Monday, May 10, 2010

SuperSharkz Swimschool

Heya Folks! Monday May Day again today huh? I trust that you had a pretty good weekend right? Mother's Day in full swing last weekend ya :) Time to appreciate our Mommy and in turn getting loadsa love hugs and kisses from our kids. Wonderful wonderful warm and fuzzy wuzzy weekend indeed!

Apart from the heady Mother's Day Celebration, I finally enrolled my kids to swim school. Let them learn the proper technique and style from someone other than me hahahah, whose own technique and style is nearing extinction ;-P

Enrolled First, Second and Third Superhero. SuperSharkz Swimschool at Pusat Aquatic Shah Alam. Twice a week, an hour each session. RM110 plus RM30 registration for each child for 8 sessions. They are in the Starfish level now, the very basic level :) They can float and swim 'kampung-style' before this, now's the time to learn in a systematic way. Or so I hope :) Just water comfort and freestyle kick mostly, and blowing bubbles in water... hahahha... teringat my own sessions dulu-dulu :D So, mostly just fun stuff in Starfish level.

Beware of Sharkz!

Here they are! Enjoying themselves tremendously, without question.
Mommy and Daddy had a great time watching the commotion by the pool hahaha
Should bring more snacks next week, to munch while waiting.....



fizamior said...

hihihihi... i cant swim.. hanya boleh floating saja.. perhaps nnt boleh masuk swimming class dgn damia sekali..LOL!

superheroes' mom said...

That is a really good idea girl! Will definitely b a splashing good experience! :)


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