Friday, November 19, 2010

Eid-Ul-Adha with Colour and Potter! =)

We had a pretty much very low-key Raya Qorban this year. Bought all the ingredients for raya feast a day before and sent over to my Mom's. She prepared Nasik Minyak Colourful aka Hujan Panas aka Traffic Light. Paired with Rendang Campur and Ayam Goreng. Should have been with Chicken Qorma but the kiddies suka ayam goreng. Aisyooo, low-key betul lah sampai I forgot to snap the raya dishes...and now menyesal as the colors sangat cantik. Oh well.

After prayers and raya breakfast, we went off to my grandma. Lepak sekejap at her place and came back to my moms'. Then my sissy told us that she managed to book tickets for HP7 online for the 9.10pm show at the Gardens! Whee Hoo! We were sooooooo excited, and hubs paid for 9 Platinum Seats tixx, thank you Mr. Ako! We really appreciate your kind gesture, being the great fan of Harry, Ron and Hermione for 10 years! Haha. Pssstt.. Mr. Ako is also a fan, so I guess he was more than willing to pay for this raya treat kan? =)

Oh kiddies, life is always gooooood for you guys eh?
Happy Happy Land!

Yes, I am officially FAT, and no question about that! 
Oh. But well, what the heck lah, will go on a diet soon.

 Muka tahan lapar, nak serbu meja lah, apa ni tangkap2 gambar hishhhhh

 Rombongan to the Gardens for Harry Potter 7
The Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Yeap, my dad also =)

 Cookie Monsters on a rampage

 My men =)

The distribution of popcorn session.

And yeahhhhhh,
Now have to wait for months and months for the 2nd part. And boo hoo hoo, after that dah finito! No more.
Oh sedihnya.


Faridah Zulkiflie said...

Paling best in the world!!!

superheroes' mom said...

hahahahah, yepp! oh, i guess en meme is reading the hallows now eh?

Anonymous said...

superheroes mum! nak jugak cakap ni. husband you hensem for someone whos above thirty. i bet hes above thirty la since you cakap u dengan your hubby sama sekolah dulu kan. :) :) ur so lucky to have awet muda hubby. n no worries you pun comel gile dengan your hubby. :)

-silent reader no more: han

superheroes' mom said...

yes Han, me and hubby same age. well, as for part handsome and awet muda and looks younger than me tu, I'm very used to hear it, am now immune (not bragging, just stating)to these comments which I tell you, comes from women of all ages :)

It used to bother me some a long time ago, but now I have come to terms with it =)

If some tactless ppl commented tht he looks much younger than me, I just retort, "Ah yes, he is into hot older women!" Hahahahahahahah

Miss S said...

deathly hallows is the best!!!

superheroes' mom said...

Miss S, best kan. Wanna watch again!

ERMAYUM said...

ada second part lagi ala ni malas tengok ni heheh


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