Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Superheroes Go Artsy-Fartsy @ KALAM II

Heya Folks!!!! How r ya??? Miss y'all soooooo much! I have connection problems since I lost my iPhone (yes, and that deserves it's own blog entry innit?) and since I get connected to the internet by using my iPhone, now that it is lost, I can't blog as there's no access! See how much I depended on my iPhone, so much so that now I am feeling that my life is turned upside down without it! I am waiting for iPhone 4, when is it coming to the Malaysian shores eh?

I can't write much peps, I am at a warong kopi near my house hehehe. My boys and I had an arty good time at Galeri Kuala Lumpur where the Kalam II art show took place. Here are the pics, and we felt more 'cultured' after the visit. ~ngeee~

At the facade

All that space, it was awesome!

Yusof Ghani's Visual Dzikir

Superhero 4 art appreciation crash course hahaha

Adam with his favourite piece, Jamil Mat Isa's Rabiul Awwal

Works by Yusof Ghani, Awang Damit, Daud Rahim, Jamil Mat Isa and Fauzulyusri

My sis with my youngest. If u were to view the show, u would most likely be greeted by her =)

Oh gosh, I have to stop now. Going to pick my Superhero 2 from school now. Will try my best to get on9 huhuhu

Luv ya!


ERMAYUM said...

nice :) tak pernah sampai sana hehe adik u keje situ ? sian u hilang phone takda rezeki rezeki better nak dtg :) sabar jala ye

superheroes' mom said...

actually galeri kuala lumpur was used as a venue for the Kalam II art show, and my sis was responsible for the running of the show :)

oh ya, setiap kejadian ada hikmahnya kan, dan hikmah yang I dapat dr ilang iPhone tu apa ye? hehe, nak dapat iPhone 4 ke? tapi lambat lagi kan nak masuk Malaysia? huargghhhhh

but it was my mistake and my carelessness :(

nickila said...

cun2 la lukisan tuh?die jual tak?starting from brape ribu?tapi art show tuh dah abis,so kalo nak tgk kat mana pulak ye?email me ye


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