Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mission Accomplished

A week ago I attended a college reunion held at a well known hotel in the outskirts of the city. It was a sweet affair, I felt that we have not been apart at all. We fell back into easy conversations, happy just to be in each others' company. It was not at all awkward, in the contrary, it was a splendid night. Good food, great company, full of laughter, pleasant banterings and lots of catching up! Although I have not seen most of them for more than 8 - 9 years,in my eyes they looked the same. They will forever be 24 to me. Funny, but thats how I feel. 6 years we spent together, at the phase where we turned from teenagers to adults. From Cheras to the United Kingdom and back to Malaysia. Most of us are mommies and daddies now, I can hardly believe it myself.

At the time of the reunion, Baby Azan was 46 days old. I brought him along to the hotel, with the voluntary babysitter of the night of course. Who else but Mr. AKO. The plan was for Mr. AKO to babysit the baby while I reminisce about the olden days with my beloved friends. The idea was for Mr. AKO to sms me when the baby needs to be fed, so I can just take the elevator up to the room and breastfeed the babe. Little did I know that he would be sending me 'RED ALERT' messages EVERY 40 minutes! I rushed up like a madwoman everytime and fed him while dear Mr. AKO watched the LCD television while eating lamb chop! The unfairness of it all! Grrr..

Hee hee. No lah I was not mad, just amused. And I was in such a jolly good mood to see my old friends again so it wasn't a problem at all. Oh. But I didn't get to stuff myself silly at the buffet table. Too bad. And I didn't get to mingle as much as I planned to. But all in all it was allright. I was happy. The baby was happy and the daddy was happy. So, mission accomplished :-)

I managed to snap some pics of the little cutie and his babysitter in the hotel room. The bed was real comfy.

Babysitter turned Mr. Boss

Syoknye lepak kat sini


echo machine said...

Mmm... my boss so macho!

dikwirina said...

Macho? Appraisal bila ni weh, boleh dapat markah tinggi. Ha ha.


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