Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nasi Roadblock 2.0

KL Crackdown/Lockdown and the illegal rallies plus massive roadblocks around my beloved Klang Valley deterred most of us from venturing out too far from our own homes. I am sad for my peace loving and beautiful country Malaysia, for the events that had to take place on the 9th of July 2011.

Not to elaborate on yesterday's bad memories, I just want to show what I prepared for my family yesterday for dinner.

This dish I named Nasi Roadblock 2.0 . One good thing resulted from yesterday's staying in the house for most of the day, when I cooked instead of eating out like my family usually does on Saturdays =)

Roadblocks deterred us from venturing out, so I made Nasi Roadblock 2.0 to commemorate the event. Hehe.

On a more serious note, it is my utmost wish, like most of my fellow Malaysians I believe, is for a peaceful Malaysia, for us, and for our children, Ameen.

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