Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Home Alone

Remember McCauly Culkin as a kid. Very very cute. The adult Culkin is di sebaliknya in my opinion, langsung tak cute. Its tragic the way many child stars become a has been when they are in their teens. Many fell victim to drugs, booze and whatnot.To be fair, many outside factors contributed to their downfall but in the end its their own stupidity it happened the way it did. I believe everybody have a choice, and what one chooses makes a difference.

Oh my goodness... apa yang I melalut ni.

I just wanted to say that I feel very much alone as Mr. AKO is off to Hong Kong again. Sigh. Funny how I feel like patah sebelah tangan when he is not around. Actually, come to think of it.... betul lah kan as I 'tak cukup tangan' (short handed?) with my four Superheroes nih.

I am so sedih as it seems like my 3rd son's skin will never be eczema free.The experts repeatedly told me it will stop in its own time but WHEN? 2-3 years time? When he's in secondary school, or college? No definite answer to that and that makes it even more frustrating. Now the skin breakouts are becoming more severe and nasty. Rasa nak menangis everytime I look at him.

Imagine not being comfortable in your own skin. Kesian my Adam.


arrdeen said...

alahai wi :(

kesiannya little Adam. kalau ada air zamzam, cuba sapu kt semua skin dia yg ada eczema.. InsyaAllah helps ..

arrdeen said...

sorry wi. it's me!

dikwirina said...

Thanks for the tipe Rosse. Will do that pronto.

echo machine said...

Ngah, fret not. Mr. Hawaiian Pizza also got eczema, but really, it stopped. Sometimes only, when it's too hot (like when we were outdoor the whole day masa Urbanscapes) he got some rashes the next day.

But memang okay only. Nanti I'll ask when the eczema stopped being a pain in the butt ok?

Shian Noi!


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