Thursday, September 30, 2010

Resipi SHM: Nasi Tomato

Hiya Folks! Been awhile since I last posted any recipes or pics of food that I cooked myself =) Last one was during the Ramadhan month if i do recall correctly. The hubster is super-busy this month with back to back events happening, and travelling weekly, sometimes twice a week even, so my cooking was mostly food that the kids requested. Such as chicken rice, spaghetti bologneise, macaroni & cheese, masak kicap or sambal sardine. 

I raided my freezer and I found the last packet of beef cubes that hubby bought in Greenwood on the last day of Ramadhan. He bought about 3 kg of beef, so I have made quite a number of dishes using beef for the past few weeks, and yesterday wanted to get rid of the last remaining pack.

I decided on Beef Kurma with Potatoes. The gravy I made quite thin, as the boys won't eat it if it's thick. I then thought of pairing it with Nasi Tomato and used the recipe which I got from sis Hanieliza. I used this recipe before and found it satisfactory and easy to prepare. 

Will post more soon yeahhh =)

UPDATED: Oh, just to tell you that I also added fried shallots in the rice =) Lagi shedap and wangi.

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