Friday, July 11, 2008

Catching Up

Brought Baby Azan to Dr. Patrick earlier today. Told him that I thought Azan had a blocked nose due to the sounds I could hear emitting, eventhough there was no mucous or anything coming out from his nose. After checking, I was told he hasn't got the flu, blocked nose or anything of the sort. He convinced me the snuffles occured because the nose bridge of most young babies are low and the snuffling noise is caused by air tying to pass through the very small nasal passage. He clarified that the lining of the baby's nose is very sensitive and sneezes and snuffles we hear are essential to clear out the nasal passages and prevent dust from getting into the lungs.

Azan was weighed also and he has gained another kilogram, he is now 5.7 kg. Not bad eh? Who says mother's milk is not enough to nurture a babe. InsyaAllah, memang mencukupi dan lengkap untuk keperluan bayi.

My three older boys are growing rapidly too. They are fast catching up with me. Soon, they will all be taller than mommy. Ekkkk, not only am I the only female in this family, it seems that I am the only 'smurf' too. Tsk. Thank God for high heels and platforms, at least I will not look too dwarfy. Err, I HOPE.

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