Sunday, October 19, 2008

In The Name Of Law

What's with me and cheesy titles eh? He he..

Seronok ni as my In Laws are here. Ma and Bak came last night. They brought homegrown jackfruit and papaya. Also a big big plastic bag filled with 'kerpok keping'. Now that I am married to a Terengganu guy, I am very aware of the different qualities of the fish crackers. The tasty ones only come from Terengganu and nowhere else, I swear. I really detest the ones that make the insides of the mouth 'gatal' (itchy). Have u ever been unfortunate enough to experience that? Well, let's hope u will never okay. Buy the crackers from Terengganu, u will be safe then. 

Oh, and... Bak bought us durians today. Azfar and Ammar and Adam crowded around Bak when he  was busy opening up the King of Fruits. They were verbally trying to outdo one another as to who can eat the most durians. 

"Aki, saya nak durian. Saya boleh makan banyak tau Aki. Kat sekolah hari tu pun saya ada makan durian. Teacher saya bawak." ~Ammar~

"Tak la Aki, Ammar tak makan banyak durian. SAYA yang boleh. Saya nak banyak banyak sgt durian Aki sebab saya dah 8 years old dah besar boleh makan banyak." ~Azfar Q~

"Oh oh oh Mummy... I want 'du ree yen'. Oh oh oh, it's so tajam Mummy, oh it's scary!" ~Adam~

And this went on and on for a bit , right until Bak had completed taking out all the isi durian. He then put 3 ulas durian on 3 plastic plates and gave it to the boys. Sapa juara?

Azfar and Ammar only managed seulas seorang and Adam, none at all. Hehhh, cakap je banyak.

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