Saturday, June 6, 2009

Yippee Yayy, Thank You Ms. Ang

Yesterday was the fifth and last day of the 3D Art and Drama Camp for the kids. They successfully staged a short play 'Little Bear With The Long Tail'. Q was the storyteller, Ammar was the little bear and Adam was the tree!! The instructor/facilitator Ms. Ang was a real gem, being so patient with the kids ;) However, the final presentation I actually missed, as I spent a little bit more time than I expected at the market (my watch terlambat 15 minutes, how that happened, I truly have no idea!). Urgh, when I reached the camp, the show was OVER! Boo hoo hoo, so frustrated, just my luck after watching them practise for the past 4 days I had to miss the real presentation. My bad, sorry kids :(

Ms. Ang with the kiddos at the end of the program.
Ms. Ang giving out certificates to the little participants
Adam happy with his certificate, though he was more excited about the big box of crayons he could take home :)
Next school hols, I am thinking of enrolling them for iCAmp, u guys have any experience with iCamp? Or maybe the program at KLPac? Mr. AKO was suggesting ice-skating training or roller-hockey kinda thing. Tapi bukan ke tu Mr. AKO sendiri boleh ajar, hanya luangkan sedikit masa? Eh Heh, sometimes it's better to outsource these things eh? Not easy teaching our own kids ;)


Miss S said...

erm boleh i hantar audrene sekali ke for ice skating tution? hehe

dikwirina said...

boleh aje, but the instructor needs to brush up on his ice-skating techniques dulu!


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