Thursday, July 17, 2008

Good Old SP

No no no, SP stands for Subang Parade, not Sungai Petani (though I do enjoy visiting the latter too). As a girl born and bred in Petaling Jaya, my earliest fondest memories of childhood apart from playing chase with my friends at "Padang Bomb", were the trips to the shopping complex. Most frequented was the Jaya Supermarket at Section 14 which was at that time considered 'THE' place to shop, where we can find the first Cold Storage in Malaysia. Not forgetting the coveted Kathy's Toy Store where we bugged our parents countless times to get what our hearts desired. Another place was the shopping complex in Ampang (Ampang Park), where there was an indoor theme park, where I spent many happy moments jumping on the inflatables. Of course its not as state of the art as the likes of Cosmo's World etc that we have today, but it was the coolest once upon a time.

But all in all, my favourite was and still is Subang Parade. Still remember the first store to operate there was McDonalds. SP opened its doors in the year 1988, when I was in Form 1. SP witnessed my growing up in the teenage years and it is the main hangout point for the kids within the Petaling/Subang vicinity. It's the place where I had my first date (ha ha ha), also where many birthdays etc were celebrated both with friends and family. And.... it's also the place where I had my first official date with my hubby! There was once a cinema there too and it was the place to be spotted and do some 'cuci mata'.

Within the 20 years of its operation, it had undergone changes in management, changes of tenants and the most recent renovation took place in 2006 where it was revamped to give it a more modern and appealing look. Back in its hey day in the early 1990's, it was the longest shopping mall in South-east Asia! Although it no longer holds that title, SP will forever have a special place in my heart. I H.E.A.R.T SP. Oh God, is there such a thing as a love affair with a shopping mall?

Now, I go to SP on a weekly basis, latest was last night where we brought Baby Azan for his first visit to the sacred ground tee hee hee. And it was the first time I used the fairly new Baby Room in Parkson. Verdict? Good place to feed the babe, the room was bright with cheerful colours and the air conditioning could be felt. Good good. Good old SP ey? Makan ice-cream kat Baskin Robbins cam biasa jugak.

Oh. And I bought new spectacles. I lost/misplaced my last one. I know....again! Apa Nak Buat-lah. I will collect it later today. Let's pray I will not lose this one for let's say.... 10 years? He he

Ok. Bye for now people!

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