Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Empire Strikes Back! 151111

Darlings! So mesti u all tau kan what happened to Empire before this? Of course of course, EVERYBODY knows about it lah kan. As I was sort of disconnected with the outside world pretty much so these past few months, nevertheless, news DO travel back to me. Via technology of course. Thru my lappy & iP4, I get pretty much informed about what's happening with the rest of the world. Sometimes, I know more than my hubs who's out merata everyday. Teehee.

Oklah, I do digress a lot lah. Talking about Empire kan, yeap. So, 151111 is the re-opening! Weehoo! And I was there meninjau kawasan and got my eyebrows threaded at long last @ Beautique by Glitters. I don't know why I have to wait till Empire re-opens to get my eyebrows threaded. I could just go to any Indian bridal shop to get it done cheap. RM 5-7 je usually. Tapi perempuan ini nakkkkk jugak buat kat Beautique, nak jugak Sarala tu yang buatkan kening ni. Ngada much? Heeeee!

Since time was short, as I had to fetch/pick-up my sons from school and to elakkan dari terperangkap dalam hujan lebat, my Empire Strikes Back trip was a short one. I perasan Ole2 Bali, Serai, Suchan, Tarbush belum bukak lagi. WHISK dah bukak, ramai orang masa I intai tadi. I tak sempat singgah. My kids wanted to eat Gelato Fruity, so we headed there. And of course, I had to buy some pastries at The Loaf ;-) 

That's about it. Happy that Empire is back. Another lepak place for me and kiddies other than Subang Parade. Variety at last, haha.

 They even spruced up the parking lot!

Tangs Xmas Sale window display seem to attract my littlest so much.

 "When do I get to build a real snowman, Mommy?'
Err, u belajar pandai2, nnt belajar obersee eh.

Who's there?
Ellie who?

 "Brrrrr, so cold, Mommy."
Ye, lah tu.

 "Dreaming of a white Christmas."
Me too, my sons, me too.


 Double Nyums.

Burung marah punya pasal.

C ya again, soon!
Ta raaaaaaaaa!!!

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a.i.d.a. said...

went to empire a few days ago jugak...bought at the loaf also..yums! anyway...welcome back berblogging kak Dikwi...been waiting for your post u know :)


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