Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of Commitments & Diversions.

Hiya peeps! Nearly a week into the school holiday, sigh, so fast it goes but I have not managed to mark all my essays yet. Have been back to my workplace though for the Exam Workshop and to conduct extra classes, plus monitoring the students rehearsing for the upcoming play. Seriously, I need to sit down and focus on the essays, I have to finish marking and keying in the marks before going off for a short getaway next week. I have started off well, managing to mark all Paper 1 for all classes, and half of Paper 2. I only have 2 more classes to go before calling it a day. But so much of distraction and thus I lost momentum. Arghhh! 

Started off well, nice rhythm and momentum going. CBTL's Cookies & Cream Ice-blended helped me along the way...... 

 Focus started wavering, had to rope in some Terry's chocolate orange to help me concentrate. 

 Momentum was fast diminishing, even Dr. Cafe's Ice Mocha Caramel did not help much.

 Diversion in the form of the delightful PINK STACK from Whisk.
Ahhhh, heaven...

And now, armed with Cheetos cheddar jalapeƱo, I am convinced that I will be able to finish marking the essays for one class today! I CAN DO IT!




Melissa said...

You can do it ! I see you're getting the best 'help' there is out there, hehe.

zarin said...

oh! yes! u can do it!

p/s glad that u r back! i pun on of je update blog..blogwalking langsung takdak dah now ni :D


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