Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Double Happiness!! Happy Birthday 2 & 4!!

Do you know that my No 2 and my No 4 share the same birth date? Yepp, they do! Most of my friends always made jokes about it, saying that it's family planning at it's best, that I should open up classes on it... hahahha.... Well... yes, by the will of God and a little help from modern science it happened :) Reason was, when I was preggers with my fourth, I had high BP, and the doc advised me to speed up delivery. So I was induced soon after I reached the 36th week of pregnancy. And that's how we get to choose the date! Some asked why we wanted to choose the exact same date, wouldn't the boys mind when they get older? My take on it, WHY should they mind? Double celebration = Double Joy and Happiness. And for now I see that they are very happy sharing their birthday =)

Some pics taken on the Double Birthday Celebration last week. Enjoy peeps!

Semuanya Merah MakNgah!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Whisk your way to Empire Gallery Subang

Hiya Folks! I was sooooooo craving for macaroons last week. I think penangan Verde lah ni, yang blogged about Laduree Macaroons on her recent trip to Paris kan. Teringat juga Paulette's Macaroons kan. Adisss... parah parah. So kena cari jugalah macaroons nya, buat hilang kemaruk. Nak pergi BSC Gourmet Hall at first but then my sis told me ada macaroons kat a small cozy family-run cafe called the Whisk at the new shopping mall in Subang, the Empire Shopping Gallery. Apa lagi, off we went there for our Sisters Day Out .

And boy oh boy, I love love love the Whisk :) Dia kecik aje, so cozy. And all the cakes and pastries are really like the hearty home-baked goodies. The menu is not extensive ya, but those offered made us happy enough :) Oh and, I just had to have Macchiato that day, it IS an espresso bar kan. So, tak kena lah kalau tak minum the gourmet coffee there. I had the Hummingbird cake also, next I will try the Red Velvet pulak. Sis had her lamb and mushroom pastry. Very tasty. Ada cottage pies juga and a few other stuff...lupalah pulak sorry eheheh.

Aaaaaand... yes the macaroons! We bought 10 pieces, all for RM15. Chocolate, Mango, Rose and Green Tea. I love the Rose the most. Oh wow! Had my sugar fix well and proper allright. I downed my Macchiato in 3 gulps much to my sis horror!! Hahahah. Dia terus belikan I a big mug of English Breakfast tea soon after. Hahaha....

We had a fun time lah as usual. Eating, drinking, laughing, being silly..and of course gossip2 sket kan.... Will definitely pegi Whisk lagi lepas ni. Jom?

Inilah blogger sebenar, snap gambar from every angle, left right top bottom and center kehkehkeh

and yeah, a very happy camper!!

Puas juga, even tak dapat Laduree or Paulette's. hehe

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hi darlings! How've u been babes? Me, nothing much lah. Weekends are packed now with the boys' activities of taekwondo, Iqra' Fardhu Ain classes and swimschool. Mid-term exams coming soon too for both my No 1 and No 2.

What else? Oh yes! I tried making Laksa Kuah Merah Terengganu last Sunday :)

Tee hee hee. Not bad lah, Mr Ako enjoyed it very much. Will make laksam for him next week kalau rajin. Hahaha.

Ohhh, there's a new kedai makan at TTDI Jaya, which serves Middle-Eastern food. I had my Lebanese Bread with Kacang Phool.

There's Hoummos, lamb and chicken khabsa among others. Barbican also, not that I drink that :)

Oh and, I made Buffalo Balls Noodle Soup yesterday! Care to try?

Kerbau kerbau, kenapa balls mu di dalam soup? Ehheheheheh =D

Happy Tuesday All!

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Getting thrashed, no fun :(

Sitting at the Food Court at Giant Section 13 Shah Alam with Ammar who had just finished his Taekwondo session for this week. Wondering when is his next grading, when he will graduate from Blue 1 to Blue 2. He is now enjoying his chicken porridge and Iced Milo. I am enjoying blogging with BlogPress. Hehheh.

About last night, our national shuttlers got thrashed so bad, the only saving grace was the awesome supporters who went all out trying to boost up our players' morale. But it was obvious that China was the better team. Ours just seemed..... well...... TIRED :(

So yes, they have tried their best.... But how to fight with much much younger players, energy level alone was not on par. We need New Blood, and we need it bad. Other teams are improving by leaps and bound. How about us? Sigh...

So, let's just forget about Thomas Cup for now :) My kids are hoping to watch Iron Man today. And then, they have their swimming lessons. Perhaps, after swimming, Mommy and Daddy could have Date Night. Ah well, we'll see ;-)

Enjoy your Saturday folks!

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hafiz: From Zero to Hero! Malaysia mara ke Separuh Akhir Thomas Cup 2010

Such an exciting, exhilarating and heart-stopping game of badminton between our Malaysian team and that of Denmark last night!! Oh my!! I was glued to the screen, but only started watching when the second Malaysian scratch double were playing. Although they lost, but they have put up a great fight. They showed real fighting spirit, and that should be applauded. 

Pressure mounted as we laid our hope on Hafiz Hashim, who played poorly the day before against Japan. But our hearts soared seeing Hafiz playing so well and displayed his neat wrist skill playing at the net. And he seemed so calm and collected! Denmark was defeated after 31 minutes. And the crowd went wild with jubilance! I was very nearly jumping up and down myself!

So Hafiz paved the way for our Malaysian team to continue the fight against China this Friday. Let's all give our support peeps! MALAYSIA BOLEH! GO TEAM GO!! PERSEVERE ON, WE ARE ROOTING FOR YOU!!!

Grateful to the Almighty.
Keep up the good work when playing against China, Hafiz!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

LOVE fan for you Mommy!!!!

Ohhh, apparently Mother's Day is not over yet! :) As Adam was walking towards the car when I picked him up from his school lobby yesterday, I saw him waving a sort of wand in the air with. His face was beaming with obvious excitement. When he was seated in the car, he showed me a glittery loveheart on a glittery stick. 

he exclaimed.

(I was tickled pink as he referred to it as LOVE FAN..teehee)

# 1 Mom

Flip it and there's those three magical words


So sweet, right?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mommy's Special Calorie Laden Day!!

Ah Peeps! Did not story-mory on Mother's Day Celeb last Sunday :) I bought my Mommy a good BB Cream by Dr. Lab (sold in Shins). Yes, my Mommy is really into BB Creams nowadays, and would you believe that she was the one who told me about BB Cream in the first place! Hahaha, yup, my mom is more up-to-date about beauty products than me huh? In case any of u is wondering what is BB Cream, the BB stands for Blemish Balm. It is a all-in-one cream, make-up combined with healing properties for the skin. It works as moisturizer, sunscreen, make-up base and foundation too. And the one I bought for Mommy has whitening properties thrown in. It is indeed a miracle cream. It started in Korea, and got really well-known in Asia and now it's widespread to the west as well. Even international brands like Lancome has come up with their own BB Cream. Any of you use BB Cream? Feedback?

Okay, back to Mother's Day Celebration heh heh. I was asked where I would like to makan-makan on that special day. I was ecstatic! No, I did not choose any fancy schmancy place but I listed out what I wanted to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Hahaha. Best best! 

Breakfast: Ghee Thosay with Kelapa Chudney & Teh Halia Tarik
Nyum Nyum Nyum

Lunch: A huge plate of Kway Teow Goreng Special with Iced Lemon Honey Tea
Nom Nom Nom Nom

Dinner: WanTan Mee with Iced Lemon Lime Kasturi
Slurp Slurp Slurp Slurp

A stalk of yellow rose given by Ammar on Monday (express huh?)
Love U Ammar

Adam behaved really well in Iqra' class, no mention of wanting to cut the session short to nap :)
Love U Nanoi

And...... my precious Q, who from the moment I woke up in the morning..till the time when I lay down to bed at night..... repeatedly said "Today is your day Mommy, Happy Mother's Day. I Love You." We need more Qs around :)

Hasil dari semua di atas?

pssttt: BabyAzan did not understand much of anything that was going on, and he behaved like normal... macam the DIVA that he is!! hahahha.... anak bongsu la katakan ;)

Monday, May 10, 2010

SuperSharkz Swimschool

Heya Folks! Monday May Day again today huh? I trust that you had a pretty good weekend right? Mother's Day in full swing last weekend ya :) Time to appreciate our Mommy and in turn getting loadsa love hugs and kisses from our kids. Wonderful wonderful warm and fuzzy wuzzy weekend indeed!

Apart from the heady Mother's Day Celebration, I finally enrolled my kids to swim school. Let them learn the proper technique and style from someone other than me hahahah, whose own technique and style is nearing extinction ;-P

Enrolled First, Second and Third Superhero. SuperSharkz Swimschool at Pusat Aquatic Shah Alam. Twice a week, an hour each session. RM110 plus RM30 registration for each child for 8 sessions. They are in the Starfish level now, the very basic level :) They can float and swim 'kampung-style' before this, now's the time to learn in a systematic way. Or so I hope :) Just water comfort and freestyle kick mostly, and blowing bubbles in water... hahahha... teringat my own sessions dulu-dulu :D So, mostly just fun stuff in Starfish level.

Beware of Sharkz!

Here they are! Enjoying themselves tremendously, without question.
Mommy and Daddy had a great time watching the commotion by the pool hahaha
Should bring more snacks next week, to munch while waiting.....


Thursday, May 6, 2010

U're on Polaroid Camera!

Oh, just got the cool and awesome Polarize app in my iPhone. I have always loved polaroid cameras though I have never actually owned one. I mean how cool is that right... snap a pic, and the photo will come out in an instant. And it comes in a nice framed background too, and some space beneath for us to jot whatever we fancy. My sis is a polaroid camera crazee freak hahah and naturally it was her who got me excited about the Polarize app. I don't need polaroid camera now! Not when I have Polarize! ehheh

And no other subject matters more interesting to snap pics of if not my four SUPERHEROES!

No 1

No 2

No 3

No 4

Get Polarized Peepos =)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Whole Day Tea!

Are you a tea or coffee person? Although I do enjoy coffee some days, I am without a doubt, a tea person through and through. Black tea, Green tea, u name it... I like it! I have read and been told about the goodness of tea time and time again. Tea is said to be a powerful anti-oxidant, and claimed to be anti-cancer and prevents against cardiovascular diseases as well. It also claimed to have the potential effect on heart disease risk reduction. I admit, I don't drink tea on a daily basis anymore... I am a soya and wheatgrass gal now *wink, but oh yes I do indulge myself with tea drinking once or twice a week. And let me 'story' u. Last Sunday, I had a whole day tea experience! Talk about taking it to the extreme!! lol

Started the day with a lovely brekkie at Coffee Bean with my mommy and sister. That's my salmon scrambled toast and side salad. And yup yup yup, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf organic tea which comes together with the breakfast set I chose. And peeps, tea is only healthy if u take it WITHOUT heaps spoonfuls of sugar ya :) I take my tea without sugar nowadays. If u cannot take that, add brown sugar instead of white. Or better still, just add skimmed milk.

After a hearty breakfast, I skipped lunch and later proceeded to The Curve with my familia. I had a lovely time at Winter Warmers. I had tea of course, Rose Tea with real rose petals infused. So wangi! And my afternoon tea wouldn't be perfect without a plate of goodies, right? Scone, butter cookies, sandwich and a slice of yummy cake completed my tea time indulgence.

And who could resist icy cold Iced Lemon Tea in our scorching hot weather? My boys had a grand and 'cool' time drinking the refreshing beverage! As it was a whole day tea day, everybody get to drink tea, my boys included! Oh and I just discovered a new beauty tip. Do you know that tea is a sparkling tonic for all types of skin? Just dip cotton wool into cold tea, pat onto the skin and leave to dry! Wow, interesting. Shall we try that?

Back home from The Curve and Plaza Masalam SA, I had hot tea with ginger biscuits after the kiddos had gone to bed :) A cosy cosy tea for two with the hubster lah, best best...

But oh!! There's one person who did not get to drink tea that day. My littlest lah, who else. To compensate for the lack of tea drinking, he make do with a bottle of Enfagrow. Hehheh, tengok ganas tak Mommy dia duduk camtu.... nak pangku anak...camtu lah =)

Tea, anyone?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

RM5 equals 100% Goodness!!

Heya Popsicles! Owh you know I have been down with the flu recently. Started with feeling achy breaky throughout my body, and then throaty started to feel scratchy and sand-papery. I was like UH-OH, coz u knowlah how it is when moms are not feeling well kan. The whole household could either get chaotic or super-chaotic. And as luck would have it, I was unwell on Labour Day itself. So, I spent the day 'celebrating' at home with my cough, phlegm and a body which was unwillingly forced to REST.

I received many petua or tips on how to speed up my recovery.

1. Drink loadsssss of H20. And I did. Oh boy, about 5 litres. Frequent toilet visits but what the heck lah.
2. Telan telur rebus. I ate two. Supposedly this would help to relieve the sore throat.
3. Air Lemon Barley. Oh oh... Sedaaaapp. For the batuk selsema.
4. Makan eskrim vanilla. Hmnn? I makan Magnum.
5. Strepsils. I consumed both types. For sore throat. And for chesty cough.

The next day, I was sooooo much better!! And by Sunday afternoon, I was completely as healthy as a horse. No demam selsema batuk achy breaky whatsoever. Fully healed. Thank you for all the petua mak neneks and not so mak neneks =)

I can't believe my luck and my super speedy recovery, I thought I better do something like consume more Vit C rich food to boost my immunity. So I went to the fruit grocer and bought loadssss of those lovely round citrusy orange fruit. And while at Daisho, The Curve, I bought the citrus fruit squeezer for RM5. Everything's RM5 in Daisho!

And so begins my latest craze. Squeezing the life out of oranges to get the heavenly fresh juices!

Taa Daaaa
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
100% Juice
No Sugar, Preservatives Added

RM15 well spent I think.
RM5 for the citrus fruit squeezer.
RM10 for 5  superbly juicy navel oranges.
So gang, let's all go squeeze crazeeeee and boost up your daily dosage of Vit C the natural way!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

SHM in HANIS ZALIKHA's famous blog!! *screams and rebah* and in VERDE's too!!

Heya Folks!!
How've you been sayangs? I have not been updating, naughty me. Yes, you can slap and pinch me for being such a deserter. 9 whole days without a word, silly milly me. I have a really valid reason for being MIA. But let's not dwell on that much further ey?

SHM is in HANIS ZALIKHA's belog! Ya betul! So seronok! Yup indeed, I got lucky y'all =)

So, jom terjah belog si cantik rupawan dan very 'pandai-one', HANIS ZALIKHA yang teramat femes gitu. I really love reading her blog. She is a beauty with brains, her wit shows in her writings, and her fame doesn't go to her head. And love reading about her closeness to her parents and siblings, also addicted to see her gorgeous face!

Here's a BIG thank you to her for choosing my question to be answered, and for mentioning about my blog and giving the link. Muahhssss muchos to you hun! :)

La la la la la la la di da di da di da di. Hamboi, still in a very happy happy delirious state I am! Excuse me ya :)

Psssttt, as I have been MIA from the blogosphere... I only got to know about this after my sis  told me. And she got to know about it from her friends... tsk tsk.... See what you can miss being absent from the blogging world? *pinches self*

Oh my!! A very very GRANDE thank you to VERDE too for mentioning about me in her well loved by many blog! She tried out my chicken rice recipe, and made some terrific variation to it and it turned out great. I'm sure her Mr. Doc sangat puas hati *wink wink* Thanks again lovely Verde. I have always love reading your cheerful entries, and love love love your collection of pretty things :) And you and Mr. Doc soooo perfect for each other! 

I leave you now, but will be back for more soon :) Nite2, sleep tight...


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