Wednesday, September 17, 2008

4 Pasang Baju Melayu

Yesterday I was out and about with my mom all day! Firstly in the morning, I had an appointment with the O&G at 9.30 am. Ahhhh, u might think I went to Dr. D as she helped delivered all my children but no. I went to see Dr. Cheah. Fyi, Dr. Cheah has a clinic in SS15 Subang Jaya and he is also available at Assunta Hospital PJ. Hey, what's the big deal then? The thing is, I DIDN'T make the appointment myself. My MOM made it for me. And Dr. Cheah was HER gynea, who helped delivered my younger brother Azmir and my younger sister Faridah! So, it felt kind of special. Before, he examined my mom. And now, ME!!

OH? What's that again? WHY I went to see him? Errr... let's just say it's for me to never having to go to the labour room again. Eh, rasa cam nak terbatuk pulak tekak ni *clears throat*

Okay then, after Dr. Cheah we went to Jalan Tar, KL. Specifically to the "BAK" shop to get Baju Melayu Raya for my Superheroes. I did no dilly-dallying whatsoever as I had to be fast! Went to the shop, looked at the rows of kiddies Baju Melayu. Ahhh, this year they used Shantung material for the baju as opposed to the cotton SB line of yesteryears. Ada maju. A certain green shade caught my eyes, asked the sales assistant to get it in 3 different sizes. DONE! I was hoping to get one for baby AZAN too, but not available.

I was not deterred though. Off we went to the PKNS complex in Shah Alam. From experience I can attest that anything needed for Raya I could always find here. Ah-hah - true enough! Ada Baju Melayu for Azan in the exact same shade of green but made from cotton! Yeaayyy! Perfect, because Azan would definitely be comfortable wearing it. Oh, got a Baju Kurung for me too, made from english cotton. As much as I wanted to get soft pink chiffon Baju Kurung with adorable little sparkly embellishment, I coudn't as it wouldn't be practical for me now. Ada anak kecik, mesti terkoyak musnah sama sekali, ataupun terkena muntah dan air liur... he he he.

Wanted to look look and see see some more but we were running out of time. Had to prepare or rather BUY some juadah berbuka puasa.Mom said next week sambung beli barang. Thank Allah, Azan was behaving almost angelic throughout the whole day being out and about.

Rasa cam nak tunjuk Baju Melayu dorang kat blog ni tapi
..... wait for Raya lah okay guys? He he.

Oh pssstttt.. today is my Ayahanda's 63rd birthday so will berbuka at my parents' tonight. Yippeee!!!

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