Saturday, September 6, 2008

Run Forrest Run

This entry is not about Forrest Gump, it's not about any sporting events either. Rather, it's about running maidens... errkkk if u can call them that la... maidens sound like helpless young girls from the bygone area... my story is about my Runaway Maid. So it's more of a Running Bit** la okay... Pardon the colourful and very expressive word but I'm entitled to let off some steam in this blog kan?

My maid ran away after only 5 months of service. Left around sebelum subuh, abt 5 o'clock in the morning, my grandma deduced as she heard the back door creaked open at that hour but thought nothing of it (it was an unusual hour for the maid to start her day but well... grandma thought she terlebih rajin that particular morning).

An hour later, my grandma went up to my room and said, "Si Yatik dah takde, dia dah lari agaknya Dikwi". I blinked and blinked and blinked like a total idiot, tucked the blanket snugly around my baby, went down and went to the back of the house. The door to the drying area was open, and the back door's padlock was unlocked - confirming that my grandma's words were true. I am maidless... again. Second time this year, and I wept. I cursed. And wept again.

Mr. AKO was not around at that time, still in HK.

Being maidless when u have 3 young boys and a baby is no joke. I am near to collapsing at the end of each day. Sangat memenatkan fizikal dan mental.

Apa lagi yang dapat dikatakan, terpaksa uruskan pengambilan pembantu yang baru. Ia akan memakan masa.

In the meantime, pray for me okay.

Oh and, Happy Ramadhan.


cikyah 75 said...

Wi, I'm so sorry to hear about your maid. I experienced the same thing last year. Takde angin, takde ribut, tiba-tiba je lesap. Nasib baik dia lari malam, semua ada kat rumah. Kalau siang, I just cannot Imagine what would happen to my kids...

dikwirina said...

Shah, we are really at a disadvantage kan actually. Paid thousands of RM to get them in, then bila lari - no gantirugi. Dahla have to activate damage control, kena fork-out RM lagi to take in new one.

cikyah 75 said...

Betul tu Wi. Whatever the circumstances might be(kdg2 tu kita OK, diorang yg KO), employers are at a losing end. Dah lari tu satu hal, kita nak terminate permit dia pun, kita yg kena keluar duit. U want to know why? The money we paid for the termination is going to be used to send them home! Tapi yg pelik kan, kalau keja umah melayu, kejap2 nak lari. Kalau dgn cina, kena cuci macam2(bkn setakat baju je), elok pulak tahan bertahun-tahun tu! Dahla nak tunggu yg baru datang punyalah lama kan?

dikwirina said...

Yep Shah,
I hv applied for a new one yesterday. 6 - 8 weeks baru sampai. Mmg perlu banyak sabar la in these cases. Things happen for a reason, as the saying goes.

Wallahualam. Harap yang terbaik ajelah.


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