Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Celebrate with the Dinosaurs Part Deux

Question is: Are there any more dinosaurs?

You Betcha!!!

Take a walk in a dark mystical place where the dinosaurs reside....

You can even take photos with them.

This is a favourite also, other than Long Neck and T-Rex. This is Triceratops.

And here are Baby Triceratops about to hatch... Shhhhhhh, be quiet and still now...

And remember this kids: Please walk, don't run. Cos Mommy really cannot run fast anymore to catch up with ya'! (Ahem, as IF Mommy could ever run fast -ngee-)

Look, he really look kinda friendly. *pat pat*

Owhhhhhhhhh fossils!

Owhhhhhh bones!!

Bye now Dinosaurs! Out we go now...

More knowledge to chew. Absorb! Absorb!

Cool stuff!

Eckkkk! Hurting my eyes lah. Very bright!

Whoaaaaa! Space travel anyone?

Rest kejap. Penat lah.

Kuasa angin.


Sorting out.

Hands-on experience.

Skodeng? Peeping Toms?

Look at that! Worth peeping no? Teehee.


Yep, very much engrossed.

After 3 hours of exploration, we got these! Our own Dinosaurs! Weehee!

And the wee one only wanted the glitter ball that could light up.

On the way back to Nana's place, bought Cuppacakes by Wondermilk for candle blowing!

Till next post!

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Merryn said...

I wanna bring Ethan tengok dinosaur oso! dunno he will scared or not :D


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