT Lau Wan. You guys should definitely try these two places if ever you are in KJ.

Pic above CKT Lau Wan.
Will go to CKT depan Pdg FAM, and show u guys the place ok?

PS: A friend of mine who resides in JB will not even touch any CKT there, she would get her fix at the place mentioned above whenever she's in KL (and u know how Johoreans are very particular about their food ;p), so that's saying something of the CKT in KJ kan?

Bloodsuckers and Barefoots

I finally bought the whole set of Twilight series in paperback. I really wanted the hardcover but it cost too much so I had to settle for the paperbacks instead. Why are books so expensive here? It sure makes life a little harder for hardcore bookworms like myself. Book Addict, that's what Hubster labels me as. Sometimes I think that he is somewhat jealous of my love affair with books. Even the smell of new books will get me excited. They smell great don't you think? 

Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

Whenever I got a new set of books  (I will always buy at least 3 books at once, never just one), I secretly wished for a 'Book Marathon' holiday. Where I can escape to a quiet place alone so that I can overdose on books and read one after another back to back without interruptions. Since I cannot see that wish turning into a reality in any near future, I will just be content in snatching any precious free time to indulge myself. 

Now, for this EdwardBella Vampire Werewolf saga, I watched the movie Twilight first before reading the book. Besides swooning at the delicious Edward Cullen, that movie left many questions in my head unanswered, I wasn't satisfied with just the movie so I simply had to buy the book. Though it is classified under Young Adult literature, it got me hooked and salivating for more. The intrigue of  the human-vampire relationship is just so arresting. Throw in a jealous werewolf and the plot is just simply inescapable and totally riveting. Lightly put, I am seduced by it.The combination of romance, suspense and the supernatural twist is simply irresistible. I, for one, am hypnotized.

So now I have three more books to go before I am completely rested and at peace. I wonder how long that will take me. That idea of the book marathon holiday seems so appealing but........ SIGHHHHH...... 

Monday, April 13, 2009

Rumbles in my Tum-Tums

I just got back from somewhere. Somewhere which hold the key to my future. Ha hah hah. So melodramatic. Where was I? What was it about? Well, let's just say I had to take a written test and then had to be interviewed. How was it? Well.... not that bad. Now I am feeling terribly hungry and in no right mood to cook. I want to eat with The Hubster but he is pretty tied down with something at this minute. I texted him and he said he should be free in about 2 hours. 

Well, shall I starve myself and wait for him? I could just go out and get something. Or eat the tempe and ikan masin goreng plus sayur bayam that bibik prepared. But I just feel like eating with The Hubster and sharing what went on with me this morning. Hmmnnn...

Okaylah, I shall eat a couple of buah tamar and drink water. And then wait. Urrghhh, I can be so ntah hapa hapa sometimes.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Carl's Jr Ada Dinosaur

Went out to that shopping mall with the ice rink in Sunway. Only the three of us. The Hubster, Adam and myself. The two eldest were at my mom's. BabyAzan was sleeping soundly so we left him with his bibik. Went to the mall for two reasons : wanted to eat at Carl's Junior and wanted to go to the bookstore.

Nope, am not gonna make the Peace sign! Adam went ahead with that anyway.Gosh, I am practically a midget. All my boys will outgrow me soon. 

This boy here dari kecik mmg suka sangat soft toys. Soft toys are not just for girls kan? So, he was really happy to sit in this bear shop. The shop is so so cute. Each bear comes with a musical box , and u can pick out outfits for them. Also, u can choose the bear 'casing' and stuff it yourself. Best kan? So many types of bears and all so adorable and cutesy.

Err... eventhough he likes teddy bears and stuff, he did not request to buy any. What he wanted was the LEGO robots. He he. I coaxed him to the bookstore instead and persuaded him to get the Terrific Book of Dinosaurs that he had been eyeing before. He agreed! Yeaayyy :D So happy was he with that pop-up book that he pored over it the whole time we were in Carl's Jr.


Good Morning! Ahhhh... just came back from breakfast at a nearby kopitiam which served freshly baked bread. Went for breakfast with Mr. AKO after our weekly Sunday morning trip to the Pasar Tani. Wow! Sometimes I am amazed at myself. Ten years ago, I wouldn't even begin to imagine that I would be this domestic dutiful being who enjoys going to the market, excited with the prospect of fresh fish, poultry and vegetables, to cook for my big family. Yeahhh, nowadays with 4 children it's considered a 'big family'  -_- Alhamdulillah, syukur pada Allah :)

My Dried Curry Mee which was only so-so. Should have ordered my usual Prawn Mee or Curry Laksa. Oh well. Lain kali tau-lah. But I was happy as I sipped my Iced Hazelnut Coffee! Oh yum.

During one of the weekdays, we had brunch at Djendela. It's located at the huge Giant Complex in KD. Was doing a little grocery shopping there and singgah to sample the food kat Djendela. That anak jati Terengganu (my hubbylah tu) wanted to sample the Nasi Dagang there.
I liked the neat decor of the place. White simple furniture with big mirrors on the walls lent a feeling of spaciousness to the place.
I liked that the eating place concentrated on a limited number of dishes. This way, they could focus on maintaining the taste and quality of the food served. Hey! Surprise Surprise! Mr. AKO quite enjoyed the Nasi Dagang there. He is so fussy when it comes to nasi dagang. Sometimes I can't help but roll my eyes in exasperation because according to him, there's nowhere in the Klang Valley that served decent nasi dagang. Please! If one wants the ultimate nasi dagang, balik la Terengganu kan. Dah namanya kat sini ni Lembah Klang. Just settle for the substitutes la kan. And everybody knows substitutes will never be as good as the real thing. So.... welll.... lighten up lah kan.... he he he he. Peace!!

Mr. AKO's Nasi Dagang Ikan Tongkol and my Nasi Lemak Rendang Ayam. No complaints on my meal. Sedap. Mungkin jugak pasal pepagi lagi so the food baru masak so sedaplah kot.

Another one thing that The Hubster is fussy about. His half boiled eggs (duhh!!). It had to be 'just right'. And believe me, the art of making the perfect half boiled egg is not that simple. So it was a good thing that Djendela knew the procedure. Nyaman den raso! heh heh.

Okay peeps! Enjoy your Sunday.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Add One More

My Birthday Cake

During my 'cuti' off blogging days, I celebrated my birthday. And whaddya know, there was a surprise birthday party for me! My baby sis and my Mr. AKO obviously were the people responsible for it. Bersesuaian with my umur yang angkanya sudah semakin besar ni, party kecil2an ajelah. Nanti over pulak nanti susah pulak, panggil press semua kan. He he.

Though a little late, THANKS MUCHOS to Sis Baby and jantung hati saya. Tahun depan buat lagi k :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

The New Super Mario Bros

It is now more than 20 years since Super Mario Bros was first released. Sapa tak kenal game ni? I think semua orang tahu kan. It has world wide followers and it's appeal and presence is still going on strong until today. I remembered my parents buying the Nintendo game for my brother when I was still in my teens. I ada la jugak main Super Mario Bro game masa tu but I lagi suka tengok my adik2 main. They were hooked on it! Mau nya tidak. Cute la SMB ni!

In 2006, Nintendo launched The New Super Mario Bros for Nintendo DS. Cuter than ever game ni! Seronok tengok! Now it's my boys pulak yang hooked on it! They can only play their DS during weekends, and this game is a must-play for them. Not only that, they would also google it and watch it on YouTube!!!

They love it so much that their Daddy bought them  Mario T'shirts :D
Hey, look here! It's Mario :) Wheeeee...
We love SMB. Peace!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Space Cop Gaban Wears Tudung

Ever wondered how Space Cop Gaban would look like wearing tudung? Look no further, I have perfect examples below. Ha ha. 

Gaban in Orange Rainbow Ariani

Gaban with White Floral Ariani

Gaban with Red Geometric Ariani sans sunglasses

Gaban with Pink Anggerik

Gaban x pakai sunglasses wearing gray tudung permaisuri

How's that? he he he. I bought the Bvlgari sunglasses lama dah in 2007. It looked nice on me when I was sporting the free hair look. Now that I am wearing tudung, the sunnies looks kind of kelakar on me. Nevertheless, I love it to death! As it is huge, it covers  and protects my eyes really really well and is so light and comfy.... Mmmmmmmm... gaban pun gabanlah!

Monday, April 6, 2009


I have left this blog idle for too long. Truth is, although it might sound cliche, it's the truth. Mak busy sangat nyah!!! 

Stay tuned though, I can sense a barrage of posts sometime soon :)


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