Friday, June 26, 2009

Silver & Pink

Had a grand time doing the hantarans!
Black patent open toed shoes.

Pink french lace & satin material.

The holy Quran

Cupcakes with fondant topping. The little pink roses so shweet.

This set sponsored by my Mak Su

Syiling emas dalam treasure box also sponsored by Mak Su :)

Another set mandian dan wangian.

Another shot

and yet another...

There was also a telekung set, a 3kg jelly cake from Qjelly in the big pink box - I forgot to snap a pic of the jelly cake, silly me

My mom's neighbour also sponsored 2 jenis kuih-muih lagi.
Okies, enough of the hantarans lah.
Tunggu yang next one pulak, my BIL's wedding nanti ;)

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