Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Right Start Your Day With Milo PROTOMALT


Heya Folks! How are you doing this morning? My morning is rather calm, as it's the school holidays and I don't need to do much 'chauffering' to and fro to the kids' THREE different schools. But however, with the four superheroes being home 'altogether' in the cool morning, it posed a different challenge to Mom! Four growing boys to 'manage' and 'entertain' hahaha. Am I up to the job? *wink* I can't very well say NO now can I? =)

These boys I'm telling you... gets really really busy during the holidays. They will go from one activity to another in a seamless fashion, interrupted only by me calling them during mealtimes. Morning walk around the neighbourhood linear parks, running and jumping around on the little patch of grass within our house compound, and even there are games devised by the elder two to be played in the house itself. Thank goodness the indoor games played does include some 'quiet' time like reading, art work, computer games and Snake & Ladder, Monopoly and Ludo. Wahhh, mommy is happy the children do like to play board (bored) games hehheh.

The kiddos in one of the weekly activities they do.

With soooo much energy being used by the bunnies, I had to make sure that they start the day right, and what's the perennial favourite beverage by many young Malaysians? Yeppp, MILO! Well, MILO is not just any chocolate malt drink, it contains PROTOMALT, the energy within MILO. PROTOMALT is made from malted barley, which contains all the good nutrients to keep the kiddos going all day! PROTOMALT contains the excellent nutrients naturally present in barley grains. Barley has complex carbohydrates, which is indeed a preferred ingredient of a balanced diet. And that's not all, MILO has ACTIGEN-E, a mix of essential vitamins including B vitamin and minerals, which helps to optimize conditions for the release of energy from food.

As breakfast is a very important meal of the day, it is highly essential that our kids get a breakfast that contains most of  the important nutrients their body needs to sustain their energy throughout the day. My superheroes prefers a fuss-free breakfast, nothing too heavy or tiresome to finish off :) A hot beverage like MILO, cereals or bread suit them fine and these provide them with a good  20% - 25% of their daily energy intake. A good breakfast also boost brain power, to prepare them for any learning that takes place in the day. A high energy breakfast benefits the kids most. 

PROTOMALT, the energy within MILO

Growing children need sufficient intake of carbohydrate in their daily meals. The malted barley in PROTOMALT contains complex carbohydrate, which is an excellent source of energy. PROTOMALT is also mixed with other nutritional ingredients like skim milk and cocoa.

My No 3 was ecstatic to actually see the malted barley used in his favourite beverage, MILO
Membesar sebagai johan dengan MILO!

Tin besar MILO seperti ini tidak pernah tidak ada di rumah saya, dari zaman saya kanak-kanak, sehinggalah sekarang di mana anak-anak saya menjadikan MILO sebagai minuman harian. And now they have the refill packs as well.

The malt in MILO brings out the great taste! Great tasting both Hot and Cold.
It keeps my superheroes' motor running throughout the day! Sarapan johan tidak lengkap tanpa MILO dengan PROTOMALT. Easy to prepare, easily available and yummilicious.

My No 2's favourite choice of beverage of breakfast at home AND when having breakfast out.
Delicious Iced Milo.... mmmmmm slurrrppp

My hubby in blue and white swears by MILO to energize him before every hockey game.

Remember kawan-kawan... you are your kids best role models. It is important that you set a good example by having the same breakfast they are having, so the chances of them cultivating the good habit of having a good and nutritious breakfast is enhanced. MINUM MILO ANDA JADI SIHAT DAN KUAT! Remenber that tagline? Well, for 60 years, MILO have been nourishing young Malaysians. Me, you and even our parents. My grandmother who is now in her 80's still have her breakfast with a mug of hot MILO, a tradition that we her grandchildren have followed. And now, my children too. It has proved to be an excellent breakfast beverage for years and years, and so I will keep the tradition alive in my family :) And now, what about you? I am sure you have your MILO stories too...

MILO with PROTOMALT, indeed the right start to your day.
Oh aye aye aye, we love our MILO =)

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Drama Mama said...

wahhh kak bestnya! camna nak dapat advertorial eh? huhu said...

milo is my daily drinks! heheheehe.

kalo tak takde tenaga nak pegi kelas!

bubblesphoto said...

huhu, milo tabus us the best!!

milo dinosor jgak...


superheroes' mom said...

Drama Mama, dearie, I was pleasantly surprised myself when offered by Nuffnang. But I was greatly honoured hehe. I was contacted via email and also thru my nuffie account. I had a ball of a time doing it. Hopefully, this won't b my first and last =)

superheroes' mom said... yep, mesti mulakan hari dengan MILO. Barulah bertenaga, SIHAT & KUAT kan ;-)

superheroes' mom said...

Milo Dinosaur mmg terbaekkk! But Milo Tabus akak belum rasalah.... best jugek ek? Asal Milo je gerenti bestlah :)

ERMAYUM said...

milo ais sedappp - mix with nescafe jadi mocha :)

go go u can certainly write ads :)

superheroes' mom said...

Ermayum, thnx 4 th support sis :) greatly appreciated.

nama saya fatimah dan saya bukan pengganas said...

wahh..rasa cm nak pegi minum milo je lepas baca entry sis yg nih :D

superheroes' mom said...

cepat pegi buat Milo :)


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