Friday, December 31, 2010

Chillin' with da boyz

Lepak today...

Where else if not Mommy's playground..... Subang Parade lah :)

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I Got You Babe

Finally! I got my iPhone 4!
Going app-solutely app crazy at the moment =)

So yeahhh, Happy New Year to all of u luvliessss! Miss u loadsss!!

Will b back, muahhhsss!!

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Where We Were for the past 3 days

At Resorts World Sentosa.

Universal Studio Singapore baybeh!

More updates soon loveys ;)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Our Cameron Trip: BOH Tea Garden and Tea Centre

No trip to CH will be complete if it doesn't include a trip to the famous tea plantations. You can choose to go to the BOH plantation (there are two, one in Habu near Tanah Rata and the other more canggih one up in Sg. Palas highly recommended by many). Or u could go to the one with easy access that is the Bharat Tea plantation where you can view by the roadside, with it's tea shop and souvenir shop right next to the main road of CH.

Initially, we planned to go to Sg. Palas, as that's the newer and more canggih one. But we ended up going to the old BOH Centre. Why is that, u might wonder. Well, on the second day we were there, we include Jungle Trekking in our itinerary! I thought it woud be a leisurely walk in the woods but alas! It required steep climbing and true physical exertion! Gahhhhh! Nearly 2 hours of physical torture for the unfit me. But yeahhhhhh, all of us made it! Even little Azan (but he was carried by Mr. Ako most of the time, the cheater hehe). Wow, I was chuffed of course as we all made it and what more, the boys enjoyed and even cakap they nak pegi Jungle Trekking lagi in the future. Erkkkkk!

After trekking tu, balik hotel, terus mandi and had light lunch. Rehat about 3 hours macam tu and the boys dah ajak keluar lagik. Ohho! Ok la since nak pegi ladang teh kan. Tapi decide pegi ladang teh yang dekat sikit lah (penat leh nak pegi yang jauh lagi tuh, penangan jungle trekking la ni!) near Tanah Rata. So, tu yang pegi the old Boh Centre.

Welcome people!

Far from saying it's booooring, the Superheroes enjoy aje pegi tengok ladang teh =) Nak sampai sini, jalannya sangat narrow and you even have to honk bila sampai corner yang melampau pusingannya. The roads memang winding.But the view cantik, and the udara cool and nice.

Gembira di BOH Centre yang 'retro' =)

Pakar mata kata elok sangat kalau kita banyak memandang kepada persekitaran yang hijau.

Tea Factory

The small cafe.

Delightful tea-time snack!
Sangat nyaman menikmati teh dan scones di sini. Nyaman, sejuk aje. Best sangat.

Sedapnya air teh Mommy! 

Busy serving tea to my heroes.

Enjoying the view.

Engrossed we were! Hahahah

My boys were fascinated with all the machineries there, and the strong smell of the just processed tea leaves!

Masuk kilang teh pun boleh seronok!

Okay gang, have to end this post now. I am actually feeling a little worried. Sebenarnya, esok we will be travelling. But the 3rd and 4th Superhero baru baik dari demam, and Mr Ako still demam!
Jadi ke tak jadi our trip ni? 
Bt everything has been paid for...

Just hope and pray semua sihat esok, InsyaAllah.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Eid-Ul-Adha with Colour and Potter! =)

We had a pretty much very low-key Raya Qorban this year. Bought all the ingredients for raya feast a day before and sent over to my Mom's. She prepared Nasik Minyak Colourful aka Hujan Panas aka Traffic Light. Paired with Rendang Campur and Ayam Goreng. Should have been with Chicken Qorma but the kiddies suka ayam goreng. Aisyooo, low-key betul lah sampai I forgot to snap the raya dishes...and now menyesal as the colors sangat cantik. Oh well.

After prayers and raya breakfast, we went off to my grandma. Lepak sekejap at her place and came back to my moms'. Then my sissy told us that she managed to book tickets for HP7 online for the 9.10pm show at the Gardens! Whee Hoo! We were sooooooo excited, and hubs paid for 9 Platinum Seats tixx, thank you Mr. Ako! We really appreciate your kind gesture, being the great fan of Harry, Ron and Hermione for 10 years! Haha. Pssstt.. Mr. Ako is also a fan, so I guess he was more than willing to pay for this raya treat kan? =)

Oh kiddies, life is always gooooood for you guys eh?
Happy Happy Land!

Yes, I am officially FAT, and no question about that! 
Oh. But well, what the heck lah, will go on a diet soon.

 Muka tahan lapar, nak serbu meja lah, apa ni tangkap2 gambar hishhhhh

 Rombongan to the Gardens for Harry Potter 7
The Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Yeap, my dad also =)

 Cookie Monsters on a rampage

 My men =)

The distribution of popcorn session.

And yeahhhhhh,
Now have to wait for months and months for the 2nd part. And boo hoo hoo, after that dah finito! No more.
Oh sedihnya.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Our Cameron Trip: Big Red Strawberry Farm

Oh yeap, we visited a place called the Big Red Strawberry Farm when we were in Cameron. Don't be fooled by its name though, as it offers more than strawberry to begin with.

 You can experience picking your own tomatoes!
RM5 per kg, beat that! 

Pick your own strawberries of course =)  

 Wondrous flowers to feast your eyes upon. 
Even my boys enjoyed looking at them hehe

You can be strawberry shortcake for a little while haha

 So so pretty kan

Lots and lots of Gerberas 

This one pun very cantik 

 Yep, Free Entrance y'all

 Loadsa Cactus as well

 Macam-macam sangat jenis cactus

 3 strawberries yang not for sale tee hee

 Don't forget to indulge yourself with Strawberries & Cream

Flower Power!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Adam's SWAY Moments =)

My Superhero 3 had his annual school concert last Sunday. His class danced to Micheal Buble's SWAY, and I must say I was so proud of him and his friends. It was a really entertaining performence. Clap Clap!

Enjoy the pics peepos, can't elaborate as I am dashing off nak renew and buat passport the kids. Also, nak prepare untuk Raya Qorban esok!!!  

C ya all soooooooonnnn!!!


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