Monday, July 18, 2011

Liverpool FC Asia Tour 2011!

Had the opportunity to watch Liverpool vs Malaysia in Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil last Saturday and boy did I enjoy myself! To the MAX I tell ya'! I have never watched a football game live in a stadium before, not even when I was studying back in the UK. (Dulu tgk dalam tv ada lah, mana boleh duduk UK tak tgk football langsung kan. Lagipun, masa tu David Beckham & Micheal Owen muda gila baru nak naik, handsome!!) I was always like, 'Ehh? Footie? Tak minatlah. Malas panas2 sesak2 tu.' Yeah, macam tu lah reaksi I before. But over the past few years ni, I started watching games on tv, most probably terikut-ikut jugalah dengan my sons and hubs kan. All boys team kan kat rumah ni. And lately, been following juga our Harimau Malaya's progress. Jadinya, when my sis presented us with those Premier tixx, we were terribly excited! Especially hubs lah, being a fan of Liverpool for years. All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and I was happy to be able to share my first ever experience with my son. It was his first ever game too! =)

Enjoy the pics!


zailamohamad said...

wow sis you pegi tengok in live..mesti best kan..

we all tengok kat rumah je;) tupon cukup gamat everytime both side sumbat gol..hahaha

Merryn said...

Fuh! Shiok lah! happy ler ur son :D

Ermayum said...

salam babe
where u :) senyap ja

wishing u selamat hari raya and mohon maaf salah silap masa ber blog n tweet ye-

have a great and happy raya and be safe -


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