Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's the school hols so I am cracking my brains to find ways to entertain the kids without turning cuckoo. Eh Heh!

Hallooooo people! It's the school holidays again. Boy, I couldn't tell u just how much busier stay-at-home moms such as myself get during the school holidays! If during school days I have them off to school until 2 - 3 pm in the evenings, now I have to mind them myself THE WHOLE DAY.  Ha ha ha. Am I scaring you yet? *wink* LOL

It's still early days yet, and so far we had some pretty good times. We had our first visit to Popeyes TTDI. We love the chicken but not the fried seafood (fish & shrimp). I like the biscuits :) I remember Popeyes was once opened in Malaysia when I was a kid, we went there a couple of times. I remembered being sooooo scared of the POPEYES mascot back then. Then, it closed down but now it's back in Malaysia!


RIADAH & PICNIC @ Perdana Lake Gardens
Oh yes we had sooooo much fun at the lake gardens. It was a nice breezy day with no harsh sunlight so we had a successful walk around the park, enjoying the greenery and the exercise. We stopped for a picnic, I packed pasta with creamy mushroom sauce, some bread and cheese and cold water. The kids were happy skipping about while having the snacks.

MONSTERS vs ALIENS in 3D @ Cathay Cineleisure
MOVIE + POPCORN = ENJOYMENT everytime right?

5 days HOLIDAY PROGRAM for the kiddos
Today is the third day of the 5 days holiday program that I enrolled the kids in this time around. They seem to enjoy it. The activities include stortelling, arts & crafts, coloring, role-play, and preparing props for the drama presentation on the last day (this Friday). I am looking forward to that.

Okay then, will update with more activities folks. Stay Tuned ;-D


Janice said...

mind letting me know where did you enrol you kids to those programs? I'm a young mum myself and am interested in these kind of programs for my kid in the future. =) thanks.

dikwirina said...

hello janice, most learning centres will offer holiday programs. i enrolled my kids to the one near my house (for convenience he he). it's conducted by a trained instructor/facilitator outsourced by the kindy.


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