Tuesday, June 16, 2009

School Has Commenced, Back To Routine

Hi folks! The children are back to school and life have settled back to its normal fashion, so to speak. The school hols began with a host of activities for the kids for the first 7 days but began to take a different turn after my brother was involved in an accident. For 5 - 6 days it was full with visits to the hospital. We camped at my parents' for a good 3 days. In between all that mom managed to get the house in order for the majlis sambut menantu which will be held next month, my baby sis and I got cracking at the hantarans, manage to get all that good and ready for this weekend at Kuantan.

Didn't quite manage to keep to the plan of going back to Terengganu the second week of the hols due to the circumstances I mentioned in the earlier para. Promised the kids that we will definitely be heading to Aki and Nenek's house in the near future. I think the hubster, more than anyone else in this family, needs to be back on his home soil - for his own sanity :) I know he really miss his hometown. I miss Terengganu too (tempat jatuh cinta lagi dikenang! ha ha ha ha). Yeapp folks, Mr AKO and I met at boarding school in Kerteh when we were 16. You don't believe in high school romance? Believe it now :D

Seriously, we really need to get our asses back in Terengganu! And SOON.

Oh and it's the month of JUNE, people. Time to really showcase our lurve to them daddys! 20th of June is the day. It's the exact date of the kenduri kawin @ Kuantan. Will that be enough as a Father's Day celebration for my dad? Eh heh ;)


Anonymous said...

Kuantan! My hometown!
Highschool sweethearts! Us too! Hehehehehhe.....Kecik2 dah pandai ye....
Who was it that married Cikgu Manaf? hahahhaha.

Liyana said...

Kerteh? I suka suasana kat oil & gas area. Actually suka balik kampung mertua kat KT. The journey itself is so enjoyable although it's a tiring.

dikwirina said...

Kleena, yup. kitorang belajar dari kakak / abang senior! ha ha ha

Liyana, mmg seronok kat east coast :)

dikwirina said...

kleena, terlupa nak jawab. cikgu manap ngorat anak murid sampai ke jinjang pelamin :) he married my roommmate Noi.lost contact ngan dia tho.

AKO said...

Memang kita ada class tu dengan cikgu Badruddin tu dulu hahaha


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