Saturday, May 15, 2010

Getting thrashed, no fun :(

Sitting at the Food Court at Giant Section 13 Shah Alam with Ammar who had just finished his Taekwondo session for this week. Wondering when is his next grading, when he will graduate from Blue 1 to Blue 2. He is now enjoying his chicken porridge and Iced Milo. I am enjoying blogging with BlogPress. Hehheh.

About last night, our national shuttlers got thrashed so bad, the only saving grace was the awesome supporters who went all out trying to boost up our players' morale. But it was obvious that China was the better team. Ours just seemed..... well...... TIRED :(

So yes, they have tried their best.... But how to fight with much much younger players, energy level alone was not on par. We need New Blood, and we need it bad. Other teams are improving by leaps and bound. How about us? Sigh...

So, let's just forget about Thomas Cup for now :) My kids are hoping to watch Iron Man today. And then, they have their swimming lessons. Perhaps, after swimming, Mommy and Daddy could have Date Night. Ah well, we'll see ;-)

Enjoy your Saturday folks!

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ERMAYUM said...

hi dear i da berkurun tak tengok since zaman jalaini razif habis heehe but that is our problem - bila kita ada orang - we tend to depend on them and only them we should have more talent/pelapis every year kan - with all the money that we spend on sport heheh

sLEEping BEauty said...

hye.. ada tag utk u... sudi2 kan ke blog sy... :)


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