Thursday, July 10, 2008

We love coconut milk

There's no denying it, we Malaysians love 'santan'. The sweet, white milky cooking base derived from the flesh of a mature coconut. Coconut milk can be either used thick or thin and available even in frozen and canned form. Its widely used as an ingredient to most Southeast Asia's cuisine. Though it is said to have high oil and sugar content, it is also known to be antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal (yup, for real!).

As a true blue Malaysian, I too love my santan. Who can say no to a creamilicious masak lemak cili api eh? And the mouth watering cendol, yummeh!

So this morning, I found myself drawn towards the stall at the pasar pagi near my house, to say good morning to Pak Chu Nasi Lemak to get my dose of that fragrant rice cooked with the heavenly santan, accompamied by sambal kerang, fried anchovies and peanuts with cucumber on the side. Right after I am done blogging, picture me seated in my sunny kitchen, indulging myself with my banana leaf wrapped Nasi Lemak, and sipping my hot tea. Join me?


cikyah 75 said...

Wi, reading your entry has caused me to make sure that I have to make my mom's Agar-agar Santan this weekend. Will upload the photo in fb when it's done!

iNa said...

i can imagine u indulging urself...sedapnyeeeeee

dikwirina said...

cikyah: agar2 santan is da bomb!

ina: kalau makan sama-sama lagi best, giler lama kita tak jumpa kan.


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