Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Family First

Just finished washing up after sahur. Our bersahur session comprised of four persons. Namely Mr. AKO, my grandma, my eldest (Q), and yours truly. My son does not like to eat rice for sahur, he will take bread and Milo, his usual breakfast staple. Alhamdulillah, Q is able to fast without any problems. He was also not bothered when his younger bros eat and drink in front of him during the day. In school,during morning break and lunchtime, the teachers brought him and his fasting friends to the surau or the library.

Some people observed that it is easier to train girls to fast. But I cannot make any comparison lah, he he. Q started fasting when he was 5. It started off as half day fasting. I remembered he fasted whole day for 7 days then. When he was six, it grew to 19 days. This Ramadhan, hopefully the days will increase. For me, it's important to not push them, rather just encourage them. My Ammar who is 5 years old, is not ready to fast ("Mummy, saya tak boleh la puasa sebab saya kecik lagi nanti saya 7 years old saya puasa ok Mummy"), but everyday I will tell him about kelebihan berpuasa, kenapa kita berpuasa, and I am confident in due time he will want to fast just like his big brother.

Mr. AKO, as a bonus to Q, would bring him to the Bazaar Ramadhan every evening.

And me, so far I am able to still fully breastfeed Azan without any problems while fasting. Alhamdulillah. Okay peps, that's all for now, see ya next time ya!


arrdeen said...


Well done Q for being a strong mummy boy!! Tell Q, mummy's friend said he's a GOOD boy and has done a VERY GOOD job :D

Hehe... I can't compare boy and girl fasting issue yet. In 2 years time when my little boy turns 5 then I know ;)


dikwirina said...


Q was very pleased to hear the compliments :) "Where is Auntie Rosse staying Mummy?" "Do you have her picture?" He He

arrdeen said...


Haha!! Funny Q! Sama mcm Inas mesti nk tanya tinggal mana and I want to see pictures please!




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