Sunday, November 21, 2010

Our Cameron Trip: BOH Tea Garden and Tea Centre

No trip to CH will be complete if it doesn't include a trip to the famous tea plantations. You can choose to go to the BOH plantation (there are two, one in Habu near Tanah Rata and the other more canggih one up in Sg. Palas highly recommended by many). Or u could go to the one with easy access that is the Bharat Tea plantation where you can view by the roadside, with it's tea shop and souvenir shop right next to the main road of CH.

Initially, we planned to go to Sg. Palas, as that's the newer and more canggih one. But we ended up going to the old BOH Centre. Why is that, u might wonder. Well, on the second day we were there, we include Jungle Trekking in our itinerary! I thought it woud be a leisurely walk in the woods but alas! It required steep climbing and true physical exertion! Gahhhhh! Nearly 2 hours of physical torture for the unfit me. But yeahhhhhh, all of us made it! Even little Azan (but he was carried by Mr. Ako most of the time, the cheater hehe). Wow, I was chuffed of course as we all made it and what more, the boys enjoyed and even cakap they nak pegi Jungle Trekking lagi in the future. Erkkkkk!

After trekking tu, balik hotel, terus mandi and had light lunch. Rehat about 3 hours macam tu and the boys dah ajak keluar lagik. Ohho! Ok la since nak pegi ladang teh kan. Tapi decide pegi ladang teh yang dekat sikit lah (penat leh nak pegi yang jauh lagi tuh, penangan jungle trekking la ni!) near Tanah Rata. So, tu yang pegi the old Boh Centre.

Welcome people!

Far from saying it's booooring, the Superheroes enjoy aje pegi tengok ladang teh =) Nak sampai sini, jalannya sangat narrow and you even have to honk bila sampai corner yang melampau pusingannya. The roads memang winding.But the view cantik, and the udara cool and nice.

Gembira di BOH Centre yang 'retro' =)

Pakar mata kata elok sangat kalau kita banyak memandang kepada persekitaran yang hijau.

Tea Factory

The small cafe.

Delightful tea-time snack!
Sangat nyaman menikmati teh dan scones di sini. Nyaman, sejuk aje. Best sangat.

Sedapnya air teh Mommy! 

Busy serving tea to my heroes.

Enjoying the view.

Engrossed we were! Hahahah

My boys were fascinated with all the machineries there, and the strong smell of the just processed tea leaves!

Masuk kilang teh pun boleh seronok!

Okay gang, have to end this post now. I am actually feeling a little worried. Sebenarnya, esok we will be travelling. But the 3rd and 4th Superhero baru baik dari demam, and Mr Ako still demam!
Jadi ke tak jadi our trip ni? 
Bt everything has been paid for...

Just hope and pray semua sihat esok, InsyaAllah.


zarin said...

selamat berjalan jalan n bercuti cutian ye! ;-)

Merryn said...

U know kan, I travel dengan satu EKOR anak oso me penat giler.. i dunno how u can manage with FOUR! :D

Merryn said...

and oh yeah.. i hope everyone will be well.. .sihat.. :D

superheroes' mom said...

Zarin, thanks luv! but donno how merry it wld b cos ada yang tak berapa sihat =(

superheroes' mom said...

Merryn, handling the empat EKOR constantlt makes my 2 TANDUK keluar! hahaha. If my BP is on the hig side, u know why! =D

Oh and thanks for the well wishes :)

fiezachommel said...

I suka Cameron Highland.Tiap2 tahun pergi....CH never upset me!

superheroes' mom said...

fiezachomel, my last trip to CH before this recent one was probab;y about 5 years ago =) maybe my bext one will b i another 5 years from now =D

jesnita_ns said...

tgk suasana kt CH ni..terasa mcm nk gi bercuti kt sini lg..hehehe

iLa SaHaR said...

best nyerrrr


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