Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Rose.

Did I tell you about The Rose in the family? She's everyones favourite. Recently, she turned two. So we bought a big cake for her in her favourite cartoon character.

Here she is with her birthday cake.

She was happy to have Spongebob with her on her birthday, but we had to rescue it from her to prevent Spongebob from being mashed to mush by a pair of cute but dangerous hands.

Because you see, although being the only Princess, she is not the girly princessy type. She's spirited, brave and prefers cars to dolls. But, alas, as you are the only girl sweetie, you have to adhere being dolled.

And so she was 'forced' to be a wee fairy, and she had to surrender to it, but very reluctantly so ;-)

But we had our fun, and she received a dollhouse nevertheless, chosen by the brothers for her (sorry hon, your brothers want you to be a proper princess). Hehe! Spongebob settled in our tum-tums nicely and The Rose looked so pretty in her Polka Dot dress. To her Mama & Papa, thank you ever so much for bringing her into this world. The Rose really made our world pretty and wangi!

HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY to my niece TWINKLE! We love you so much. Though your beloved Atuk is no more with us in this world, be sure that he is watching over you always, for he really loves you too....

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