Thursday, November 18, 2010

Our Cameron Trip: Big Red Strawberry Farm

Oh yeap, we visited a place called the Big Red Strawberry Farm when we were in Cameron. Don't be fooled by its name though, as it offers more than strawberry to begin with.

 You can experience picking your own tomatoes!
RM5 per kg, beat that! 

Pick your own strawberries of course =)  

 Wondrous flowers to feast your eyes upon. 
Even my boys enjoyed looking at them hehe

You can be strawberry shortcake for a little while haha

 So so pretty kan

Lots and lots of Gerberas 

This one pun very cantik 

 Yep, Free Entrance y'all

 Loadsa Cactus as well

 Macam-macam sangat jenis cactus

 3 strawberries yang not for sale tee hee

 Don't forget to indulge yourself with Strawberries & Cream

Flower Power!


Shaofie said...

sedap giler yang creamy strawberry tuh. hahah. nak sikit kak! hehehe

eyndayusoff said...

Strawberry & cream...heaven!!

Joy said...

flower mcm nk hangkut semua wat balik rmh kan..hehehhe syok tul CH ni

superheroes' mom said...

shaofie... nak ke? boleh aje. just go and buy a packet of strawberries and a can of whipped cream ... wallah =)

eynda, yep mmg terbaikkk!! =)

Joy, mmg syiokkkk manyakkk =)

dilla said...

the strawberries and cream looks soooooo delish!!

ERMAYUM said...

hensom la dapat dance with pretty girl lagi :)


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