Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Leisurely Sunday?

Let me tell you... bringing The Fantastic Four out for a nice meal and a little shopping requires thorough planning and a whole lotta PATIENCE. Last Sunday we had a little 'expedition' to Sunway Pyramid and had lunch at Tony Roma's. Thank God my mom came along, or else the only thing I could get to eat is the complimentary bread and a sip of Coca-Cola.

Budak2 lelaki ni mmg tak gheti dok diam eh?

Adam was adamant that I layan him and not Baby Azan, tiba2 jealous datang.

Adam with his Potato Soup In A Cup, he gobbled it in a jiffy but only ate half of his Kiddies Cheesey Pizza. Went off roaming around the restaurant and charmed the staff with his antics, so he scored a fridge magnet and some Mentos.

Adam and his Abg Long. It's rare to capture this two together, whatmore with Abg Long's arm around him, he looked right pleased dont u think?

Nana and her bodyguards, look at the various poses. Kelakarlah dorang ni.

Azfar discovered that the chocolate milkshake there is really good. The high sugar content therefore sent him to hyperactive mode. He sang and talked at the top of his voice, much to his Mommy's chagrin. After he finished his Fish and Fries, he was out of his seat and simply couldn't wait to be off... Daddy was not amused as his Steak had just arrived.

Ammar ordered the Kiddies Pasta, only to eat half of it and exclaimed that semua orang lain punya order sedap xcept for his. So he had a taste of all our orders, including Mommy's Shrimp Scampi Pasta and Nana's Grilled Prawn Kebab. Verdict? Oh, his pasta is really quite nicelah.

And my little keledek rebus baby Azan was so angelic , happily cooing and gurgling away, smiling and acting cutesy except the time when mommy's meal arrived, masa tulah dia nak nanges and nak dukung... haihhhhh

What about Daddy?
Answer: PENING

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