Thursday, July 15, 2010

Towards a Reading Nation - Bring Kiddos to KL Children's Library

Have u ever taken your kids to the Children's Library Kuala Lumpur? I brought them there for the first time ever the day I visited Galeri KL. Galeri KL is actually in the building ehere Perpustakaan Kuala Lumpur is. And the Children's Library is right next to it. And where exactly is that, u might ask kan? Hehe. Oh, right smack at the back of Dataran Merdeka. I know, some of u might have already gone there, but for those of u who haven't, the Children's Library is cool lah :) Might take the kids there again during one of the weekends. They have taken a liking to it. The library is owned by the City Hall. I myself am quite impressed with it. 

Here it is!!

Here are the opening hours.

In true Malaysian fashion..... take off your shoes ya :)

The entrance door, if u r not a member, u need to sign your name on a log book :)

The interior, which has a very nice ambience.

It has quite a good collection of books, both in BM and English. 
When we were there, there weren't many people around, but maybe it's just on that day kot.
But seriously, give this place a visit. 
I find it better than most other libraries around.

Visit this site for more info



zarin said...

cantik ye ths place..btw, i tk pernah tau pun kewujudannya....terukkan i :(
bolehlah bawak hasya ke sini coz dia pun asyik tanya bila nk bwk dia ke library :D

fizamior said...

oh! i baru tau ade perpustakaan kanak2.. boleh tak???? :D

superheroes' mom said...

zarin & fiza, that place is worth checking out.. at least a decent place for the kids to have some 'quiet' activity... hehehe

cikyah75 said...

cik puan, I've just 'rekindled' my love in reading (on a constant basis) and I've joined this site- Goodreads Malaysia. Please check it out ya!

Yours Truly said...

SHM thanx for the info!

superheroes' mom said...

Cikyah, thank you babe ;)

superheroes' mom said...

Yours Truly, u r most welcome dear :)


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