Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Food Post

For today, I prepared Ayam Masak Lemak Cili Api with Potatoes and Cherry Tomatoes. Have not cooked masak lemak for so long, not since my maid ran away. For the previous Ramadhan month, all makanan beli aje. But today, I resolved I will not be too stringent on the housekeeping as to have time to enable my boys to have real home-cooked meals again - not just all the instant ready to cook variety which is high in salt and preservatives. 

Next is very simple, just Ikan Goreng but this is the boys' favourite, but the fish must be piping hot, straight from the wok to their plates. Haaa... you will then see they will tambah nasi. As my husband is from Terengganu, we eat a lot of fish. When we go back to his hometown, I love to go to the morning market as there are various scrumptious seafood inc fish, fresh from the sea.  Oh so fresh and succulent! Here in the Klang Valley, its is not the same but... bolehlah!

Hmmnnnn, let's not forget the vege dish of the day. It's just baby spinach. Though it does not look appetizing in the pic, it is good to eat. Everybody knows that spinach is brain food, very high vitamin content. That's why Popeye loves it!

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