Sunday, December 18, 2011

Scots Clan Meet Up

Once we lived in a place wreathed in magic and mystery. A place of reality and fantasy. A place of castles, dungeons, lochs and firths. A place of medieval streets of The Royal Mile co-existing with the neo-classical and Georgian architecture of the New Town. It is a perfect setting where fairy-tales are made, mythical, inspiring and absolutely stunning.

So special and magical and mysterious Edinburgh is that it had inspired JK Rowling's Harry Potter, Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes and Robert Louis Stevenson's Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

And it was at this place that we were fortunate enough to spend a few years of our lives, at an institute which is located right smack on The Royal Mile, next to the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood and The Holyrood Castle. We were bathed in history and culture! Even now, after 12 years we have left Edinburgh, our hearts yearn to be there again. To revel in it's beauty, mystery and magic.

And so with thoughts of Princes Street, Edinburgh Castle and Scottish Highlands in mind, we met again, six friends who will forever have a wee bit of Scottish spirit in our hearts and minds.

Checkered theme to commemorate our Scots Clan meet up. Next best thing to wearing an actual Scottish kilt, we agreed. Talks of Haggis, Fish & Chips, Scottish harsh winter & Ceilidh were included. Hehehe!

There were food, plenty of food.

And there were smiles, laughter, playful banter, happiness, tears, joy, sadness and lots and lots of love.

Until we meet again: Beannacht leat go bhfeicfidh mé aris thú.

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