Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Talc Story

Something unexpected happened today, just 10 minutes ago in fact. As I was tidying up the kitchen I went to check on Adam, as it was unusual for him to be so quiet. I found him in the guest room, happily pouring talcum powder all over himself and the guest bed, also the floor. 

"Mummy, look at me. Saya sangat wangg-gee."

Aduh la. But that was not what I meant by the unexpected. After changing Adam's clothes, Baby Azan fussed wanting to be fed. While I was feeding him, Azfar came in the room with a broom in his right hand and the dust-pan in his left.

"Mummy, look at this mess Adam made. So naughty. Habis dah rumah kita sepah." 
Sweep Sweep Sweep.

"Mummy kan tengah nenen Baby Azan and kita kan dah takde bibik kan."
Sweep Sweep Sweep.

And he swept the mess and continued to sweep near the front door too; as apparently there ada a bit of the bedak tumpah jugak. After he was satisfied with his work, he went to the waste basket and poured what was in the dust-pan in the basket. He then went to put the broom and the dust-pan at the proper place. 

I was amazed.
I was overwhelmed.
I thank God for all the little things in life that make me happy.

I then went to Azfar and gave him a great big hug for being so thoughtful when I least expected.

My hero of the day


nina said...

bagusnya azfar..such a responsible son and big brother...dia dh sampai tahap responsibility awareness...he's 9 or 8? bestkan anak lelaki cam ni...
pasal mandi bedak tu...heh heh..ur are right..senyap tu ada la mischief nya..second raya my youngest pun raya bedak.

dikwirina said...


Azfar will be 8 this coming December.Cepat je diorang ni membesar kan....

Ha Ha.... Your son pun tuang bedak jugak... kids everywhere are the same kan :)

noOr said...

wah chomelnyer and sweet juga Q ni....bertuah k.nurul ;)

dikwirina said...

noor.... kdg2 life throws these little surprises... uplift la sket mood kan


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