Monday, September 22, 2008

Lampu Lip Lap & Ketupat Reben

Been trying to locate my ketupat shaped fairy lights. I know it's somewhere in THERE. In the store. Xcept now I couln't find it. Coz' the store resembles an Amazonian Jungle. There might be anacondas in there. It might be sitting on my ketupat lights. But I need the lights. Q, Ammar and Adam have been asking for it. It should be up by now as it's nearing Malam Tujuh Likur. Where could it be?

Now I also need to get hold of the Ketupat Reben of last year. Also somewhere in the store. Q have been asking for them.

"Mummy, where are the colourful ketupat? Where Mummy? We need to decorate the house with it as it's nearing Raya."

"Errr... ok Q. It's somewhere in the store. I will find it."

"Mummy, where are the ketupat lights? We need to put them up as it's nearing Raya, right?"

"Hmmnnn hmnnn. I will find it Q. Ada kat dalam store tu je."

Gosh. Daaaaayyyyyymmmmm! Last Raya, the ketupat lights and ketupat reben have been carefully wrapped and stored by my maid. Now she's no longer working for me. And I don't know where them ketupats are. Arrgghh...

Ok guys, if u don't hear from me for the next couple of days, u know the anaconda has gotten me. Alert the rescue team.

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