Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday I Love :)

You luvvies want to know why I love Thursdays nowadays? It's because my part time maid will come in from 8 am till 1 pm. Thus, I am somewhat relieved from house arrest (haha) and my morning chores. The best part is I do not have to bother with the ironing, mopping and toilet cleaning! *joy joy*

Aaaanddd, I get to go for breakfast with my darling Hubble Bubble :D

So, this morning we went for some honest to goodness Mamak breakfast where I indulged freely in my favourite Roti Sardine and Milo Kosong. *satisfied*

But, bila balik rumah perut rasa terpenuh muatan pulak erkkkk. So, buatlah Green Apple + Celery Juice bagi DETOX apa yang patut eh *wink*

My juice for today. I am into juicing now folks. One really beneficial combo albeit needing an acquired taste is this: Celery + Ginger + Bittergourd. It's really good for lowering the blood pressure and relieves headaches as well. And the ginger helps expel wind. But, if you can't stand the taste, do mix it with orange juice!

Oh oh, ingat tak my entry semalam pasal Malaysian punya style minum petang tu? You all nak tahu sapa yang xcited terlebih?

2 org budak ni!!

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bun_nee said...

bestnyee roti canai mamak...

Anonymous said...

Hi ya
May I know what's the ingredients & measurement for the bittergourd, ginger & celery juice? TQ!


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