Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Birthday 2 & 4! ;-D

Oh gosh, it has been a superly-duperly busy two weeks! Exams going on at my workplace and my kiddos having exams also, in both Sekolah Kebangsaan and Sekolah Agama. As my maid has yet to arrive, my kids are still put in a 'transit' center which they are not particularly fond of. I told them to take it positively, in life we don't always get to do what we want or like all the time. But seriously though, hope the new maid arrives soon! 

Anyway, amidst the chaos and constant running around and worrying about a million things, we had a small birthday celebration at home for my No 2 and No 4. It was the first day of the week, imagine the madness. After work, went off straight to Citta Mall and bought the cake. Then, to the party shop for balloons and paper plates and whatnot. Went home to chill the cake, tidy up the mess of a house hahaha, and pick the children up from school & transit center. Decided on KFC for the celebration, unanimous vote from the kiddos that was. Once home, the boys showered and change into clean clothes, Mom and Dad too.

Finally, the small party started ;-)
It's the LOLA rainbow cake from Wondermilk. Six layers of buttery goodness!

My harta.... My four superheroes....

No 2 is now 9 years old...

My bongsu is now 4!
But he will forever remain as my Baby Azan ;-p

Happy Birthday boys. I will never forget the first moment I held you in my arms. Every year I am reminded of that beautiful, sweet moment in time and my heart filled with gratitude to Allah with His blessings. Please know that I love both of you very much, and maybe I will embarrass you from time to time (hahahah), do remember that I have you close to my heart, no matter when, no matter where. Be good, boys. My doa with you always.


nizaineese said...

Suka tengok your kids;) and mummy looked fab too ..

superheroes' mom said...

Tq dearie. Ur kid is super cute too ;)


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